Stevens County Corruption 101 (for beginners)

So here is how you start a big old pile of corruption…

1) You take an egotistical, insecure, power hungry, prejudiced and/or hateful person

2) You put them in a group of like-minded people

3) Then you hire or elect them repeatedly & place them in positions of power

4) Then you simply do nothing about it

So why does it sound like I am blaming the “victims” of this abuse & misuse of power? Well if people would learn about the people they place in power,  if they would educate themselves & stand up for their rights then this would CEASE to continue. It really is that simple. Every time you let your rights be violated you are disgracing the blood of millions who have died to give you those rights. It is easier to pay a fine or submit, so that is what we as a society do. We have made the liars & cheats success inevitable.

When a story breaks about a Judge, Cop or Prosecutor that has crossed a line if they can spew a good enough line of bulldoody then we just ignore it & move on. We even go as far as to make excuses for them.

We have no respect for anything, if it isn’t handed to us then we just won’t do anything about it. We slander & mock our own Commander & Chief, we burn flags, we have a sense of “Entitlement” that makes other countries hate us.

When we do have an idiot for a President what do we do? WE REELECT THEM!!! Then we blame the next President for all the crud the last one got us into. We give him 1 yr to fix what the last guy spent 8 yrs screwing up & then all start crying like a bunch of babies if it does happen RIGHT NOW. We don’t get info from our own research we are content to have it all spoon fed to us through the local media. IE: The Obama escapade about his birth certificate… All anyone EVER had to do was go to & look up his birth certificate & it was there the whole time!!! Not one single person in the media could figure this out??? His birth cert has been posted on one of my yahoo groups since the first day this was brought out.

The interesting thing here is that once these people are allowed to get away with their garbage they come to expect that they will ALWAYS get their way WTH?


Murder trial delayed months while judge, prosecutor feud

The gist of this story is that Rasmussen doesn’t want Judge Baker to preside over any of his cases, because she turned him into the WSBA, the bar didn’t do anything then & they still aren’t doing anything now. Why do they coddle him so much? Remember what I said before, all prosecutors are attorneys, the bar is an association not a Govt agency, those same lawyers pay dues: Why would they bite the hand that feeds them?

Rasmussen’s strife with Baker began in July 2010 when he learned, while campaigning for re-election, that it was she and Superior Court Judge Al Nielson who filed a bar complaint against him in September 2009.

Baker and Nielson said they wanted the Washington State Bar Association to investigate what they described as “persistent rumors and reports” that Rasmussen was soliciting or accepting charitable donations for a Guatemalan orphanage from Spokane defense attorneys.

Nielson was more circumspect than Baker and has repaired his relationship with Rasmussen. However, the feud between Rasmussen and Baker spilled into court, with the judge at one point hiring her own lawyer and the murder trial left in limbo.

If she could do it over, Baker said, she probably would attempt her own investigation of Rasmussen’s charitable solicitations. But she thought a simple come-to-Jesus talk would have been insufficient if Rasmussen were trading favors for donations. A three-member review committee unanimously dismissed the complaint for lack of evidence.

A bar investigator had recommended a warning about avoiding the appearance of impropriety, but none was issued. Nevertheless, Rasmussen said he told bar officials “that I would no longer do anything along these lines.”

Hey! Will that work for me? If I go rob a bank & tell the cops I will no longer do anything along those lines, will I get a “get out of jail free” card?

See it is stuff like this you can NOT make up, it is so bizzare & shows just how deep the corruption runs in this state, it is so BLATANT & they will continue to do this because WE LET THEM!!!

So the stories never seem to end, just because Rasmussen & Baker are “fuedin” Lloyd Nickel & Evelyn Bell started in on eachother too!!!

Discord spills over: Workers quit talking to each other

This is the kind of garbage, high school crap that goes on & it is the citizens & the Bar who let it continue. When trials can’t be held cause the judge & the prosecutor, can’t get along then their little flunkies have to get involved YOU KNOW IT’S BAD. When it hits the newspapers & instead of being ashamed they cry like little teenagers who stole each others girlfriends or boyfriends. How pathetic is that? If our business made it into the newspapers like that most of would just die of embarrassment, but not them, it just makes them squeal louder. At least the Commission on Judicial Conduct is being a grown up about the whole thing

So I don’t live there, I wouldn’t live in that pig hole if you paid me & gave me daily protection from the US Federal Marshals! If they are willing to set up a State Patrol Officer on false child porn charges imagine what would happen to me over there with my big mouth! Look what they did to Pam Deskins! Only God knows how many other innocent people they have railroaded or destroyed… Small town politics at their finest.

So where is the Calvary? Who can reign these idiots in? Why isn’t ANYONE doing anything about these people? Well quit voting for these dipsticks!!! Fight back, DO SOMETHING!

Be careful WHO you vote for… You might get them.

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