Investigation into Marysville Officer’s child’s death

25 times today it has blared across my television “Investigation complete, handed over to the prosecutor, no recommendation, why did it take so long”…

Well let me tell you any Officer involved fatality ALWAYS takes longer because there is so much public scrutiny. It is also very personal, these officers are investigating one of their own, these officers also have children, they also have personal weapons, they also are under fire to do a 10 times more thorough investigation so there is no appearance of impropriety on their part. They know what is at stake, they know they are under a magnifying glass, they know all of their T’s must be crossed & all if their I’s must be dotted. They also know there is virtual lynch mob outside screaming for blood.

I lost a boy 29 yrs ago & there is no greater pain, no greater loss that you will ever have to face in your existence. Your children are supposed to outlive you, you are not supposed to have to hold them while their life slips away, before they ever had a chance to live, there is no crueler fate in this lifetime & when your child dies by an accident that you could’ve have prevented it has to be unimaginably a 1000 times worse. There is a reason they are called “Accidents” not “On Purposes” & all humans are capable of accidents, the difference between that family & us is most of us have made mistakes that haven’t cost us or our children our lives, we are able to get back up & get back on track, we most always have a chance to make up for it, but they never will.

So you want his head on a platter? You want him to be held to the same standards as everyone else? You want “Justice”? I get that, no one should be above the law, they should apply to everyone but the law is made for people, it is not set in stone, & every situation is different.

I guarantee you that if he was not on leave, he would be on the street today, right now, cops are just like that, & I guarantee you he would lay down his life to save you if you were in trouble & I guarantee you would be eternally grateful to see his face, his uniform & his badge. If the dispatcher said well we only have Officer so & so available there is no way in hell you would say well then I would like to wait for another officer to save me.

Unfortunately at the end of all this he will gladly embrace you all & put his life on the line for you without question or hesitation, every single day. He will go on, risk his life daily, & there will be no congressional medals, no purple hearts, no honorary degrees from some big university, he will most likely be hated, called names, see things that no human being should have to see, & maybe once in a while he will ever get a thanks, but you know what he will get up the next day & for many days after that & come to work, to serve & protect, & on those days where their is a lull, & he is sitting alone in his squad car his mind will wander to the little one he will never see again, then a call on the radio will bring him to a call, a child black & blue, a woman crying & he will see how little regard these people have for a precious life, a life he would’ve given anything to get back, he may get lucky & drive them to DV shelter, & next week he will be back at that same house…. and even he will wonder why he comes to work every day, to the same thing over & over again, but once again the radio disturbs his thoughts, he goes to home where there is a terrified crime victim, his words & his uniform, they comfort & soothe them, he makes eye contact with them & they are once again steadied, the storm is over, & he helps them move on to the next steps.

It is easy to judge someone from the outside looking in, it is easy to say what you would have done, or what he could have or should have done, that is just your mouth writing a check your ass can’t cash, until you are in that situation you can’t say what you would do. No one can.

I wrote a letter to Mark Roe of the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s office, not just as a citizen of this county but as a parent, as a Minister & as a human being. I asked that if they in fact decided to prosecute this family twice, that they keep the proceedings behind closed doors, the truth is, they have already been sentenced to “LIFE” there is no possibility of early release or parole, there is no clemency board who will take it all away, every day when they wake up, every accomplishment of their other children, every day when they sit down at the table, every night when they tuck the others in, there will be one who is missing, all of their hopes & dreams died that day with their baby, there is no do over, no chance to try a different way. They will never see her graduation, they will never walk her down the aisle, they will never get to hear the cries of her firstborn…

Good Lord people: Isn’t that enough for you? I find it very interesting that most of the folks who are bashing & whining about it are not citizens of the City of Marysville, in our local paper… I’ve also included the other links to the stories around this. I’m sorry I don’t have the heart to go look for other stories on other networks or news outlets. My heart just hurts too bad for these people.

Investigation complete in death of officer’s daughter

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