I fought the code & the code won, just one battle in the war.

I know there are a couple of people waiting for me to make some sense here. I have been working on so many different motions, writs, civil suits, & my brief so I am not 100%. Sorry about that. I will explain each one so maybe you’ll get an understanding of what is going on. I am not trying to ignore anyone, & I am about 2 weeks behind on emails.

Appeal Brief: Is obvious what it is but I am supposed to have a brief in by 45 days after I filed my Appeal, well of course I went to jail when I didn’t have to, lost 11 days there, then sure enough the judge denied my forma pauperus, ignored my motion for stay, and they haven’t gotten a transcript done for me to write it out, then add to that they appointed me an attorney with NO APPELLATE experience. Just typical Everett Municipal crap & games. Oh but the Judge claims he didn’t deny the Forma, & he was “on vacation” yet oddly enough I have a family member who went in front of him  for a ticket so maybe he “forgot” he was at work. I made the decision to give my Bulldog back to her former owner because either the Judge is senile or he is… He said on the final judgement that I could only have one dog or cat, then he is yelling at me at my in-custody hearing saying he never said that, then he tries to tell me that I can’t have any dogs & that he NEVER said that. I HAVE IT IN WRITING!!! Unfortunately with the dirty crap that the prosecutor is pulling, telling his psycho witness personal information about my witnesses & myself so she can go on another little internet bashing campaign, most importantly we can’t forget that he evidently has NO problem picking up a phone & lying to other agencies… The last time it was the prosecutor Mike Fisher calling Sno-Co AC on me telling them I had 20+ dogs in feces encrusted cages with no food or water in my freakin one bedroom apt. God if your going to lie make it something believable for crying out loud!!! Seriously idiot?  Oh & trust me I have a case number for it.

I also had to make a horrible & heartwrenching decision to give my last remaining dog back to the former owner. I am not going to take a chance with a Senior Bulldog if those pieces of shit get their hands on her, so I sent her back home, but on a better note, she remembers her other momma because she visits us often, & they just closed on their new home so my little Noni has her own yard & she got her 2 little Shitzu buddies & her bulldog boyfriend back, the house they bought was a house they had previously lived in so she is familiar with everyone & everything. She has been on guard for me since this whole thing started to take her back just in case of BS like this… So now I have nothing, truly nothing, having her is what kept me in line a little so I wouldn’t lose her too so now ALL BETS ARE OFF.

Tort Claim: Is my claim against the city of Everett possibly also Snohomish County & the state of Washington as well, for all of the screwed up stuff they have done to my dogs & myself. Every time I think I have it done they go do something else. Now they can try to file a counter claim but that would only make it worse for them.

Federal Tort Claim: Is for all  the Civil rights violations & violations of Federal Laws the City of Everett has committed against my animals & myself. Remember something else, my business is in Animals, my animals are sometimes transported across state lines so the Animal Terrorism Act applies here as well, they have violated the ADA Act, AIFRA, the Civil Rights Act as well as about 20 Federal Laws.  This suit is a bit more problematic as you have to pay for all the filing fees yourself & there are other costs associated with it but we have an Anonymous donor for the fees now!

Civil Suits: Against all of the actors in this from the City Employees to the lying witnesses. Now here is the funny part of all of this, evidently the city prosecutor is telling Rose Adams that he is going to have my business license pulled, I have a Washington State Master Business License, I am  in good standing with the State, the Revenue Dept & the BBB, I do not have a City of Everett Business License & if the state were to intervene they would be a party to the Federal & Tort Claim but this is just indicitive of the power they think they have. They also FAIL to understand they can’t have it both ways. They have Everett Municipal Codes, they refuse to use the language of the Washington stat laws or RCW’s, so they can’t have it BOTH ways, they have no language in their code on forfeiture, only for costs of boarding & they have no power to enforce me not having animals, the problem is I don’t want random animals, I want my own back!!! Again they cannot enforce provisions of the RCW’s if they don’t include the language. Gaunt v Auburn proves that one, in a reverse kind of way but the intent is still the same.

Writ of Habeus Corpus: We hear that a lot & like most people we think it only has to do with people in prison. The term translated literally means “Deliver the/a Body”. The city of Everett is under the mistaken assumption that they have jurisdiction over me, & my body, & since I have not done ANYTHING to violate the illegal terms of the release or judgement, they have no control over my body, I am not beholden to them, even if I were they would have no more jurisdiction than 6 months. So let’s refresh, they said I could have 1 dog or cat, then they said I couldn’t, but they never put the latter in a court order, they refused to hear my stay when I didn’t even need one, then I went to jail when I wasn’t even supposed to, they denied my forma pauperis when they knew I was qualified, they appointed a NON qualified attorney to represent me at trial instead of an Appeal attorney, so now I have 2 weeks left to file my brief with NO TRANSCRIPT, no qualified attorney, & oral arguments soon on the way. I am going to submit a brief now & then submit a Supplemental Brief, once I get the transcripts. In this case anything is better than nothing.

