Lightning Medicine Cloud’s legacy will carry on… Our Sacred White Buffalo slaughtered along with his mother

I am used to having things taken from me, from my people. It is our legacy as a “Conquered People” I have come to accept that people will ridicule & destroy that which they don’t understand…

I have watched the tides turn, the vices, the liquor, that the settlers once used to ply us, & destroy us, are now the very things that an outsider must come to the invisible prison walls of the reservations to get for themselves, to the smoke shops, the liquor stores & the casinos. Some people think it is ironic, that it is funny; but it is not.

This is not “Our Way” we were never intended to win by destruction, we have always believed that we win by teaching. All it does is make us think & act like those who came before, & with greed & hatred in our hearts we can not succeed. We can have the things that are important to the outside world but those are not the things that matter, unfortunately most of us have forgotten what “us” is let alone what matters…

Tonight I do not speak to you as a writer, as a Minister, as a rescuer: I speak to you from where I came from. I was trained as a Medicine Woman, I am the great great grand daughter of Standing Bear. Grandfather petitioned the courts for the “right” to be considered as a human being (Standing Bear V Crook), but it wasn’t til 1929 when we given any rights as a human being… & those were a mockery.

Training to be a Medicine Woman is not Hollywood, it is not glamorous. It will bring you to your knees, & to the brink of insanity, it involves physical pain, loneliness, & enlightenment, not the AHA kind of enlightenment, the kind that forces you to face truths you should not have to, that you never wanted to know, or face, truths about yourself & the world that you can see & the world that you dare not.

I heard the news that our Sacred White Buffalo had been killed earlier last week, his mother found slaughtered as well the next day, just weeks before his father had been killed by lightning, no coincidence that his son was called Lightning Medicine Cloud, the omen was clear. His father literally exploded from the lightning strike, instantly releasing his Spirit to run to the Red Road, now his sacred, majestic family are all together.

I cried until there was no feelings left in me, it has been a long time since I have done that… January,6th 2011 to be exact. Then I thought, I prayed & I realized some things. This little man came to the world on 5, 12, 2011, which equals 12. A lot of people know about the Mayan Calendar ends at 2012. Then we had the Super Moon in May of this year.

What these fools fail to realize that in destroying something sacred to us, they have destroyed themselves, the White Buffalo has already appeared, he has gotten a body to carry him to the next part of his journey, he came to teach, to heal, to bring us hope. Our hope has been destroyed, the lesson is lost, but what they can not take from us is the joy of seeing the prophecy fulfilled, to know that Father has kept his promise.

Not only did they bring destruction for us but they have brought it on the rest of the world, it will all culminate at the end of this year. What happens after this depends on the actions of the entire human race. We have become content to be led by fools, to let corrupt ignorant people be in charge of our affairs & our lives.

There are the doomsdayers who are always screaming about the “end of the world” what everyone fails to understand that the way we are living, the way we are treating each other, that is the end of the world. The destruction we bring to foreign lands will come back to our shores, the destruction we are doing to the earth it will come back to rest on our children. Our Mother, the earth is dying, not from old age: but because we are killing her. The spots that were once full of energy are dying, I can feel it when I go on my Journey Walks.

We have what we call Heyoka, it is the way, the “medicine” of the Coyote, the trickster, the Coyote thinks all day how to outsmart his adversaries, but he is foolish & his tricks most certainly backfire on him. It can be viewed in an even more sinister light but that is not for me to tell…

I will pray for all of you, I will pray for our Mother & I suggest you ALL do the same, it is the only thing that will save us now.

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3 thoughts on “Lightning Medicine Cloud’s legacy will carry on… Our Sacred White Buffalo slaughtered along with his mother

  1. Thank you for your kind words… I always seem to run afoul when I speak of our customs, like I am excluding others, but we are all one people, one race, our pain is your pain, your pain is ours, but it is still nice to know others cared for the Sacred family, that is healing as well. Whoever did this will have his rewards for his deeds when it is time, but it can’t bring them back, hopefully in some way this will bring ALL of the communities together.


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