Everett Animal Control Murders YET ANOTHER dog… RIP Blaze you were loved.

What is wrong with the people in Everett? What is this sick blood lust this bitch Shannon Delgado has? Did Lisa Thompson just want to do another “Necropsy” Do they get off on the pain, the fear, & the death of INNOCENT creatures? What kind of sick people do the citizens of Everett Wa have in their midst? Is this the way everyone in Everett is?
They will have killed the momma dog & probably let her 2 week old tiny blind puppies starve to death, they killed this dog who had a home with people who loved him.
CORRECTION: I have been advised that once a criminal investigation has been instigated that the animal must be in the custody of animal control BUT it clearly says in Everett Municipal Code 6.04 that the SHELTER MANAGER has SUPREME discretion in where the animal is housed so Blaze could’ve been returned to the Ellis’s pending the investigation
OH & BTW the cop LIED to these people, they had every right to hold the dog, but since they wanted to get an animals cruelty conviction they had to kill the dog to make the case look good.

Dog Murdered by Snohomish Sheriff’s Office and Snohomish county {in Everett} Animal Shelter!

A few weeks ago, my wife and I were looking for some property up in the Sultan area. While looking, we found a small dog that was dragging it’s rear legs trying to get to a mud puddle to get some water. This poor little dog had been abused, starved and was extremely dehydrated.

We found him on the front porch of the house we were looking at. There was no one home so we took the little dog home with us to Everett where we fed and watered him and gave him a bath.

He was covered with sores and most of his hair was missing on his belly and his back and he was so thin that his little hip bones were sticking directly up off of his body.

The next day we took him to our vet (Broadway Animal Hospital). Our vet confirmed that this little guy was in dire straights and if we hadn’t rescued him when we did, he would have died in the next day or two.

We could tell right away that even though this little dog was in bad shape, he would be a loving and caring pet.

This little Finnish Spitz, Blaze was chipped and when we got the information on the owner, we found out that the this poor little thing belonged to the owner of the house where we had found him.

We called the Snohomish Sheriff’s Office to make out a report for animal abuse, and they sent out Officer Angela Davis.

We made out the report and told Officer Davis that we had spent over $250.00 at the vets office having Blaze seen and tested. We also told her that if the man that owned Blaze was prosecuted, we would testify as to what we knew.

We also told Officer Davis that we would keep Blaze until the legal question was settled and if the owner did not want the Blaze or the Sheriff’s Dept. took Blaze away from him, that we would adopt him.

Officer Davis told us she would file the case, and she would let us know if there was any change in the case and we would be first in line to adopt little Blaze. She told us she had to take Blaze with her as it was the law, so we believed and trusted her to take good care of Blaze as she said she would.

A couple of days later, we went to the Snohomish Animal Shelter to see how Blaze was doing. We were told that he was doing fine and taking the medicine we got from the vet. We were also told that we could not see him, so we left a note for the shelter supervisor, Shannon Delgado who called us back the next day. We told her the story and that we wanted to adopt Blaze whether the owner was charged or not.

She promised that she would keep us informed and would make sure that Blaze was safe and would take his medicine. She also assured us that she would call us if there was any change in Blaze’s case and we would be able to adopt Blaze if he became available.

To make a long story short, not only did they not prosecute the owner who abused his own dog, the shelter killed little Blaze.

They put him to sleep. They put him down. They murdered a great little dog named Blaze.

Officer Davis and Shannon Delgado, the shelter manager lied to us.

So this is what they do to helpless abused dogs?

Is this standard operating procedure for dogs that have someone waiting to adopt?

There was nothing wrong with Blaze that some time and a loving family could not have fixed and we were willing to take him in and be that family.

My wife and I are really upset about this, and I think you should be too.

We ask you to call the Everett Herald, the Seattle Times and King 5 News and ask for an investigation; we have.

Get our Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office witness report. Read it for yourself.

If you wish, call me and I will give you a copy.

Randy Ellis Everett 425 232 XXXX

Thank you for your time and effort .

  • Location: Everett
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