A dog isn’t even worth 5 bucks in Snohomish County – Take a bow Ms Weikel

Ms Carolyn Weikel the Snohomish County Auditor, this week unceremoniously sent up to a 1000 dogs to their death for FIVE DOLLARS!!! So if your dog gets lost & is taken to the Everett Shelter if you don’t find it within 3 days then it will be murdered & then sold by the pound to a rendering plant, where it can be made into dog food, or sold to a lab or a teaching hospital.

All the lost dogs are kept in the back, so if you show up on a day when the flyer isn’t in their notebook then your dog or cat is gone, dead, forever.

I can’t tell you how many dogs were in the back that were not in the flyers up front when I would go in to rescue the pit bulls.

So you don’t think they sell your dead dogs by the pound? Well check their listing, go in & look at what they have 10 SMALL dogs, WHERE ARE ALL THE BIG DOGS??? They handle over 20 small towns & areas & they don’t have one single big dog? Did Snohomish County all of a sudden become the land of Lilliputia? Or is that only small dogs get taken to the shelter?

Again please remember that Vicki Lubrin had NOTHING to do with this death warrant, this was exclusively Ms Weikel’s decision, so I wonder which one of the shelter workers she’s buddies with? It looks like we will have to make plans to get a facility in Snohomish County so we can start taking in dogs from those areas… Maybe even on the Rez where Everett can’t touch us.

I see the dipsticks witches are on my page tonight, what a pathetic way to spend a Saturday night… but it does make me feel better about my life! Tomorrow I will have my kids, grandkids, neices, nephews, sisters, brothers, mom & several cousins & friends over here to celebrate my 8th Anniversary, & my youngest kids birthday. I get to see all of my dogs I have rescued that moved out with the kids when they left home. I will meet two new great nephews, & at the end of the day, I will sit in the kitchen with my mom, sisters, daughters & nieces & we will catch up on family gossip, then we will have our tea & coffee, & watch the kids fighting sleep. There will be many more days like this in the summer & for years to come. What I lack in money I make up for in untold riches of love, family & friends.

Anyway Ive included parts of the stories down below, go to the links & you can see all the comments or at least post your own comments. I have to say I was amazed that my comments have stayed up there, I am rather impressed with the reporters at the Herald for letting them stand. Now that I have one of the best attorney’s in the state I can take the time to actually start investigating these people…

By Gale Fiege, Herald Writer
  • Shannon Delgado, the manager of the Everett Animal Shelter, holds Ardillito, a Chihuahua, on Thursday afternoon at the Everett Animal Shelter.
    Sarah Weiser / The Herald
EVERETT — In mid-March, the city rescued 21 poorly fed, filthy Chihuahuas from a home in Everett where the owner could no longer care for them. The big-eyed, tiny animals are beautiful and should make great companions, city spokeswoman Kate Reardon said. Most are short-haired, others a little shaggy and some are “apple-head” bald. “These are highly desirable boutique dogs,” Reardon said. The dogs aren’t free. If you adopt one of these purse pooches, you get a collared animal that has been spayed or neutered, implanted with an identifying microchip, vaccinated, given extensive dental and veterinary care, and had their nails clipped. The value of each of these dogs is much more than the $200 it will cost to take one home, Delgado said.  People should be prepared to go through an application process to adopt the dogs, but most should be able to take a Chihuahua home on adoption day, she said. “But it is first-come, first-served,” Delgado said. “Chihuahuas are popular.”


Seattle Humane, King County shelters also… spay neuter, microchip, & vaccinate their dogs.

Everett shelter has an on site vet so the procedures are paid for by the hour not the prices the general public would pay for a private vet.

The Everett shelter also has a Non-Profit charity that has 110,576.00 in assets… (Yes 110K) http://www.faqs.org/tax-exempt/WA/Animal-Rescue-Foundation-Of-Everett.html

Why are there only 10 dogs available for adoption when the city takes in dogs from over 20 areas? What happened to all of the big dogs?

