And it only gets worse for Rasmussen’s “Charity”

I was snooping around to see if my 501 had been filed yet on the Secretary of State’s website & HOLY COW Look what I found. Seems the “charity” that all the Stevens & Spokane County attorneys were donating to is merely a front. They were admonished by the Washington State Attorney General for misrepresenting themselves as owning orphanages & that at some times not one single penny went to any charity work only “Administrative costs… The actual filing of charges is in the link below:

Childrens Care International Assurance of Discontinuation

Seems the “Charity is also not qualified to accept donations.

Legal Actions Taken by the Attorney General

Assurances of Discontinuance

The following is a list of Assurances of Discontinuance filed by the Washington State Attorney General’s Office. The individuals or entities listed below cannot legally solicit contributions in Washington State until the conditions set forth in the Assurance have been met.

Children’s Care International April 2007

Charitable Solicitations Program Charity Profile Report

Children’s Care International

Mailing Address:
c/o Labyrinth, Inc. – West
1808 Aston Avenue, Suite 230
Street Address:
2711 NE 134th Street
Registration #10670
Registration Status Not Registered
Corporation Name Children’s Care International View Details »
Other Names Used CCI
International Children’s Care (related Organization)
Phone (360)576-9685
Fax (360)573-0491
Web Site
Purpose Description Providing financial and administrative support for children’s care programs, including orphananges in various parts of the world.
Federal EIN 01-0790946
Federal Tax Status Exempt 501C3
The following financial information has been provided to the Office of the Secretary of State by the above-named organization. Figures are for the organization’s fiscal year ending Dec 31, 2009.
Beginning Assets copy4,357
According to the financial information shown at left, this organization devoted 13% of its total expenses to program services during the year reported.
Revenue copy04,882
Program Services $8,254
Total Expenses $66,512
Ending Assets $9,169
Paid Fundraiser(s) Who Raise or Receive Contributions for This Charity
None reported.

So we have a “charity” that doesn’t give anything to orphanages, who’s parent/partner organization is in Florida who has given Mr Rasmussen’s charity 46K


Recent Updates:

Water for Life Inc
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4 thoughts on “And it only gets worse for Rasmussen’s “Charity”

  1. Please note that NOW the Water for Life or H20forlife website now contains this at the end of their page:

    2012 Water For Life International Childrens Care

    (So are we supposed to believe that the Washington State Bar association didn’t happen to notice that this site is listed as both H20 & as ICC????)

    But I thought that ICC was a SEPARATE charity??? I no longer see them listed on the Secretary of States website either….

    Here is the list of their partners
    International Childrens Care

    So are they H20 for Life or International Childrens care? What does Versacare & Labyrinth Inc have to do with them? How do they all connect???

    This just get’s stranger & stranger!!!


  2. So lets review here:
    1) 2 judges made a complaint to the bar association that Mr Rasmussen was soliciting donations for his charity
    2) Mr Rasmussen said NO they were donating to another charity in Vancouver called International Childrens Care & he made a sworn statement that he had nothing to do with that charity
    3) I found out that the ICC has a partner corp, Versacare that donated over 46K to Mr Rasmussen’s charity. I sent this information to the Bar Association.
    4) The Bar cleared him of ANY wrongdoing in Oct. or Nov. 2011, even though they had the info I sent them.
    5) H20for life is now also listed as International Childrens Care
    6) International Childrens Care was not even legally allowed to accept donations per an agreement with the Washington State attorney General because THEY HAD NO ORPHANAGES & THEY DIDN’T CONTRIBUTE ANY MONEY TO ANY CHARITY WORK
    7) Their listing expired on 7/31/2011
    8) Now H20 for Life is also no longer listed with the Secretary of State

    So you have to ask yourself… Did those attorneys know this was a dummy corp? Why didn’t that bar investigate or see any of this, or worse yet: Did they? Did they know all of this too?

    This is EXACTLY why we have all the corruption in the state, in the bar, & in the courtrooms. The bar does nothing, they do not hold attorneys accountable for anything, they most certainly don’t do anything about their prosecutors & judges.

    So if I can find all this why couldn’t the bar association? Or did they know all of this the whole time? What incentive is there for them to do nothing? Please explain to me how this doesn’t give “the appearance of impropriety”????

    How could anyone trust the bar association after this? Why would they? How many other attorneys, prosecutors & judges are getting away with FAR WORSE, that they know about & are doing NOTHING about???

    Absolutely disgusting, & these are the people in charge of policing themselves??? While we sit idly by & let them get away with all of it? I don’t think so.


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