Revisiting the POD (Prosecutorial Offer of Diversion)

I really hate it when I am trying to make a point & then the county makes it for me…

In August of 2011 I was offered a “Prosecutorial Offer of Diversion” saying that IF I dropped my Tort Claim, they would give me a “diversion” it was a trap, the contingencies of the agreement were that the Everett Animal Control Officers would have to come “inspect” my house first & then I get the animals back & take probation for a year, & then the whole thing comes off of my record.

First off I am not ever going to plead guilty to something I am not guilty of.

Second off someone has to teach these heathens that you can’t just violate people’s civil rights.

Third off I never would’ve gotten my animals back… If you all remember I was living  in a Hotel in Snohomish County. The laws in Snohomish County limit your animals to 3, I had 5 in custody, they would’ve said I would have to have a kennel license which you have to own a home & have a required amount of land or space, as well as free-standing kennels.

My attorney at the time said I was being paranoid & that I should just take the deal, until I explained to him how it would backfire so we moved ahead & didn’t accept the “Offer”

Going back to my post about Carloyn Weikel’s not so friendly letter

This just proves my point…

But now I have to wonder… Are they going to be harassing my boyfriend? My kids? My friends? My family? I am going to ask a friend who is an animal control officer to come over to my physical address (that is not even in Snohomish County!) to verify that I have a sad pathetic lonely existence & no pets & it looks like I will have another lawsuit going but this time against Snohomish County. I already had good cause to sue the living spit out of them because they refused to let me go to District Court to file my petition for the return of my animals, but I let that go because I figured they were just misinformed, but now they are harassing me, slandering me & accusing me of a crime.So it looks like I will be filing a new tort claim. I wish these people would just STOP screwing up.

Just another day in “Paradise”

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