Going to the Snohomish County Jail could be dangerous to your health

As most know I had a chance to visit the Snohomish County jail recently. If there was a website to review the jail I would’ve given it 2 thumbs down, the beds are hard mats, the food is quite possibly the most repulsive slop I have ever encountered in my life, I was not even able to get a stupid stinking little baby aspirin, or any medical attention whatsoever. Oh but they were handing out psych meds & methadone like candy WTH? Nothing like keeping folks “chemically restrained”

I did manage to find out it was Aramark that was responsible for the putrid slop, & yes I realize jail is not intended to be a vacation getaway, but the slop they served looked like all of the garbage they couldn’t pawn off on anyone else so they threw it all together & sold it at OVER INFLATED prices to the county. When you can not visually identify what a pile of brown lumps is & you are expected to eat them…  Nah. I did manage to find their website & I can tell you they are false advertising, lying, whatever you want to call it, there was nothing in those pictures that looked like anything I was forced to eat.

I am guessing as a tax-payer for Snohomish County it wouldn’t bother me so much if it wasn’t such over priced pig slop. The saying “You get what you pay for” only applies to the private sector, in the Govt it seems to mean you only get what they can gouge out of you & the tax-payers. It is nothing but starch & salt with some grease thrown in for good measure, which might be the best part of the whole fare sadly enough.

So it got me to thinking… There have been 4 deaths there recently, one of a woman who died of a “lung infection” another was a woman who had “congestive heart failure”, one man “suicide” & the last man of “natural causes”. (The CHF & the Lung Infection were also called Natural Causes)

I submit there is no death in a 27 yr old that can be called natural causes, that Diane Cowling had a pre-existing heart condition & needed constant medical care, if they couldn’t get me an aspirin imagine what they didn’t do for her. Seriously the medical staff is about as useful as teats on a boar. The guards did try to help me repeatedly & even they were yelled at & lied to. I finally just quit asking for help because I felt so bad for them.

3 of the deaths have been in just the past year, so my question is why hasn’t there been an inquest of some kind? No matter what your personal opinion is of someone in jail, the fact remains that they are still human beings,  who are lost, who don’t have direction, who don’t have good support networks or strong family ties, or even those with addictions that have taken over their very being.

It broke my heart being in there, there were so many young girls who just simply wanted to be noticed, to be valued, & to feel accepted. A young mother who’s husband had put her out on the streets looked down in shame when she told me she had been arrested for prostitution, (her husband was 12 yrs her senior), I explained to her what a real man was not a punk bitch, told her every chance I got what a special creature she was & explained to her how her infant son would turn out to be if she kept him around someone like that.

There were no fights or even arguments while I was there, I made everyone be nice to each other, I was the unofficial “den mother” & just the change in the girls in 24 hour periods was amazing, but the sad fact remains that I can not be there to protect them when they hit the streets, they all have my number, maybe someday they will chose to use it, maybe not now but maybe later, in the meantime I pray every night for them and the thousands of others just like them.

So it made me wonder, how much did the pig slop & lack of medical care have to do with the deaths? We were exposed to Turburculosis, Whooping cough & some version of flesh eating bacteria as well as staph infections just while I was in there. It also made me wonder how many have died in there that haven’t made it into the newspapers… Our local reporters are usually on top of things but you just never know. I think it’s about time for public records request though!!!

Female county jail inmate allegedly attacked corrections deputy, took keys, pepper spray

EVERETT — A Snohomish County Jail inmate could face a felony assault charge after she allegedly attacked a corrections deputy early Friday morning and wrestled away her keys and pepper spray. The deputy was delivering an item to another inmate in a… Date: 02/24/12 Local News|

Woman who died at jail had lung infection

EVERETT — A woman who was found dead in her cell at the Snohomish County Jail on Nov. 11 died from natural causes, officials said this week. Lindsey E. Lason, 27, died from a… Date: 02/09/12 | Local News

Man arrested at Mill Creek marijuana operation dies in his jail cell

EVERETT — A Mill Creek man was found dead in his Snohomish County jail cell Wednesday, hours after a court appearance in a drug case. “It appears to be a suicide based on a preliminary investigation,” Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Chief Kevin… Date: 12/22/11 | Local News

Woman dies in jail of heart attack days before sentencing for animal cruelty

EVERETT — It was not the end Diane Cowling likely envisioned. At 65, the one-time Boeing worker was locked up in the Snohomish County Jail where she awaited sentencing on animal cruelty charges. In the court of public opinion, she had been… Date: 04/21/11 | Local News

County jail inmate died of natural causes, examiner says

EVERETT — An Everett man who was found dead in a Snohomish County Jail cell early Tuesday died of natural causes, the Snohomish County medical examiner said. A custody deputy who was making rounds about 2 a.m. noticed that the man wasn’t… Date: 04/08/10 | Local News

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