HSUS v. Humane Watch… Stylized BS at it’s finest.

I get the emails from Humane Watch, I also have use of my primary functions (which makes me wonder why i still subscribe) so today in my inbox is an email proclaiming

PRESS RELEASE: HSUS CEO Says It’s “Okay” for Ex-Dogfighting Kingpin Michael Vick to Own a Dog

I do my level best to stay off of both sites but I had to check this out. Now I usually don’t fall for the sensationalized stories from Humane Watch but sometimes they are like a bad wreck, you just have to look at them.

YEP! You guessed it! There was NO “Press Release” it was a story from March,30th about Michael Vick doing PSA’s about dog fighting… but… according to Humane Watch there has been a  rise in dog-fighting investigations since this started (with the Eagles donating 50K to HSUS & them using Vick to do PSA’s). There are actually 3 stories about Vick, & I read all 3 of them & NO WHERE in any of those statements does Wayne Pacelle “say” Vick owning a dog is okay. I will require the proper amount of sympathy for actually having to go on to HSUS’s website (((gag)))

Michael Vick Featured in New PSA Promoting Animal Fighting Tip Line

Michael Vick Continues to Speak Out Against in Dogfighting in New Videos

Michael Vick and The HSUS’s work to end dogfighting

I don’t advocate for HSUS but it is a twisted logic, sports figures are role models, which explains the RISE in dogfighting investigations, so to that end I’d say playing the devil’s advocate makes perfect sense.

So what’s my point?


If you want to actually help animals donate your money or your time, even your home to local shelters & rescues.

Simple, quit paying Humane Watch to bash HSUS, quit paying HSUS to violate your civil rights.

Oh & it is also helpful to use your own God given brain to think for yourself, to research on your own, to make up your own mind & quit watching their horrid dog misery pimping stupid commercials. If you have money to just throw away give it to me, or go to your closest shelter & drop off your wallet, just avoid the Everett Animal Shelter, they’ll just use your money to kill more cats & pit bulls

Yes I am in a bit of a pissy mood today… Wait til you see the next story I am working on.

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