UPDATED: On the Rebecca Turner/Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County case…

***In looking over the records that Ms Turner let me copy I realized I made a few mistakes, so the corrections will be in red

Okay to catch you all up to speed. In September of 2011 Lt Ware of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Dept , Thurston County AC & Hooved animal Rescue of Thurston County showed up with a warrant & the prosecuting attorney Cassandra Jones & took 3 dogs, 1 pig & 4 horses from Rebecca Turner

The newspapers printed her FULL NAME ADDRESS & ALL THE NAMES OF THE DOGS. It also seems that every time the dogs cough fart or sneeze they do a story about it. The stress from all of this has caused a miscarriage for Ms Turner but God in his mercy has seen  fit to send her another angel.

Okay so let’s go over the main points

1) One of the dogs had EPI or something like that & WAS severely underweight, Ms Turner had been working on resolving it & was adamant about raw diet. The clinic she was ORDERED to take them to decided she was being unreasonable about it because she wouldn’t do as they said. The vet records stated the dog did not have EPI but they treated the dog for the EPI for several weeks after they were seized, (Why would they treat an animal for something they didn’t have?)

(DISCLAIMER: Some people especially those in the sporting dog arena & the Great Dane Community firmly believe that a sign of a healthy dog is to be able to see at least 3 of the ribs, the Dane puppies I had looked horrid to me but to every Dane breeder said they looked GREAT I got so stressed that I gave the dang puppies away & I won’t take Great Danes or mixes anymore because I don’t feel like I am qualified to do so)

2) While in the care of the shelter those same two dogs have lost 2 toes, & part of their tail, (It was 2 tails & 1 toe sorry about that)

3) There was also a cattledog they said was underweight, it was not.

4) There was a pig that had been kicked by a horse as a youngster & had a lame leg, it is unknown what has become of the pig, Hooved Animal Rescue claims to have a pot bellied pig but Ms Turner’s paperwork says he is at the shelter under their care. In looking at her vet records I don’t see where any surgery or emergent care was ever done for the pig, or that it was ever needed. (Pig’s name is Quinn)

5) It should be noted: In all of the newspaper stories the shelter claims the dogs were hanging on by a thread & all the other dramatic bells & whistles but according to the paperwork I read NONE of the animals required emergent care, only support (I forgot to add that most of the animals weren’t even seen by a vet til days after they were taken, & I don’t see a full blood panel on any of the horses which is strange since according to the drama queens they were at death’s door…)

6) Hooved animal Rescue let one horse die of colic,4 months after she was taken, actually it wasn’t the colic that killed her it was her intestines rupturing from all the pressure, it was a very slow painful & VERY OBVIOUS DEATH, but they were on their facebook pages begging for donations & even gave a newspaper interview about what great shape they were in… DEAD IS NOT GOOD. Not one mention on their facebook page, their rescue page or to the reporter that two of the animals they were begging for money for were no longer even with them

7) They also failed to mention that at that time they also did not have the male horse they claimed was on death’s door, he had been given to the person Ms Turner bought him from originally with NO FORFEITURE ORDER. Oh I should add that he was very very skinny because Ms Turner had bred him to one of her horses & then separated them & he was very upset about that, I don’t know why she separated them or why she didn’t just put them back together once she noticed his weight loss.

8) Hooved animal rescue showed up with the Sheriff & the Prosecutor & AC agents but there was no warrant to take the Horses & the horses were never listed as being taken on the inventory sheet.

9) Now I have forgotten if it is Chevy or Cat but one of them was pregnant when they were taken, I also said in a previous story it was Cat who died, that is what Ms Turner was told but it ended up being Sassy but she has no real way of knowing that for sure either, just that there is a missing foal, & the rescue only has 2 horses. (It was definitely Chevy who was pregnant but there has been no mention of a baby yet so I hate to tell Ms Turner this but maybe it really was Chevy who died, they don’t seem to know who is who & I asked Ms Turner if she had seen pictures of the horse who died or seen his body & she has not)

What bothers me the most about this whole story is that every single horse seizure involves the same Sheriff & the same animal control officer, the lady who runs the rescue is also employed by the shelter, so she doesn’t even have to go out looking for rescues she just waits & follows the officer around.

