RECAP: Of my situation for our new followers

Short Version (kind of)

2000 I move to Everett & am harassed so badly about my dogs I gave them away for their own safety, AC officer actually walks into my house to try to snatch my dogs. My dogs were pit bulls & they HATE pit bulls in Everett, they have what is called BSL (breed specific legislation)

2009 I start pulling dogs from the Everett animal Shelter, bully breeds, ALL coming out injured maced, or both. I complain they stop me from getting anymore dogs.

2010 Ginger Luke from Ginger’s Pet Rescue had escalated her lies about me to the point that it almost got me killed on a very dangerous rescue, at which time Pasado’s worker Angel Light also started her bullshit. Ginger & I have had issues for 25+ yrs.

2011 I was staying with a lady who was being charged with 6 animal charges, so between her & Ginger & the AC Officer involved in my 2000 & 2009 incidents, they turn it around on me take my animals slaughter one, & violate about 92 different state & federal laws in the process. I finally connected LORI Trask-Lemaire-Carlon-Staib to Hans Lueck & Ginger Luke through court documents & as far the lady I was staying with Rose Adams, she is a very strange pickle, she bashes Ginger on anonymous craigslist postings which I usually get blamed for, but to her face she drips honey on her, all the while feeding me info about her.

2012 I find all the documentation on Ginger Luke & Hans Jakob Lueck & their Wild Eyes Animal Adventures about them buying & selling exotic animals illegally, but they are also starving them, & their poor bear Maye had a collar imbedded in her throat that had to be surgically removed, most of their big cats died in spite of other rescuers best efforts, but then I find out her husband was in jail because he had a big marijuana grow up here that got busted, in  2011 & the first person on his customer list is “LORI” makes sense, she has cancer, & most cancer patients use medical marijuana from LEGAL dispensaries. (I don’t smoke weed, can’t even stand the stinking gross smell of it but I don’t think it should be illegal, booze should be illegal, so my problem is not with pot- it is with criminals & their twisted relationships)

Here are just a few of the things I am fighting or laws they have violated:

The city prosecutor has called & made false reports on me to other agencies. Told SNoCo AC I had 30 dogs in feces encrusted cages with no food & water for one, but they told me who made the report.

That has something to do with another crazy loon bin named Christine James who stole 2 dogs from me after I already gave her 3 dogs she is one of those “Poor poor pity me rich Bitches” You know the husband works hard every day, builds her anything she wants, buys anything for her she needs but all she can do is sit around & complain how mean he is a what a piece of shit drunk he is & how we should all feel so sorry for her because she is trapped in a loveless marriage… (I’ve got the emails, I am obsessive compulsive I save every email I get & send them to a mass storage drive)

The city prosecutor has lied about me & defamed me, accused me of crimes I am not even charged with or guilty of with the help of the city attorney

In direct violation of the American Indian Freedom of Religion Act (AIFRA) the AC workers mutilated, desecrated then burned & possibly lost the remains of my dog.

I should also mention, my animals were taken at 10:30 a.m. & there is no record of them at the shelter until 4:40p.m. at which time when they arrived they were hypothermic, bloody, missing teeth, in the full throes of seizures, bleeding from the rectum & unable to walk. They were all fine, dry & non bloody when they left me that morning.

The AC officers are treating my animals: also against the law, & they have given my animals meds which have almost killed them, some are very sick as a result, along with other serious injuries they have had while in their “care”

In 15 months I have not been allowed to see my animals  can’t even get an update on them less than a month ago a Superior Court Judge ORDERED them to tell me something & as of yet they still have not, I have filed a Motion to show cause & haven’t gotten a court date yet. So basically they are telling a Superior Court judge to blow it out his posterior

In direct violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) they took my Service & Therapy dogs which I have prescriptions for.

The city animal laws are unconstitutional in about 8 different ways which have led them to violate 5 different Constitutional Amendments.

In this day & age of all things I have been discriminated against, really. The AC Officer can NOT make a single statement about me without referring to me as a “Thin Native American Woman” not a single one of her statements DON’T include that statement. Then at one point we were in court trying to make a court date, I declined one date because it fell around a time of Tisha B’Av, & I explained that to which the prosecutor flipped and said I thought you were Native now you’re a Jew? Um I wasn’t aware that you were only allowed to pick ONE Nationality in the City of Everett Municipal Court room. (To clarify I am both Native, & Jewish by blood I follow Native “Religion” & customs but I also honor my Jewish Heritage & do observe certain Holidays in connection with it)

2011-2012 In order to “punish” me for fighting them back, the City of Everett Animal Shelter has stopped letting EVERY SINGLE RESCUER on my witness list pull dogs & are killing any dog that a rescue asks about, that is actually the shelter manager because I have started this blog & my web page exposing her lies.The truth hurts when you don’t know how to tell it I guess.

KOMO4 finally did a story about one of the dogs they killed & are currently investigating their other issues as well!

There are about 100 other things (literally) but like I said this is the short version (((sigh)))

So when you see me flip out on occasion or read something you may think is totally off the wall please refer back to this article. If you had been falsley accused, had your senior animals torn from you, had pretty much every civil & constitutional right you have as a human being violated, had to sit by & watch THOUSANDS of helpless innocent animals murdered in the meantime, not knowing if your animals are still alive or not & all the while the people involved are getting away with it scott free, you’d be just about a whole can of crazy by now too. Most days I feel like I have a locomotive coming right at me but I am stuck on the tracks, I am prone to fits of anger, heartbreak, depression, hatred, pain, crying, & hopelessness. I am also Autistic, I am what is called “High Functioning Autistic” which basically means I am not good at bullshit, or even understanding it, nor was I blessed with more than an ounce of tact. Now I was Autistic before it was the “new” thing to be, before it was popular, so I have come to accept my own limitations but I also understand a good deal of my “limitations” are a direct result of societal distortions, but instead of being able to navigate around the garbage people spew I just call it how I see it & evidently that doesn’t “Win friends & influence people”. Honestly I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded with people who understand me who can see through the Autism & that I know I can depend on no matter what, the folks who have actually taken the time to know me know what is in my heart, & even though I can’t always express it I love so completely & deeply that sometimes it is my undoing. I also never give up or back down from a fight, it is just not in me, it is the same reason I have never given up on a person or an animal that I have in mind to help or save, ever. You can ask 34 foster kids, about 3500 or more animals, & countless other people including my own children adopted or bio & my grandkids.

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