Do you want a letter from Carolyn Weikel too? Just do a blog post on her!

Saturday I went over to get my mail & I had two letters, 1 certified from the Snohomish County Auditors office from none other than Ms Carolyn Weikel’s office!!!

Most of you will remember that I did a scathing blog post about Ms Weikel’s (at the Snohomish County Auditor’s Office) inability or unwillingness to secure a simple contract with PAWS shelter for 5 dollars on April, 22nd, 2012.

Usually what happens when I do a blog post on some incompetent or corrupt official or agency, they go crying to someone else & sit on my page all day, they are not usually stupid enough to immediately begin harassing me, accusing me of breaking the law, & threatening me.

Not because they don’t want to but they know that it would be too obvious & leave them open for a lawsuit. I’m sure if you gave  a few of them a free pass they would gladly put a bullet in my noggin.

Here is the thing: All of this started out because of two people, Lori Trask, (Lemaire,Carlon,Staib) the City of Everett Animal Control Officer & Mike Fisher the City of Everett Prosecutor. Had they never harassed me & then falsely accused me & made me aware of all the corruption that goes on in these agencies I never would’ve bothered or even known about any of these other people. If the shelter manager Shannon Delgado was anything close to a human being with a soul, or the Judge David C Mitchell was not as corrupt as the rest of them, this blog wouldn’t exist, & I would be off saving animals, & doing what I would like to do. So you all have them to thank!

Instead I am fighting corruption at so many levels that it makes my head spin. If this was a book I was reading I wouldn’t even believe it, but I have documentation for everything I say or I don’t say it. This whole thing is unbelievable… yet it is true. 😦

Anyway I get a letter that accuses me of committing a crime, without any evidence, evidently they don’t understand the slander laws in this state. Accusing someone of committing a crime without evidence & while in the capacity of doing there job is a no-brainer win. Oh & just to be smart alecs they send me an application for a Commercial Kennel License & an Application for a Hobby Breeder Kennel… Below is my letter from them & then “My Response”

I am really going to be excited if I do get a sworn Affidavit from ANY Animal Control Officer because then I will have them right by the proverbial Cajones… I haven’t had any contact with any animal control officer since the dipstick of a City of Everett Prosecuting Attorney called Animal Control & said I had 30 dogs in my apt with no food & water in feces encrusted cages… I have however had a state employee here & at my house several times so he will be my FIRST witness.

Dr Ms Geddes,                                                  May,12,2012

Please consider this my response:

I don’t know if your office or agents are trying to be cruel or be funny, or if you are just misinformed. I am not amused at either one. I do in fact have 4 dogs who are in custody of the City of Everett Animal Control, 2 personal pets & 2 rescue dogs as well as a cat. I am currently in litigation with them as I am sure you are fully aware.

If you are speaking of my Animal Rescue Activities, I do not even have 4 dogs in rescue & I have NO personal pets in my physical custody right now. I have a 14 yr old dacshund in foster care, in Kitsap County who is not available for adoption as her owner is still in the hospital.

I would also like you to consider “where” you sent the certified letter to: It is a Motel, a temporary address until we are through with the litigation with the city of Everett. It is also my mailing address, not my physical address.

My focus in rescue is not so much as taking animals in as it is in transporting, helping people with food, medical care & education. I donate food that is donated to me to the Lynnwood Food Bank, I give away free flea meds & wormers, I transport dogs between rescues & shelters, I go to different schools in an 8 county area to educate children on the care of animals, I get trainers to donate services so we can keep animals in their homes, I barter for services for low income people with groomers, vets, & other animal professionals using my non-profit.

I can not get a kennel license for a Motel, again it is considered a “temporary” residence. With my ongoing litigation I do not have the resources, or finances to even want to take the steps to get a kennel license for any area. I am also sure you are perfectly aware of the land & space requirements for a kennel, & I am sure you are all perfectly aware that a motel would not qualify.

I will also change the mailing address for our Non-Profit Corporation, I am well aware of what happened with several other rescues that you were trying to regulate & close down which is why I have curtailed any of my rescue activities.


I am now demanding a sworn Affidavit, certified by a state registered agent, from the Animal Control Officer stating how he or she knows: or has verified that I have 4 dogs, who has been to my actual physical living address not my mailing address and/or by any person claiming to have this knowledge, within 5 business days for my own records, since I have been accused of violating a code/law, SCC 6.06.005 so that I can forward it to our attorney. Please keep in mind that swearing out a false instrument is a crime under RCW 40.16.030 I take being falsely accused of a crime, very seriously.

I also don’t find the coincidence in the fact that I did a scathing blog post about Ms Carolyn Weikel’s failure to secure a contract with PAWS & the timeliness of this letter & I am sure a jury wouldn’t either, especially seeing as how this letter has been generated from her office.


Reverend Brandia Taamu

Finally Home Rescue & Ministries

CC: Renee Geddes Shohomish County Licensing

3000 Rockerfeller Av M/S 306 Everett Wa 98201

CC: John Rongerude

Law Offices  Juanita Wa 98083

ENC: Copy of letter of violation I was sent

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