City of Everett shelter… The beginning of my story 2000

2000 Everett Wa…

In 2000 I moved back to the city of Everett after I was almost murdered. I had to have many facial reconstructions, was blind in one eye, & not able to move or function very well.

I had a little pit bull named Dre, & he was sweet as he could be. I later got another little pitbull named Anna, I came upon her when I walked out my door one day & seen some boy hanging her by the leash & punching her in the face. I punched him in the face & took the dog & hobbled back up the stairs in the house, my version of “running”. He came up to the door & started crying to my teen son & brother that I just “stole” his dog, they asked me what happened I told them, & he said he was only trying to make her mean so she would be a good fighting dog… At about the same mili-second both my son & brother reached out & punched him right in the nose. We never seen him again.

That is when the torture began & a pig of a “woman” first crossed my path, Lori Trask, Staib, Carlon, Lemaire (whatever her name was from one year to the next). She would harass the kids when they were walking the dogs, harass my mother, harass me, harass my brother & even our guests, it was endless, til it all came to a head one day. I was home from work for a surgical appointment & all of a sudden my front door swings right open & this  woman WALKED IN MY HOUSE & GRABBED FOR ONE OF MY PITBULLS!!!! I pushed her out & was just screaming at her, & from then on I called the police on her every time she so much as said one word to us.

That was the scariest day of my life, I did not know if it was my stalker coming to finish me off or what, then when I got better & went back to work all I could do was call every 1/2 hour to make sure my dogs were still there & okay. Every day I left not knowing if I would come home & they would be gone & dead, it got to the point where I got injured at work because I wasn’t paying attention to my work. I finally made arrangements for them to be adopted by someone else.

Then everything spiraled out of control, I was afraid for my life, for my kids, my family, my dogs, & I started to fall apart. My agoraphobia took over & I couldn’t work, I was afraid to leave my house or stay in my house, I was afraid to sleep, & this evil woman STILL would not leave me alone!

I had a prescription for a “service” animal but even that didn’t help with this woman, so I figured since she had some other worldly hatred for pit bulls I would go down to the shelter & find a dog that wasn’t a pit bull, instead I seen the pit bulls & when I asked about adopting them I learned about Breed Specific Legislation, or BSL

I learned that every pit bull I seen in there was going to die, no matter what I said or did, they were going to die. I spent as much time as I could going in there & spending time with them before they were going to die, then I would sit outside in my car & sob, all of my pain was useless, all of my tears were for nothing.

I promised them I would try to find a way to save them some day but you know it didn’t matter to the one’s then. The one’s who licked my hands, who’s tails whipped around furiously when I looked at them at the expectation of a good belly or butt scratch, the one’s who looked at me with love & trust, probably thinking I had come to save them but I was only there to say good-bye. I still see their faces in my nightmares.

It hurt my soul so badly that I couldn’t even bear to get another dog for several years. Sadly I did get 2 dogs, one who was a biter, & another who for some reason decided she wanted to kill her puppies. Me being very stupid & naive I honestly thought shelters were friends of animals & I figured they weren’t pit bulls & that somehow some magic training fairy could fix them & they would live a fairy tail life with someone who deserved to have them…

The next day I came in to bring some of their stuff & found out they had gotten put to sleep, I had sent them to their death, I had helped kill them. That is why I tell people I got into rescue because I was the dumbest pet owner their was, I made every mistake you could make, but part of the truth is that I didn’t ever want to see another animal go to the shelter without even being given a chance to live & that is why I take the dogs no one wants. It doesn’t have to make any sense, it is what it is. I can’t bring back my dogs, but I can help ones who are here now.

The truth is that the city shelters are not a good place for dogs, they won’t rehab your dog & find them a fairy tale home, they get more money from killing the dog then they do by any other means, when you can’t handle your dog & think they are there to help, you are WRONG, they are there to warehouse them & exterminate them. They don’t rehab dogs, & if any thing is slightly wrong with them they are killed, they must pass every test they have or they die, so if you have let your dog learn how to mouth you while playing: Dead, if you have never socialized your dog to other dogs or cats :Dead, If you have let them growl when they are eating their food or playing with toys: Dead, If they are black dogs, or untrained: Dead. Please do not ever take your cat or dog to a city shelter… Even some so called “Humane Societies” put the dogs or cats to sleep.

If you have to turn an animal in ask if they are a No-Kill & even if they say yes ask what behaviors they deem unacceptable, that is their way out, they say they are no kill when in reality they are not. Please keep in mind though there are certain animals that should NOT be released to the public, the one’s that are dangerous so if you have an animal that is dangerous buck up & take them to the vet yourself & have them put to sleep. Most problem dogs are taught to be that way so if you run into that situation get some dog training so you don’t mess up another animal, & be very careful in deciding on your next dog. I had to do it, & even though I am not good at training any animal, I understand them much better now.


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3 thoughts on “City of Everett shelter… The beginning of my story 2000

  1. So sorry this saga occurred. You sound like you ran into a nut case.
    The dangerous dog breed lists are quite a danger – to all breeds and owners. Unreasonable ignorant people are also a danger (They think they know – without any real experiences or knowledge – make enough noise to get regulations made to enforce their opinions.)
    Shelters won’t take pits here. Too many dogs; they have to focus on ones they think they can find homes for. Not good situation.
    Why can’t people take responsibility? Why can’t people neuter their animals? Training is critical for some breeds – more education on that needed? If an animal becomes a problem animal, then the owner needs to gut it up as you said. It’s not the dogs’ fault – but they are the ones who suffer.
    Hang in there


  2. Thank you for the kind words 🙂

    I offer free owner education training & when we have someone looking for a specific breed of dog I find a reputable breeder to explain all the pros & cons of the breed v the people’s needs & lifestyle, I also work with a lot of trainers, after that happened to my own dogs I got educated very quickly the hard way at their expense. I have been blessed by trainers who are more than willing to go to people’s homes for free or a reduced rate to help folks with the little monsters they have created, to date we have saved 123 dogs from going to the shelter!

    Our BSL was not voted on by the citizens, most people who live here don’t even know Everett has it, the council passed it. Since the city has the shelter even if a dog comes from another city in the county without BSL they still kill the dog…

    I had a dog in rescue that was a danger, & I tried to rehab him but the minute he went after our neighbors child I didn’t wait or think or consult with anyone, I took him straight down. He didn’t just chase the kid, he ran into the child’s door so hard that he gave himself a bloody nose, while dragging me behind on a leash on the ground. There are too many good dogs & pit bulls that are good dogs without putting looney dogs out there.

    Owner education is the key to most of the problems with all of this… Most people are willing to learn if you don’t put them down & act as if you are so much better.


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