Rants & Raves

So my day started out with not knowing what I was supposed to be doing. Then it got worse…

I got a message that my cousin in law June was found dead, they said it was suicide, I beg to differ. I know him too well, now they are “not sure” well you already slandered his flippin name so maybe you might want to get your stories straight. STUPID… Then they are trying to take the focus off of that saying he is the 8th player for the 1994 Charger’s to die. Yeah don’t care: What happened to June???

Then one of my “other” kids… Got shot in the back waiting for a bus on a dinky little side street in Lynnwood at 7:54 in the flippin morning. People are saying it’s “gang related”… Maybe on the shooters part but this kid, his family & his friends are more worried about starting Prayer Chains then retribution. The good news is the last update he was expected to make a full recovery short of a few intestines.

Then I go to my statcounter & find out the City of Everett is looking up one of our DBA’s. When I registered the Non-Profit I listed us as 1) Finally Home Rescue & Ministries, 2) Finally Home Rescue 3) Finally Home Ministries & 4) Finally Home Humane Society on the advice of one of the Humane Societies I am working with right now on a few projects. Also because we have so many things we are going to be pursuing as far as charitable works.

I just think it’s pathetic that they have to stalk my pages all day & night long, at work, at home, on the weekends, on their cell phones & even on Holidays. Seriously there are 3 of them that spend pretty much their whole lunch on my page with their phones! Is there really a reason to be on my page 24 hours a day?

I also found out I am not even going to appeal til August, but my attorney is going to file some things for me in the meantime, so that is 3 MORE MONTHS without my animals. The ONLY good news is that there are many, many, many things that are appeallable & I have the guy who can “get er done”! I still don’t know what outside firm they are getting to do the appeal for them but it is pretty gutless that they can’t even finish the job themselves & have dug a hole for themselves this huge & instead of admitting they are wrong they are MORE than happy to take the money straight out of tax-payers mouths to feed their pig ego’s, not to mention the outside lawyers they’ll be paying for my tort claim. This is why Govt is so out of control: No one is holding them accountable for anything that they do. Typically Everett NEVER handles any case they have taken too far, they always hire outside help, at least other prosecutors can handle their own cases, not the City of Everett Prosecutors though.

I should be on my way to Montana pretty soon to go look at court records & meet with the Montana USDA guy, so hopefully getting out of town, & visiting with my family all along the way will be a good thing… Give me a chance to go on a Journey Walk & a few sweats to clear my head. If I’m lucky I might get a visit with a Medicine Man or Woman to throw back some of garbage on some of the folks who have thrown it at me, they own it not me. I will have someone answering emails about animals in need & about our grant & scholarship programs, so animals & business will be taken care of I will get back to everyone else when I get back.

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