April 21, 2012 7:38 pm  Brandia Taamu

Published: Thursday, April 19, 2012
By Noah Haglund, Herald Writer
EVERETT — If you’re wondering what to do with that stray dog or cat you wanted to help, you’ll soon have only one place to take it if you live in unincorporated Snohomish County.That would be the Everett Animal Shelter. The county has ended its long-time contract with Lynnwood’s Progressive Animal Welfare Society, which used to take in strays found in the unincorporated parts of south Snohomish County. The change takes effect May 1. County Auditor Carolyn Weikel announced Wednesday that her staff was unable to negotiate a new contract with PAWS, which has provided service for more than 20 years. Negotiations have been going on for several months. Last year, Snohomish County residents brought 920 animals to PAWS, said Vicki Lubrin, manager of Licensing and Animal Control Services. Animal control officers also brought three animals there in 2011. The county had been paying PAWS $110 per stray animal, while Everett charges $105. The price, however, wasn’t necessarily the sticking point, leaders from both sides of the negotiation said.
Noah Haglund: 425-339-3465, nhaglund@heraldnet.com.
Something else I forgot
If anyone here remembers when the Everett Shelter put down 82 or 83 cats. The shelter has a non-profit that lists 82K in assets, none of those cats were symptomatic, but yet they couldn’t unhand some of that 82K to even try to quarantine the cats or to at least wait & see if any of them were sick. They have a vet on site so they had the ability to do so. So what are you donating to them for? Pasado’s run the spay station, on occasion the Everett Shelter hands out 25.00 off spay & neuter coupons. To add to the impropriety the former animal shelter manager was also the head of the charity… Then they also get their funding from the city & your taxes.PAWS is a community funded shelter, they take in animals on contracts usually at a loss of 25 to 100 dollars per dog, sometimes more. They also rehab wildlife & run a cat rescue center. I have had my disagreements with PAWS, (usually when I don’t get my way) but in a pinch they are ALWAYS there for the animals & at the end of the day: That is ALL it should really be about.

April 20, 2012 4:13 am  Brandia Taamu

Clarification… (maybe)
Cara I think what Kapper meant was that the 5.00 was not part of PAWS decision. That it was that Weikel woman’s decision. For those of you who don’t know or understand how our shelters work.
Everett has BSL, (breed specific legislation) they immediately kill all owner surrenders of any type of bully breeds, pit bulls, American Bulldogs, Staffordshire Terriers, Mastiffs, or any other dog they deem to be a ix of a bully breed. They kill the strays in 72 hours & they hold the strays in the back so the general public can not even see them, they say they have a book you can look at but I have went inn there many times & seen dogs in the back that were NOT in that book, when I was able to pull those kinds of dogs. I complained about that along with some other things, so they stopped me from rescuing those dogs & we got into an epic legal battle so they now won’t allow anyone in rescue from rescuing those breeds of dogs from the shelter, so now they all die.The breed specific legislation was never voted on by the citizens of Everett, it was enacted by the city council & most citizens aren’t even aware it exists unless they own one of these dogs & are harassed about it or there is a problem.PAWS does not murder dogs simply because they were born in the wrong skin, they have very stringent tests they run them through, & if they don’t pass they are most likely put to sleep. This is the responsible thing to do, I have had to as a rescuer put one dog down who HUNTED small children with the vengeance of Genghis Khan, there are too many good terriers out there who need homes to put a dog who is unstable into the community.

PAWS also participates in the rescue & shelter exchange, they take in dogs from other shelters who are not getting adopted at another shelter to give them a chance to live & find a home. The north end here is prolific for animal ownership, in Shoreline alone there are almost as many dogs registered then there are people. There is also the black dog & cat phenomenon, they are at a greater risk of dying & are considered less adoptable, PAWS takes them, then there are farming communities that en up with a bunch of little dogs, little dogs in a farming community are a little less than a snack for a local coyote, they want working dogs, so they facilitate shelter transfers to get the dogs where they have a chance to live.

PAWS also gives & receives from local rescues, I recently did a transport for 20 something little dogs, the other rescues did not show up to get their dogs, PAWS took them & paid for ALL of their vetting that wasn’t done yet, & found them all homes, granted they were little dogs & highly adoptable, they still had to pay the medical costs for them & I guarantee they took a nose dive on that.

PAWS is a community shelter, who looks out for animals, Everett Animal Shelter is a municipal office that gets it funding based on the number of animals they take in & put to sleep. April 20, 2012 3:49 am Brandia Taamu

To the Citizens of Unincorporated Snohomish County
If you find a dog in Unincorporated Snohomish County PLEASE just take the dog to PAWS, if not please call a local rescue, they can & will take in lost pets & post them for the owners to find & most rescues give the animal 30 days before they put it up for adoption – Not 3 days before they kill it. You can also place ads & post the lost animal on Craigslist.com, Ebay Classified & Petfinder.com also has a lost & found page. The local newspapers offer a free found ad for people who have found a lost pet as well for up to 3 weeks. All vets have microchip scanners so most times they can look for a microchip & the dog can be reunited with it’s owner without the stress of a shelter environment. If you can not drive the animal somewhere contact us at Finally Home Rescue & we will arrange for a ride to a vet or PAWS. April 19, 2012 1:37 am  Brandia Taamu
5 dollars- That is how much a life is worth?
How sick is that? You Ms Weikel have signed a death warrant for so many dogs for 5 DOLLARS, 5 stinking measly dollars. Could this have anything to do with all the flack Everett Animal Shelter is getting for killing animals that people want to adopt, KOMO did a story on a dog they killed & are still investigating them, I have given them the information I have about the way they treat animals, & gotten them other people who have gone through the same kinds of things. http://www.komonews.com/news/problemsolvers/146202715.html#idc-cover. Noah I have no idea why you did not follow up on the story KOMO did but please contact me I can give you a story about 12 dogs, only 12 dogs out of 1000’s that will break your heart. April 19, 2012 1:29 am  Brandia Taamu
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