TGIF! Updates on a couple of stories.

Alrighty then just a couple of updates for everyone:

1) Aaron Reardon Scandal: I have stepped to the side on this one, the reporters from the Everett Herald have literally 1000’s of documents they are trying to sort through & they are doing stories as they find them. The State Patrol also has an active investigation going  on, I hope that an end to this is near. Reardon is showing his ego & refusing to step down while this investigation is ongoing, so that the focus can be on County Business not his wandering body parts. The money is our business, nothing more.

Here is the latest story from the Herald which illustrates the stonewalling & ego’s at work in regards to the Lasider Scandal.

2) The Turner/Olympia Raid & Hooved Animal Care of Thurston County. I haven’t heard anything back from the newspapers or the rescue, silence speaks volumes. Ms Turner has chosen to avail herself of counsel now & the court date is moving forward, she has G Paul Mabrey to do the initial report & hopefully he will be brought in as a defense witness. I have seen the vet records & they are as screwy as mine were, actually worse if that is even possible. The good/bad news is that they managed to stress her out so bad that she did lose one of her babies but it was confirmed that the other one is still hanging in there. You would think that killing her horse & her child would be enough for these scumbag urchins but I guess not.

I don’t know if I mentioned this or not: Rebecca Turner was the first person charged under the states new animal cruelty laws, so basically she is the sacrificial poster child for the new law. Also I have NEVER heard of this before, I can’t even find a case that comments on it: The prosecutor was on site for the raid! Why would a prosecutor show up to serve the warrant unless she had a personal or political interest in the case??? Hopefully Ms Turners new counsel is sharp enough to be able to call her for what she is: A witness. Talk about totally inappropriate.

I have been getting many many emails about the rescue but I have to say this, I just wont post gossip & innuendo. It seems there are quite a few folks with a personal axe to grind with them, but without documentation I can’t do anything, & if they choose to respond it will also be posted, they have that much of right, everyone does. I am not impressed with what I have seen so far, but as the old saying goes: There are always 3 sides to every story, 1 person’s side, the other person’s side & the truth. That is why I left the links up for their page, for their paypal & with their info because someone else may know something I don’t or have a different perspective & if any animals came to harm because I didn’t have all the facts, then I would be morally responsible for that. You have to remember I know full well what it feels like to be falsely accused & lied about. I did post my question on their facebook page BUT I didn’t push the “Like” button so it wouldn’t show up on their page for anyone else to see. It would go to their hidden posts so that they can personally respond to me since I didn’t know who to contact.

3) Deskins V Stevens County: If I am reading things right the appeal has been accepted for Oral Arguments in May!!! I do know that Mr Rasmussen is still threatening to press new charges on Ms Deskins every single time a new brief is filed or an argument prevails. What Mr Rasmussen fails to realize is he has to get through Mark Lindquist to get to Ms Deskins… Not gonna happen. I still haven’t gotten any of the public records I requested but it is only costing them BY THE DAY for every day I don’t get them so I guess Stevens County must have some pretty big bucks. After many calls to the 3rd Division they FINALLY managed to get her case listed. I might actually try to make it to the Oral Arguments to see how it goes though.

29532-0 – State of Washington v. Pamela Deskins
Hearing Date – 05/03/2012

What I still don’t have any idea about is HOW Mr Rasmussen managed to get out of the Bar Association Investigation so it looks like it will have to go to another investigative authority to get anything resolved in this matter. I was told that even though the WSBA investigation is closed they have the option of reopening the case if they get additional information, so now that I know that it just makes their actions even more reprehensible since I sent them the information myself.

I know I have been named in her Federal Lawsuit as an information witness, so that is kind of nerve racking but I understand her position. I’d do the same thing if I were her, possibly more.

4) Snohomish County Jail deaths & injuries: I have not made any progress with that. I did however get a call from the Mother of the man who’s cancer treatments are being withheld. She talked to Corrections Officer Evans who evidently is representative of the ATTITUDE of the jail. She told him she knew about the man who tried to hang himself & he said “So what it happens all the time. Are we supposed to watch them 24hrs a day” So… It happens all the time? Wow, what a very kind & appropriate thing to say to a mother who’s son is terminally ill & not receiving care based on one snotty witch’s decision NOT. On that note I am not sure just how much more I should do, I have advised the family to get a Civil Rights lawyer & to contact the Justice Dept, let’s just hope the boy doesn’t die in the meantime. :~(

So that’s about all the info I have for everyone right now. I will update more as soon as I know anything myself. Have an awesome weekend!

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