Let me esplain some things to you Lucy…. (HAROTC)

I am always amused at people who think they are far superior than anyone else, so much so that it is usually to their detriment…

I am also disturbed at the amount of time the folks from Hooved Animal Rescue spend on my pages, all of my pages. Maybe you should spend some time cleaning up your rescue practices instead of trying to see what I am doing or saying. Always remember I wouldn’t have anything to say about you if you were being good rescuers. If your cases fall apart, that is because of your practices, not my writing, all I did was take all the parts of garbage that you all put out & put them together. When I first started writing about you I gave you chance after chance to respond or even defend yourself, & had you responded I would’ve had no reason to look any further. Honestly what good is it going to do for you to go running to the prosecutor?

Let me esplain a few things to you:

I first heard of you when you were running around giving pictures that were evidence to the local papers, & when I read the stories about Ms Turner I was HORRIFIED that the paper posted so much of her personal information, including her address, middle name & age.

I couldn’t figure out why there was such hatred for this woman, I seen the pictures of the animals & the dogs looked skinny, but it always disturbed me that you were screaching about the horses but there were NEVER any pictures of them in the newspaper. There were never any on your facebook page or your website either.

It was also HIGHLY disturbing to me that the PROSECUTOR showed up to serve the warrant, that showed that this was a personal issue, & it showed a very unethical pattern of behavior. Even if you all get a conviction on Ms Turner a good appellate attorney can rip the whole case to shreds after they slice & dice it. I also think it very strange that things are being said to her in hearings in response to what I have written that she has never asked nor has her counsel asked. All court hearings are a matter of public record.

In looking further all I could find were articles about how you needed so much money, yet you were still taking in animals, & not only that ACTIVELY seeking more animals. Yet in researching I found that for every case where you all seized animals you were asking for 10 to 16 thousand dollars from the owners, & getting grants from the city & county. Plus donations from the general public.

It was at that point I started to smell something not quite right… I then contacted Ms Turner & got copies of everything she had for documentation, to be honest I went in thinking I was going to meet a psychopath animal abuser, instead I found someone who was brutally honest & didn’t try to sugarcoat anything or try to sway me to one side or the other. The “evidence” against her was just too ridiculous, & had so many holes in it that I had to investigate it further & that is how I came to write about you…

Going through my rescue page, my page about my case, & my Ministry page is not going to tell you anything new about me nor is it going to give you any ammunition to use against me. I have always been honest about myself, I have never tried to hide anything, I don’t care, anything I have done or experienced made me who I am today.

Between you all & the City of Everett sitting on my pages all day you make up 32% of all my web traffic.

I got a message from Ms Turner asking me not to write anymore stories about her because you all were crying to the prosecutor. REALLY??? This is no longer about Ms Turner, & if you are going  to further persecute her for your actions then I hope she sues the living crap out of all of you.

You have to also ask yourself how I got all of this information… I most likely would’ve found it on my own, but I get email after email telling me so many things about you from people close to you, most of it I haven’t been able to print but a lot have given me information on where to look.

Maybe you can explain what happened to the 385 animals still UNACCOUNTED for, are they on someone dinner table in a foreign country, or right here? You take in 417 (by your own account) but only have 32 listed as adopted. I think maybe you shouldn’t be so worried about what I am doing.

You tried to prosecute Ms Turner & many other people in the court of “Public Opinion” & evidently the Olympian only reports what you tell them to as evidenced by the other articles they do about if the dogs cough fart or sneeze, but not one article of how the one horse died of an intestinal rupture some 5 months after being seized in your care, not one single article about how you forfeited Ms Turner’s property before the case had been decided, I am sure we never heard a story about how the Great Danes lost toes & tails in your or the county’s care. Since you gave away one of Ms Turner’s horses & killed the other one, I would be interested to see if you still ask the standard 10K for their care, when it is obvious from VET RECORDS that you never provided any care for the horses except for some bloodwork. I also know there is some connection to the newspaper & the rescue or shelter, I just haven’t figured it out yet.

There is this pesky little thing called the 1st Amendment (you might want to go read it) & honestly it makes no sense to threaten or intimidate Ms Turner because I chose to write about you. All it does is show extreme prejudice in your case. I have not written anything that is false, I am only writing about things you put out there.

I am also simply stating the obvious. I love the fact that you brag about only losing ONE case, it is easy to see how that would happen… Since the investigating officer is married to the founder of the rescue, who’s other co-founder is also the shelter manager, & the prosecutor shows up to serve the warrants, seems like you have it all in the bag. Guaranteed wins…

I will not do any more stories about Ms Turner, I will simply just go look into the other cases & report on those. If any of the other cases have as many holes in theirs as there are in hers, I won’t even need to mention her case at all… So there: Are you happy now? I think instead of trying to persecute her or blame her, maybe you should look to your own actions.

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