Sometimes crazy people make me laugh….

The desperation when someone truly evil gets caught in a lie is almost comical. As you all know I get search terms on my WordPress & there are those occasionally that just make me laugh out on loud.

Lying Mentally Ill Brandia Taamu was the search term that had me ROTFLMAO!!! Is that really the best you can do?  You got caught with your hand in the cookie jar, simple, just wipe the chocolate chips off your face & fess up. Yes I know your ISP.  Yes I know who it is & THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT MAKES IT SO FUNNY! Remember… The truth only hurts for those who don’t know how to tell it or that are hiding behind their lies. I might be  loud little motormouth but I only tell the truth, mostly because I don’t have a good enough memory so I couldn’t keep up with a damn lie anyway, but also because it is SO MUCH FUN to watch people squirm when you tell the truth. It is always easier to tell the truth, life is so much less complicated when you can get up & look at yourself in the mirror in the mornings or look other people in the eye throughout your day.

All of the energy you spend thinking about me day & night, could be put to better use don’t you think? Don’t you have anything else in your life to entertain you? Am I really just that exciting to you? All of the time YOU spend on ME could be used to get yourself into a therapy or self help group, you could volunteer somewhere, you could take a college class, you could plant a garden, build a greenhouse, go plant a tree for the Arbor Foundation, good Lord you could read a book! Get in shape, start an Jazzersize class!

Do you know what I have done in the past month? I handed out 60 free flea treatments, donated pet food I got donated to me to our local food bank, helped 3 families pick out a perfect dog for them, helped a first time owner deliver her dog’s brand new puppies, performed a beautiful wedding, helped in a transport of dogs up to Canada, helped a lady to pull 7 little orphaned possums through & learned a lot about them from the wonderful people I networked with, I finished the flooring in my house, & painted my bathroom & put up wall paper & pictures I got for a quarter a piece at an Estate sale, at that same Estate sale I got to listen to the gentleman there tell me about 50 beautiful years he spent with his wife about how they met, how they fell in love, about their good & bad times, about their kids, wars, about the kids they adopted, I also helped place 23 dogs & cats, helped a guy learn how to live with his badgers instead of killing them, I worked on my car, helped my daughter & her fiance kiss & make up, found steaks on sale at Albertson’s & cooked my husband the biggest one they had & ate a salad that was as big as my head, spent one day just snuggled up next to my husband, talking about our last 10 yrs together good & bad, & watching westerns, comedies, & even a couple chick flicks. I sat down & wrote a letter to a couple of my family members, & sent out a few cards to some shut ins. I got myself a huge tub of cool whip & made myself some hot cocoa, & now I’m working on my homemade Chai tea. Oh I also got my Non-Profit status so I sat down & completed my grant & scholarship applications for our microchips & microchip readers, & for our spay & neuter programs. I do all of this, & sometimes more with little money, & I am agoraphobic for crying out loud, because I force myself to live, to reach out to be a part of something because I love other things & other people more than I am afraid.

You could do any of these things too, but you have to let go of the ugly & the anger inside of you. You could bring joy instead of heartache & misery, you could even find some of it for yourself if you try hard enough. Instead you choose to be miserable, & to inflict your rage, anger, & shortcomings on other people. Yes you make me laugh but you also make me sad… How awful it must be to feel like that ALL OF THE TIME, I have horrid days where I cry, where I am angry, & days I just don’t want to go on but I just can’t let people like you win.

I am surrounded by wonderful beautiful people, I have beautiful children, grandchildren, a very close family, good friends, & even though my entire face has been totally rearranged I still look pretty decent for my age, I have always been blessed, everyone who has tried to hurt me has always come to their own harm, I have never let them turn me into someone like them, I have learned through life to stand up for myself so that the bad people don’t land on me when they fall.

As the saying goes… Sucks to be you but it doesn’t have to, you don’t have to act the way you do. You could be a decent human being if you chose to. I will always snap back, I will always come out standing, I will always prevail because I never give up. I have beat every odd in life you can imagine, a brutal step-father, cancer, paralysis, the loss of a child, the loss of my home business & all of my savings, I was almost murdered, had to have my face rebuilt, I could choose to focus on that but just look above, I have too many things to be grateful for to waste much time feeling sorry for myself, I feel sorry for my animals & there are days I do feel sorry for myself but I don’t let it rule me: I can’t because then I would turn into someone like you & that would be heartbreaking. Too many good people have helped me in my life, & I want them to be proud of who & what I have become. Now I’m going to grab a grand-kid & get my snuggles & get some sleep so tomorrow I can wake up & fight people like you for one more day…

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