What is really going on at the Snohomish County Jail???

Now I am getting hundreds of reports since I did the story on the crappy food & the deaths at Snohomish County Jail.

Mostly I get emails or calls from people who have gotten some variety of staph or TB while in custody, a couple other complaints about the sh*tty food complaining they got food poisoning, or were sick for weeks after leaving. I have also gotten MANY reports about people with heart problems that were made worse by all the salt & fat in the food.  3 people who had to have emergency surgery.

I got a call from an inmate who tells me that some guy tried to hang himself in his cell, he didn’t succeed but he did manage to break his neck. I know for a fact they are withholding cancer treatments from one person in custody. The Doctor has called up there & told them he needs his meds but the head nurse up there has decided to STOP all of his medications. Why? Well I will be up there tomorrow morning after I serve the city prosecutor with my Writ of Habeus Corpus & Prohibition, & Appeal Brief, as well as my rebuttal for his request for the Superior court NOT to hear my case (WTH???)

Sounds like it’s time to make some public records requests. I wonder how many people have lost their lives AFTER they were released as a result of their shoddy or non existent care? Why is the head nurse deciding ANY COURSE OF TREATMENT??? She is NOT a doctor, as a matter of fact she is a bitchy little drama queen. Remember I said I was yelling at her & she jumped back & put her hands up made a gasping sound & looked at the guards like I was trying to kill her, they looked at her then at me & then just rolled their eyes & went back to talking & turned back around. Boy was she pissed then!

I feel so badly for the Guards up there, most of them are actually trying to do a good job, there are few buttheads but generally they are there to do their jobs but they treat people like human beings, I’ve heard many a guard chiding a young girl about treating herself better & about staying out of trouble, & telling them that they worth so much more, the women guards not so much, but there were a few good women guards up there. One was trying to act all tough but as soon as a young girl started crying about her baby she immediately morphed into a den mother, so her jig was up, & no one lost any respect for her as a matter of fact they stopped screwing with her or trying to mess with the rules cause she was “real people” as they put it.

I have alot more investigating to do & now more time to do it in, so we’ll see what I can come up with. I realize that most people think people who are in jail “deserve it” & taking care of them is not high on a priority list for most folks, what you might fail to realize is that they are, each single one, a human being, they have worth, they have problems & most are the products of someone else’s abuse or neglect, they are the people without the money for the fancy healthcare or counseling, they are the one’s who have fallen through so many cracks for most of their lives, they are the one’s who guarantee that people will always have jobs in the Penal Institutions because it is so much easier & financially prudent to just warehouse them. If you are reading this & thinking to yourself how much better you are then them then I would submit that you are not the kind of person I would ever want to know or to come into contact with, ever.

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