The rescue also receives grants from the shelter & in every single story I have read up on Hooved Animal Rescue ALWAYS says it was 10K to take care of the animals, ALWAYS… Yet they are always begging for donations on their facebook talking about how they don’t have enough money to take any more horses in or that they can’t take care of the one’s they have now.

Why are they taking in horses if you don’t have the money to do so?

Why aren’t they telling the truth about animals dying a horrid death while in their “care”?

Why are they forfeiting animals that are NOT their property yet still begging for money for him.

I have found Ms Turner to be very forthcoming, she freely shared all of her documents, with me, she didn’t try to make excuses to me, all I got was her pain at being separated from her animals. You all should know me by now & if there is a chance someone is going to get rubbed the wrong way I am just the one to do it. Every single question I fired off at her she answered, but she did very well at explaining the medical aspects.

I have to admit, I called her & I asked her to describe to me in detail what her horses death was like, she started out very clinical, then I guess the full realization hit her that it wasn’t a symptom flow chart, that it was her horse that she knew, that she had brushed, that she had spent time with & that she loved, & she broke down, then I felt like a jackass so I had a rancher friend of mine tell me the signs & symptoms & he even cried, a grown cowboy CRIED when he was explaining to me how painful that her death must’ve been & how OBVIOUS, he has had horses for 62 years & he said there was no way she wasn’t showing symptoms :~(…

Keep in mind though they identified the wrong horse at first, so no one knows which horse is really dead, for all she knows it could’ve been the pregnant horse Chevy that died…

Ms Turner has taken other people’s advice & is now using an attorney, & it may have been fate because the attorney she has now kicks some serious ass, pun intended!

I think the Washington State attorney General needs to do an audit into the shelter & the rescue’s finances though. If they are making 10K for every seizure (you can look it up too) PLUS the donations, PLUS the grants from the shelters. They are sitting pretty good, maybe a little too good.

With all of that money at their disposal why aren’t they doing more community outreach so horses & their owners don’t get in this condition?

Maybe they should consult with Kitsap County Humane so they can “teach” them how to do it. Kitsap runs a very successful Horse food bank & you hardly ever if at all hear any stories about emaciated horses out there.

*** It has also come to my attention that the newspaper & the rescue have some kind of family ties which explains why the stories are ALWAYS slanted to shine the light of God on the rescue but in looking over the comments I copied & pasted from the Hooved Animal Rescue facebook page I noticed something, there is a woman from DSHS who is making very physical threats against Ms Turner saying she doesn’t think she could control herself… I am definitely going to investigate that further. I am also wondering WHAT this woman’s connection to the breeder is, & I am searching my records to find if this woman is one of the people I got an email about from a Dane Rescuer who had some Great Danes & horses that were in horrible condition over in Gig Harbor, but this woman lived in a mobile home. I remember there were pictures & they were heartbreaking,& pretty disgusting. I’ll let you know what I find out!

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4 thoughts on “UPDATED: On the Rebecca Turner/Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County case…

  1. Here is a a very sad update… Ms Turner left me a message telling me that HROTC is claiming Chevy was NEVER pregnant, she still has not verified which one of her horses died, they told her first it was Sassy then it was Cat… now who really knows. I really hope that it wasn’t actually Chevy who died, that means her baby died too. Chevy & Carlos definitely mated, she heard a heartbeat. If she had a miscarriage why aren’t they saying that? I did call to confirm that Quinn the Pig never did have any kind of corrective surgery which would’ve been redundant & ineffective anyway but she said in the message he did not. They are not giving her all of the records at one time so it has been hard for me to get the whole story. I see HROTC has been all over my page…
    FIVE times today SEVEN times yesterday so they know the story is out here, Hopefully they won’t use it to try to cover up their mistakes, maybe they will finally admit that they let one of those horses die, and maybe they should return some of the donations that were MEANT for that group of animals. No matter what you believe about the whole situation, at least those dogs had all of their toes & tails, & the pig was going to be a gimp, he got kicked by a horse, it happens, & that poor horse wouldn’t have suffered for up to a week & then finally died when her intestines ruptured. I don’t care who you are or what your position: Imagine being in so much pain that your INTESTINES ruptured & then you had to die like that


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