What is a “Sovereign”?

Some of you might’ve seen the ABC report on Sovereigns… It was almost laughable. They were all painted as Branch Davidian, Timothy Mcvey loving white supremacist machine gun toting psychopaths.

NOTHING could be further from the truth, & it is exactly that report that let the Sovereigns KNOW that they are getting to the “Powers that be”


I delved into the world of the Freeman, Sovereigns, Constitutionalists & although a good deal of it is simply just not for me, I really do “get it”. Yes a good deal of the societies up here are in fact part of the Aryan Nations I have to tell you that not a single one of them treated me as anything other than a human being, quite the opposite, they were VERY eager to teach me no matter what my ethnicity was, for that matter after many long talks what I surmised is that they didn’t have a particular “hatred” for any other race, they just didn’t believe in mixing the races. One particular branch has a reservation neighbor & they have assured me that in a time of need or of Marshal Law they will defend themselves & their neighbors to the end. I was also invited to learn survivalism so that in case we ever needed it I could take care of myself.

I did have contact with one group that quite frankly scared the crap out of me but again I was never in any way threatened by them & they corresponded with me freely. I also have to say I have a hell of a lot more respect for someone who states right up front who they are & what they are about instead of playing games.

Most of the people I have met are peace-loving people who are keenly aware of the corruption of the Constitution of the United States, they usually fight a quiet peaceful war, one courtroom at a time, they are the most eager teachers on this planet, they just want the Govt to be accountable to its citizens, & to itself.

Just like anything else there are always a few bad apples, it is that way in everything. Most of you seen my Affidavit of Truth & my Notice of Executor. Those really were the truth. The Judges, & courts would have you believe that you are BEHOLDEN to them, that is a LIE, they are only allowed to exist because the people have given them the right to exist, they do not Lord over you, you own them.

All power is inherent in the people. The people give the power… The problem is that we have become too lazy & uneducated to take back our power. The “Patriot” Act was the most colossal joke there has ever been, stupid ignorant chicken scat Americans actually stood up & applauded for it!!! Are you freaking serious? That destroyed just about every tenet of the Constitution there was & is. We have given up our power completely now. There was almost a certain kind of twisted honesty in that as well though. The Govt just came out & admitted what they were doing, & acted as though they were asking our permission to keep doing what they had been doing for decades & we all said okay. They used our fears of the big bad Muslims to strip us of our last human vestiges & we stood by & let it happen, WE EVEN THANKED THEM FOR IT!!!

As I said a lot of it is not for me, some of it feels a bit like treason. I come from a Military & Law Enforcement family, they have fought & died for the Constitution, if the politicians weren’t so busy corrupting it & the American people would get off their lazy behinds & protect it: IT WORKS.

I am still proud to be an American, I would no more renounce my Citizenship than I would set myself on fire, 3 sets of My Grandparents came over here on the Mayflower, John & Alice Mullins, Priscilla Mullins & John Alden, this country represented all that “could” be. My great grandfather came here from Mexico in a covered wagon to give his family a better life, he only lived a few days after coming here but he told my grandfather that he had done the best he could for them & that now they had a chance at a good life, those were his dying words, one of my other grandfathers  appealed to the Supreme Court for the right to be seen as a human being & he won the right to bury his son in peace. Most of my other grandfathers from the Virginia’s fought for the original Constitution, I think 12 of them are listed in the Sons & Daughters of the Revolution, Browning, Christian, Ellis, White, Key, Caudle, Burgess, Vance, Robinnette, Perry, McFarland, & Moore, most of what is now called Western Washington was forged by my family, they arrived here with nothing but determination, willingness to work hard & the hope that they could make a better life for their families. One of my other Grandfathers was the stuff that Folk Legends were made of, the famous Abner Vance. Most of my grandfathers also fought in the Civil War, too many to name right off hand. My Grandpa Bee fought in World War II & the Korean War, my dad in the Vietnam War, 4 great grandfathers in World War I, my sons in the Iraqi war.

How pathetic is it that these people laid down their lives to defend & protect the Constitution & most Americans can’t even be bothered to read it??? It is true what they say: “Freedom isn’t free, but it’s worth fighting for” If people would take the same amount of time that they spend on Facebook or watching American Idol & learn about their own country & govt then I doubt we would have the problems we do.

In the meantime we have the Sovereigns, to me they represent the runaway child of two disfunctional parents. A corrupt Govt, & an uneducated lazy public. They might be a young emerging group, they may falter & flail, but they are the new revolution, & they see the problems & aren’t afraid to face them head on!!!

So I will never renounce my citizenship to this great country, I still believe that there should be drivers licenses & license plates, I believe in the tenets this country was re-founded on, it is not perfect but if we got rid of the corruption, it will work. If we take back our power then we can once again become a Nation that can be respected, that can stand as an example, right now we are a laughing stock.  We have no respect for ourselves, we demoralize our own Commander In Chief, we have NO idea what is going on with the very people who have the ability to destroy our lives & our freedom. We went from being a General Patton of Nations to being the Pee Wee Herman of the United Nations. I swear to God if you have no idea who General Patton is you need to get your head out of the oven.

Click this link to see what the Bill of Rights is, it will only take 5 minutes of your time away from Facebook, for the rest of my readers who know what this is, sorry… ( I have someone who has emailed me 6 times now asking for the Bill of Rights, 5 times I have sent him the first 10 Amendments, 4 of those times he has said he still can’t find the Bill of Rights Argghhhhhhhh!!! I said it is the first 10 Amendments but he says he still can’t find the “Bills”)

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