Let me bounce this off of someone…

I’m not a big fan when it comes to “Conspiracy Theories”  it is one reason I can’t follow Glen Beck, Jesse Ventura & the likes of them. I am interested in what they have to say & most of it sounds right but when it gets too deep my big fat DENIAL button starts flashing & my mind wanders off to my little Rose Colored World. Maybe it is the Autism, who knows.

Maybe I have finally just lost the very last vestige of sanity I ever had a hold of, but bear with me here.

Most of you will remember when the attorney pointed out to me that the AC Officer was a prejudiced little slug it took me weeks to “talk myself into believing it” I mean this is a new day & age… People don’t still think, talk or feel like that. Do they? Well DUH numbnuts why would there still be a KKK if they didn’t? Okay “It couldn’t happen to me” that didn’t work either.

I was also STUPID enough to think I would get any Justice from the POS Judge in Everett, my dumbass actually believed “The truth would set me free”

You know I went down & filed a Motion for Show Cause for Contempt because I thought that would scare the a-holes into giving me the update the SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE ORDERED them to give me on my animals but do you know those cocky SOB’s have still not done it????? So basically it’s not just me they are telling to piss off, they actually believe they don’t have to listen or obey a court of a Higher Power. Really? That not only shocks me but it scares me, if they have NO respect for the Judge in Superior Court how do my animals stand a chance in hell?

I had the best & the worst dream the other night that I was sitting here & some faceless person came & handed me a leash, I took the leash & came in the house & THERE WAS MY SOFFIE!!!! She was screaming, & running back & forth between all of the kids & I & we were all crying, but then I looked around& I didn’t see Hoki or Taz, not even Libby or Misty so I went running outside & the AC truck was pulling out & I was running behind it screaming for them to stop & then that stupid witch just looked out the window & screamed I will just say I dropped them all off, & now I can do what I want to them & she just sped off, I just kept running until I was coughing up blood & then I dropped, then all of a sudden I was just in darkness & I thought I was dead so I thought I would just wait til my animals showed up so we could all cross over together but then I started falling & all I could hear was them all screaming like they were being tortured. Then I woke up with my little grandson holding my face saying “Gwamma don’t cwy I wuv u” Poor little guy was so scared & I felt so bad that all I could do was cry, not helpful.

Okay so let me just list the FACTS & see what YOU come up with:

1) Ginger Luke of Ginger’s Pet Rescue & I have always had bad blood, from the time I was 15 years old & she didn’t like to pay her bands, namely my step-dad & he had to work all kinds of extra jobs to keep my mom & the kids a home.

2) Ginger has been bashing me since 2005 with NO idea who I was, (or so I thought) so  years of this crazy woman telling people I was on drugs & a drunk & that I was crazy. She has been trying to destroy me because of reasons unknown to me, but I know why she got shot so I thought that was the reason she was going after me.

3) So she spreads all her rumors around & almost gets me killed in 2010 & gets me into a BIG fight with Pasado’s, & another rescue who took the dogs I went up to rescue in Brewster Washington.

4) I have someone calling Animal Control on me daily where ever I move, I knew when I lived in Kitsap County it was Terri from Fairy Dog Mothers, because I got my file, & seen it with my own eyes, but it wasn’t always her.

5) At this time Rose Adams tells me about Ginger having some incident in Montana, & about her buying dogs from breeders & she sent me a big loooong list of properties she owned.

6) Back to 2000 I moved to Everett with 1 pit bull & then we got another from a kid who was hanging her by her leash & punching her in the face cause he was trying to “make her mean”, well I punched him in the face & took her. Meanwhile this AC agent Lori Trask, Carlon, Lemaire  (whatever her fricking name is this year) is harassing us so badly that the bold ass bitch actually walked into my house one day & was reaching for my brother’s pit  bull & I jumped up & pushed the stupid cow out of our house. I actually had to call the police on her several times, it got so bad that there was an Everett cop who would come around when I would walk them in the morning & then stay there at lunch time when the kids would walk them. I finally gave them away because I was so afraid for them.

7) Fast forward to 2009 & I finally got to fulfill my dream of rescuing bullies from the Everett shelter UNTIL the pig face complained about me complaining that ALL of the dogs I was pulling from there were injured or maced, sometimes both

8) Same stupid pig AC Officer comes & takes my animals, she did drop off a notice with Rose who didn’t give it to me til after they took my animals.

9) I find out the day that Rose went in about 6 ANIMAL charges, filed against her for her dogs running at large & biting someone: 3 gross misdemeanors & 3 misdemeanors she files her complaint against me, & of course they drop the charges against her in exchange for her testimony against me but THAT’S NOT ALL I look through her records & every single time she has been in front of Judge Mitchell he has dropped all of her charges.

10) Okay so I am thinking this AC officer is just prejudiced & I have 92 other people (Of COLOR) who have had problems with her so it makes sense. How do you fight that, why would you even believe people could be so ass backwards?

11) In the meantime I am getting all of these emails about Ginger but don’t really give a shit until I get my discovery: Most of the info Rose is getting is being given to her by Ginger!!! I know by now Rose is a two-faced bitch & I figure it was going to be fun to watch someday when she turned & snapped on Ginger too

12) Then someone starts sending me messages in the “Search terms”  Things like “look in your own county stupid for the pot bust Hans Lueck” “Look under Montana USDA animal cruelty georgina luke”, Ginger Luke cruelty montana”,  “Luke Lueck starving animals to death”. Okay you know what: I am trying to deal with my own crap without worrying about her stupid ass. Then the search term comes across “Lori Lemaire Hans Lueck Snohomish County Drug Task force-pot bust” REALLY? That got my interest & this is where all of these articles came from because then I got to searching & you all see what I found!!!

13) Then I went down & got his charging documents & seen the first name on his customer list was Lori & in public records they don’t publish the last names except for the person being charged, on charging papers

14) Now was it Rose “giving” me the info? She would know the most about Ginger, & unless she was using the info against Ginger there is NO WAY she would’ve kept her mouth shut about it unless she was getting something out of the deal. I mean come on it was her I learned how to do research on people from after she went after me.

I have ALWAYS thought that somehow the AC Officer, Rose & Ginger were connected…. What do you think? What would you think


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