So onto the Appeal Process…

Everyone keeps asking me: So now what?

Two scenarios

1) The way it was “supposed” to go: I file an appeal, the judge didn’t say I was a flight risk or a danger to the community so my Judgement was supposed to get an automatic stay, I should’ve been assigned an APPELLATE attorney, & the transcripts should’ve been prepared so that I could have had my Appeal Brief in within 45 days. We have a couple replies, rebuttals, & a few hearings in between now & May & then we see what a real Judge says…

2) The way it has been going, the Judge had me thrown in jail, then he acted like he was on vacation, he finally heard my stay, made me file that twice, then made me file a financial statement twice, made me come back to muni-court, & is trying to make me come back again when he has no jurisdiction at this point. They have not even started on my transcripts in order to screw me up for my appeal brief deadline. (Next week would’ve been the deadline)

Yesterday the non-appellate attorney he assigned withdrew but he (of course) made me wait all day, & had me fill out another financial form, take an oath to declare that the form I filled out was true & then verbally abused me for a good 20 minutes. I was better than I usually am, & didn’t even respond to his abuse, insults or snide remarks, every time he said something he thought was funny he’d look over at the prosecutor like he was expecting a laugh or a round of applause. I was going to ask him if he wanted a cookie but I didn’t have one. He kept asking me questions like I was going to falter or stutter but instead I would just answer right away. That is the wonderful advantage of telling the truth, you don’t have to go back over your lies to keep them straight. A lesson a few of them could learn, or maybe not.

Oh according to Judge Mitchell if you can make copies or can use a computer you must be independently wealthy, just in case you or anyone else in the world is unaware of this little fact. (Where is my check at already???) Oh & if you babysit your own grandkids & don’t charge your kids, you are a scum of the earth. On a lighter note you should’ve seen his face when I said: No, another City’s Attorney & the Superior Court let me make most of my copies, he was livid!

I got my Brief in already, so now I can just go over the transcript IF they have it ready by May, & offer a “Statement of Additional Grounds” but like I said, they are like magic little beans, the day I was going to file my brief, I got a letter from the city clerk asking me about 1/2 the discovery I asked the prosecutor for, not the clerk, & saying the other half would be ready soon. (A month AFTER my trial)  Proving I didn’t even get most of the discovery I requested, not to mention that most of this case is based on Constitutional error, & you don’t need transcripts for that, since  they have violated various Amendments & Federal Acts outside of the screwy unconstitutionality of their municipal codes. All I need is the transcripts to prove the lies.

I got some totally unexpected help yesterday, I can’t go into it but I can tell you that it caught me totally off guard, & it made the whole day worth it. Kind of showed me that even though I am the big mouth Autistic that won’t shut up I have some merit in what I am saying. So for that: Thank You!!!

Oh & to clarify the attorney who withdrew yesterday, she wasn’t an appellate attorney, there is a specialized type of insurance & it is a specialized area of practice, nothing wrong with her or even the other 2 but at the end of this I get to walk away from this place & these people, the last 2 attorneys are STUCK here, I didn’t figure I needed to take all of them down with me. The last attorney has been to the Supreme Court, but if a Judge won’t listen to a Motion no matter what merit it has then you can have a Supreme Court Justice & nothing is going to work.

As I told everyone I could not win at this level I WASN’T JOKING. I have always known my ONLY hope was to get to Superior or Appellate Court. The only snafu I can anticipate with Superior court is that Judge Mitchell is a Superior Pro-Tem Commissioner or Judge, so hopefully they will be upstanding & rule like they should.

I have researched the Judges, & I haven’t found a bad one yet at the Superior level so that makes me feel a bit better, & as I have said before, the City of Everett is the responsibility of Snohomish County & I don’t believe they want the liability with all the stuff they already have going on, & even then the County is the responsibility of the State so if it gets all the way up to the State level then everyone is in a world of poo. That is why I have held off on my Tort Claim, because I want to be able to name who it is I am going after, if I don’t have to bother the county or the state, then I don’t want to. They didn’t start this garbage.

Hopefully the Judicial Commission will act on my complaint so that NO ONE ever has to be treated like this again by this individual.

So I see the city of Everett has been on my page 4 times already so they must be very interested in something I have written.

I will explain more later once I get this other story I am working on sorted out about the Olympia Shelter/Rescue thing. Like I always say I can only report what I can confirm & I am still working on the other allegations I was sent, so getting upset with me for leaving up the website & donation links isn’t going to help…

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