Update for 3/6/2012 (and MANY Thanks!!!)

Well here is what I know so far: Today the Judge consolidated my civil & criminal case. It’s a good/bad thing. It went on the record that the City of Everett is going to abide by their own order, so that is good. I don’t have to file hundreds of documents in 2 different cases: Also good. I just realized in my rebuttal there were 3 MORE issues to raise on my writ, tort & appeal, 2 would indicate an automatic reversal. Very good. This also leaves me open to file my Tort Claim officially in the courts. Which means even more work. It gives me all the fodder I need to file my suits against Christine James & Ginger Luke as well. Good/bad, now I really have some work ahead of me. The Judge was very nice, I didn’t get what I wanted but BOY OH BOY can you tell the difference between Municipal & Superior Court, it’s like living in the Ghetto & going to Beverly Hills for the day. Seriously some day just for fun  go to a Muni Court then go to a Superior Court, night & day…

I got all my basic classes done so now I move onto the Introduction of Law, Business Ethics, & the Language of Medicine, the veterinarian classes are still on-going so NO relief in site there. Good thing is I have already taken Business Ethics & the Vet classes have given me a good working knowledge of medical terminology, plus the years of raising kids & rescuing dogs with medical needs.

I am set up now to perform weddings, blessings & funerals, we have the service providers very finely hand picked, people with strong work, personal & professional ethics. I’m still  waiting for word on our 501(c)3 so then we can move forward with our social services, & spay/neuter assistance. I got another donation of the bulk flea meds & we have wormers coming so we’ll be back to the free flea & wormer clinics & soon we’ll be doing the dog food. I have 12 school lectures to do by June 3rd & a couple of the day cares are asking us to create a summer program & I have finally decided I am going to do it in a text book format, something the kids can build & work on. One school was begging for Soffia to come back (my senior schnauzer) & that kind of set me back a bit today. We will have our pictures up later this summer. Kids are amazing, seriously amazing.

So a funny thing happened when I got on my page today… HSUS was all over my page today. Why? Who knows, really who cares. I just find it interesting they would have any time to focus on me. Hopefully if they are trying to help the prosecutor here they have enough sense to let him know that he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Even if this case isn’t dismissed & it is remanded back for trial I will get a change of venue & there is no other Jurisdiction that is going to even deal with this, they don’t want the liability. The next thing is the longer this goes on the more “damages” I will have & the more this will cost them. I haven’t figured why the city hasn’t figured out that I am NOT GOING TO QUIT, period. Then my doofy legal friends keep asking me why they haven’t just given up… How in the hell am I supposed to know??? All I know is that NONE of them listened to me when I told them that they were going to take this to trial since none of them even expected it to go this far. Ego’s don’t care if they are wrong or right they just want to win. Duh!

I haven’t done search terms lately but I did have one that interested me. “Where can I donate to a shelter somewhere near Everett that actually helps animals” I have the answer to that question!!! Go to PAWS or to Purrfect Pals up  in Arlington!!!

When PAWS took the dogs from California for me, they were bringing in EIGHTY dogs from King County & they still  took on the cost & responsibility of the little waifs I had & when one of those dogs had to be euthanized they took the time out of all that madness to comfort ME!

Purrfect Pals is absolutely awesome, I had a cat that got hit out here on HWY 99 I nursed him back to health but he still needed surgery for a dislocated leg, they offered to do his neuter surgery & take a look at it for me. While he was in recovery they offered to take him & take on the cost of the surgery & take care of him, I just bawled my head off because I was taking bids on my police cruiser to get the funds to pay for surgery, so the cat is safe & well & I have still have my Gertie nice & safe in her garage.  Honestly no one knows why I have a police cruiser (not even me)… I just figure someday if I have an emergency that bossy old lady will take me to hell & back. I have only driven her twice & I’m pretty sure I got whiplash the last time.

So basically nothing earth shattering happened today, went to court, to the clerks office, to order my CD’s for my court, went to a couple of the schools to give the teachers updates, talked to a couple parents, got the *&@#%# gear box into Gertie, sent out my complaint to the Medical Ethics Board, rescheduled my court date for the writ, filed it all, served the prosecutor. Went to home Depot & used the rest of my Christmas gift card to get floor tiles, & picked up some more ink. Oh I also gave away the last 2 McDonald’s gift cards to 2 homeless teens today, so to our donor, all 5 have been put to great use. I wish you could’ve seen these boys, they might’ve used the whole thing each with all they ordered, they ate like perfectly typical teenage boys & they just kept saying Thank you, so thank you for giving me the chance to have that wonderful piece of joy today, I wish you could’ve seen it. The one guy I gave one to that I told you about: I haven’t seen him for a while & I’m kind of worried about him, he usually has an internal radar & shows up every single time I am in downtown Everett & we are past 2 times now that I have been there & haven’t seen him. Maybe I’ll head over to the Mission in the morning & see if they have seen him :~(

I also don’t know who it was that left the brand new – in the box printer, the extra ink cartridges & the stamps in front of my door, but because of you I have been able to file my Appeal Brief, my Rebuttal, my Writs, my Complaint to the Medical Board, and have printed out ALL of my Complaints to the Judicial Commission, the Ethics Board & the Dept of Justice!!! All I have left to do is finish scanning my paper copies & send the last 3 batches of complaints out!

I have court again tomorrow at 3 p.m. for the poor attorney to withdraw, so that will be an interesting battle there.

Oh & I am supposed to apologize PUBLICLY for our video the girls & I made about Public “Pretenders” LOL! Come on chowder heads, you know that wasn’t about you & yes I KNOW there are excellent Public Defenders out there in the world, but it is fun to watch the bad ones freak out & cuss me down one side & down the other when they see it. Yes if it wasn’t for you ALL I would be insane, or dead by now!  Are you happy now? :~)

So tomorrow is also grand kids day so I need to scoot, gotta study & work on my legal papers… I’ll get back to everyone when I know more.

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