Are animal laws political? Yes & no…

Don’t you hate it when I answer that way?

I don’t think Animal Laws are intended to be political at all. I believe that they are being created with good intentions. I also believe they need to go further than they do, but in the right direction. We are at a crossroads where we have to figure out how to truly protect animals & preserve people’s constitutional rights.

I believe that animal laws are used & abused in a political arena, a good deal of animal cruelty cases that make the news are almost always politically motivated.

By now most people realize that agencies like HSUS grandstand on these big cases to garner donations & that they don’t help hardly any animals: they are legislators, pure & simple. They lie & say they have animals they don’t, they take all the donations meant for the victims people see on the TV commercials or in the news & run off when the cameras leave, & when they are forced to take animals they dump them at the nearest high kill shelter & run to the bank to count their money.

We now know that the ASPCA is riding the bread & butter train of the term “Hoarder” & that they actually only run one shelter (that I know of)

The scariest agency I have seen is the American Humane Association, they are trying to garner the market on child & animal abuse, not surprisingly a spin off from none other than HSUS.

Let us not forget PETA, now these are some scary people who don’t want you to wear fur, but when they “rescue dogs” they murder them all! They & HSUS want to abolish any kind of pet ownership at all.

I am not even sure how to explain Humane Watch, they are part of the watchdog group Center for Consumer Freedom… So they go around & bash HSUS & beg for donations to help them fight them but as of yet I have not seen any fight, just sensationalized stories with bizzare headlines. I also find it amusing they capitalize on the fact that HSUS doesn’t donate any of it’s money to actually help the animals they pimp out on their TV ads but neither do they.

Best Friends is another terrifying agency that even I can’t understand & now they have control of some of the L.A shelters. I have read a lot of different things about them but it is all so confusing & sordid that I can’t follow it.

Here is where the politics come in:

Everyone has an agenda. The animal rights groups seem to have some type of mental deficiency from lack of animal proteins.

Personally I don’t care to eat meat, but if someone gets in the way of my eggs they are going to be a hurting unit, we have a farmer who raises his own chickens who are not only free range but they are indoor outdoor chickens. He literally has put linoleum in every room in his house so they go from the house to the yard to the coop or the barn, they all have names & if they die they are all given a proper burial & if you have never seen a chicken graveyard it is quite a sight to behold.

If I do have an occasion to eat meat we have another farmer who knocks the animals out before hand so that they won’t feel any pain & they don’t release the fear hormones & trust me there is a big huge large difference in taste. He is also a Native so he blesses the animal to thank it for giving it’s life to sustain others.

I am allergic to milk but can still eat other dairy products & we have a farmer for that too! Unfortunately he brought in a new bull who managed to knock up every single cow he had so we have to wait for the nursing calves & I have a wicked craving for some cottage cheese right now…

Anyway, these organizations have their ulterior motives & they know how to pull at people’s heartstrings, they have turned it into an art form. They create this legislation knowing full well that they are violating people’s Constitutional rights, but they convince people that it is for the greater good, just like they did with the “Un-Patriot Act” . Most people truly want to help & protect animals & a lot are even willing to give up certain personal rights to make sure that it happens. Once they guage how people react to that law they push it just a little further, & if that doesn’t get challenged they go for the gusto.

Then you mix in these corrupt agencies & give them the know-how on how to use those laws against people to further their own agenda & you have a recipe for Constitutional catastrophe. You can watch it work & you can watch it backfire in any state in this union.

The sad part is the agencies & people who really are out to help animals get lost in the crossfire.

I think most of you know I hate the Everett Animal shelter with all of my being, the agents, the manager, the people involved who allow this to continue, the Everett Animal Foundation that gets donations to help animals but won’t give up any money to help animals… Allowing the slaughter of 82 cats in one day. It is a PRIME example of how not to act, & what not to do.

There are however agencies who are in there fighting the good fight, within the parameters of the law & making a difference in the lives of animals & people. I have worked with these people & seen the good they do.

I am a card carrying member of the Federation of Animal Care & Control Agencies, a member of the National District Attorneys Association, a member of the Animal Law Coalition, & a huge fan of the Stockman’s Coalition, & Pet Defense I am actually involved in about 20 other agencies as well.

I am more than  interested in any & all animal legislation there is. If you think you have been targeted unfairly or for political reasons please contact me, tell me your story. I will do my best to help you, but if you can’t back up what you say with documents then I can not post it here… Freedom of speech is one thing, slander is quite another.

Even agencies I do negative stories about have a right to tell their side of the story, & explain their position, because if I am wrong or interpreting something wrong then it needs to be shown so that in the long run animals aren’t hurt or suffer for it. For me that is ALL it is about, the animals, their safety & well being, people have thumbs they can defend themselves, animals have no one to speak for them or act for them but us.

(***Note to readers, this is in response to a very log search term, but it is much easier to email me at & just tell me your story, I am a fair person but I need to always make sure I keep integrity in what I write to protect myself & the truth)

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