Moving on to bettter things…

I have accomplished many things, in spite of all of the BS Everett, Rose Adams, Ginger Luke, Christine James, & few other biddies have put me through.

I have officially sent my whole Tort Claim & brief to the state, & filed my complaints with the proper commissions, & finished up a lot of other different projects. I still have the Federal Suit to finish up.

It is officially 1 week after one of the best days of my life! I had the extreme privilege of joining two beautiful souls in the bonds of Matrimony. It was a haphazard, emotional wonderful event, we were all an hour late, then it was 2 more hours til we got the show on the road,  like a dummy I scheduled a transport on that day for 3 dogs going up to Canada, but in spite of all of it: To see the joy & the love between those two was something I will cherish for the rest of my life. I did the vows, pronounced them Husband & Wife, then they did the Commitment vows, & then a family blessing. The ceremony was standard, but listening to their commitment vows almost brought me to tears. I swear no matter what is happening all around me, being a part of such a magnificent event seems to take everything else away. It was in the commitment vows that you see the true intent, the love that these two had for each other, it was what they wrote to each other, what they pulled from their hearts, & it was more beautiful than any vows I could write or invent.

I know with any marriage, they have a lot of work ahead of them & there will be good days, & bad days but love overcomes so many things.

I have to say I have not seen a more beautiful bride in a very long time, but even more so: her own personal strength was amazing, I hope she knows that, I hope she realizes how precious she is & how strong. The groom… Well he was smart enough to realize what he had & to give her a promise of eternity so he didn’t lose a good thing. They have spent many years building on what all came together last weekend.

I love marriage, I love the idea, I know they are not perfect because they involve 2 human beings but I honestly believe that with love all things are possible. To see these two youngsters making their way in life gives me faith that no matter what all the conspiracy theorists say, & all the naysayers spout off, as long as there is love there is hope.

So as you plan your weekend, or sit across from your spouse & you are discouraged, or frustrated, please remember “That” day, the day when you stood before a minister, or a justice & said I do, remember that day, remember that hope, that love, that feeling & you will once again remember why you made that commitment. I wish I could bottle that first day & give it to all couples to carry them through the rough spots, instead all I can do is to remind them…

I guess all the proper agencies are now investigating the people I have written about for the past year so I will let the cards fall where they may & I just got my Washington State Incorporation as a non-profit so I am going to be working on writing for several grants so we can get our spay/neuter program up & running. Hopefully we can offer microchips along with our shot, flea & wormer clinics. I am also working on a pet food bank as well as several other things.

If no one has learned anything from me this past year I hope you learned this, fight for yourself, fight for what is right, don’t back down from a fight but fight fair & don’t give in to the evil or ugliness that those people are, when you make a mistake apologize, & move forward. Don’t let it change who you are, learn from it & don’t lose the lesson or let it make you bitter.

I will still doggedly (pun intended) pursue any & all stories you send to me about corruption, that is who I am, I am not giving up or quitting by any means I am just shifting my focus a bit.

I am still going to fight to the death for my animals but I have realized something else, my animals are ALL these people have, they have discredited themselves, they have shown what a bunch of liars, thieves & ingrates they are, they have shown the world what a bunch of bullies they are, now the whole world knows they are nothing but low life power hungry animal murderers who’s ONLY power in life is in destruction, but it is only a symptom of what they are lacking, of what they can never be, what they can never have, they are ugly inside & out but in the end they will pay for everything they have done to me & to thousands of animals, that kind of evil does not go unpunished, it does not go unnoticed. Even the mighty fall, & they are only mighty in their own town, & their own minds. Pathetic people holding on to any little shred of whatever power they think they have. It must be very sad to be them, it must be very painful & very lonely. I can only thank my Creator that I have not become like them, that no matter what, what they think they have “won” they will never win until they do the right thing. I will avenge my babies, I will make things right in the universe but I will do it in the right way.

Blessings to you all!

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