Personal Lawsuits: against the City of Everett Council, Rose Adams, Christine James, & Ginger Luke, (yes she stuck her face in this too, I have the emails to prove it now) Rose doesn’t have a pot to piss in but Ginger & Christine have businesses & homes. I always suspected that it was Ginger & Rose to start & I knew it was Christine who jumped on the bandwagon, but now I have all the proof I need. As far as the City Counsel goes that is a Constitutional lawsuit so I still have to check the logistics of that, as well as their BSL. ( I don’t know who sent me the Prosecutor’s report but THANK YOU!!!)

You almost have to laugh at this point, they tried to destroy me, taking my dogs was enough, but they had to go for my throat, & then leave me with nothing but worse yet they left me standing.

Every shelter & rescue I have worked with in the past is still going to work with me, they still stand behind me, & our page membership has even gone up. Mostly it is because most of the other agencies hate Everett with a passion, but because they know that this is a bunch of lies & bullsh*t. I hate to say it but in the long run we will come out far stronger than we did going in. I have a private corporation working on my 501 so far as I know all of our Articles have been filed with the state & the IRS, not really sure of the process but I keep getting things to sign, & send back so I am assuming it will be soon, but don’t take my word, when I got the original  letter I thought that was my confirmation letter, but it wasn’t yet, so we’ll wait til I get the Official Document :~)

So you see I am having to do this all on my own, I have lots of offers to help if this goes to the Washington Appellate courts but that doesn’t help me with all of this other stuff, & I have people in the legal industry who are helping me but only when they are available, but you would be surprised how many other agencies HATE the City of Everett, at least I was…

Just to top it off I have to complete my course in pruritic disease, & I am have to catch up on 3 other lessons. I literally have to read, & shepherdize hundreds of cases a week so that makes me kind of rummy but I did find a site that does give you citations, but if it’s an old case or it has been overturned then it’s a moot point. Grrrrr >:~(

As most of you know I am also helping raise my 3 yr old grandsons, & I have to tell you all something: THREE YEAR OLDS & MENOPAUSE DO NOT MIX!!! I kid you not, anyone who tells you any different has better health insurance & better drugs! My health insurance couldn’t even get me a baby aspirin in friggin jail. I’m pretty sure my “health insurance comprehensive plan” is a little box with 12 band-aids, 2 packets of Aspirins, & a packet of Neosporin.

So I am going into a tailspin right now, I have time limits on everything so getting A B or C done is vitally important. I am getting help on a lot of things as far as form or format is concerned so that helps, plus the more than occasional disposable emails are helping out immensely. I have to find out how that disposable email thing works so I can do it too. I have my cousin in Maryland working on all of the info I have been getting, he is busy in D.C. right now so that is coming along slowly but we have most of the info but he knows that I don’t want anything added without documentation.

Oh & I now have TWO more court dates in Everett, evidently they can’t get enough of me!!! The attorney they assigned is withdrawing next Wednesday & of course the June 22nd court date for who the hell knows what.

So for everyone who thinks I am going to get a “Windfall” of cash, that is most likely not true. Most of this is posturing, even if I win any suit, they will appeal most likely, then you have to wait for up to 2 yrs to even be heard. Then you have to pay taxes, not to mention the emotional costs. Some of my suits may go into arbitration, which means we sit down & work out an agreement, now I said before I wasn’t going to do that, I want to take these suits to trial but I have learned I may have no choice, the Judge’s in some of these cases may send them to arbitration automatically. That kind of screws me up missing the point entirely, I want it on record that these people have behaved this way for the whole world to see, arbitration usually involves a “gag order” of some sort which is HOW these kinds of people can continue to do the things they do with no accountability. So I may not accomplish some of what I set out to do, but on the flip side: Pretty much everything I get will go into the rescue & our ministries so either way it is going to help someone someway. Oh & you can best believe a good portion of it is going to spoil my babies if they are still alive after all this nonsense!!!

If I don’t get them back as weird as this sounds I don’t know that I will ever get anymore of my own animals, I will help them, I will foster them but nothing can replace my babies & it will be a long time before I can even think about having my own again. I have had a couple offers from some of the Bulldog & Schnauzer breeders I know & work with to give me a puppy but I’m just not ready & I want all of this garbage to be over before I even think about it so any new kid is not endangered by these *-holes. There is a new Iams commercial with an senior Schnauzer & I can’t even watch that without crying so don’t think I can do it any time soon.

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