Didja ever just have a Jekyll & Hyde day?

I hate people…

… I love people.

I just don’t know any other way to put it.

I got a call from a lady who was threatening to open her gates & let two little doxies run free for a coyote snack if someone didn’t come & get them NOW…

I also got a call from a woman who’s father has had several strokes & is now having seizures & she does not know if she is trying to find a nursing home for him or a funeral home but in the midst of all of this she knew she had to find a place for her father’s beloved 14 yr old doggie…

My son & my daughter decided to both have a temper tantrum on me & the world, which they promptly apologized for after screwing up my whole day’s schedule but they made up for it: They always do.

My husband somehow broke his hand that operates the ON button on the stove, or a can opener or even the fridge & somehow he totally forgot how to cook or make a sandwich

And the poor cop that pulled me over is probably glad his shift is over.

Now most of you know I try to help people with animal control situations but I am also not going to “just take your word for it”. If animal control has taken 20+ animals from you 3 times & the last time 15 of those were dead & when I call the AC Officer to ask about the circumstances & she is sobbing while TRYING to explain the horror she has seen & asking ME why she does the job she does: NO AMOUNT OF CALLING ME 20 TIMES A DAY OR CALLING ME 8 DIFFERENT KINDS OF B*TCHES IS GOING TO CHANGE MY MIND OR MAKE ME HELP YOU!!! The kind of help you need is not help I can give, & the kind of help I’m likely to give you will get me at least a gross misdemeanor. Not joking.

If you have 20 animals in your house, & 15 dead one’s stacked up in your bathtub bloated with maggots eating away at them. YOU SHOULD NOT OWN ANIMALS, you need mental health care & constant monitoring & supervision from AC & a mental health professional.

If your dog’s leg was ONLY broken for one month & you “were going to take him in to have it looked at” two paychecks from now, you are idiot.

If they found a mountain of dead animals in your freezer, fridge & oven & you have moved to a new county where you are once again “collecting” …er “saving” animals you’re damn skippy I am going to call that local AC.

Two things to keep in mind:

I like animals FAR more than people

I am not going to pursue or print anything I can’t verify.

If you are not willing to let me look over documents myself, & give me the AC’s contact info & access to others you “claim” can back up your story then that is all it is: Your story.

Just because the Everett AC Officer is a pig doesn’t mean that all of them are & I work with a lot of other AC Officers who are there for animals sakes, not for some twisted power trip cause they can’t have a kid or keep a man or watch their own appearance. Look at King & Kitsap Counties, they have very good AC Officers, along with many other agencies.

So now I have 4 dogs in foster homes, so it’s damn lucky for me their foster momma is a vet tech & her girlfriend is a vet but I still have to pull 380 dollars out of thin air to get them fixed, chipped, & get their shots, oh & get their teeth cleaned, but I did manage to get them flea treated, dewormed, get meds for their ear & eye infections & get the one’s ear treated. The 14 yr old was very well taken care of & just needs a retirement home though. Oh & the lady that gave her to us filled up my tank so now I have enough gas to run back & forth from the foster homes, to my son’s house, to my daughters house & to the vet’s office. Hopefully a couple of other rescues will take them for me, if not at least they are safe & away from the City of Everett idiots.

Well it is Monday morning & I have 2 meet & greets to set up for my foster mom & a report to Animal Control to file, & another dog to take to another shelter ONE MORE PIT BULL EVERETT WON’T BE GETTING, that the other shelter will let live!

We have a tele-conference so I may be getting a grant for spay/neuter coupons for Pibbles I’ll have more details later! I am trying to get 24hr Petwatch on board to also do low cost micro-chips & we may have a donor for the shots as well. If you would like to donate remember the donations are now tax deductible, just contact us through our website at finallyhomerescue.yolasite.com.

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