Hello everyone… Just going to babble for a while here.

So I got a bit of a chastisement this morning, nothing I didn’t deserve, about Rose’s kids, & the things they had to endure.

It really is upsetting that when I find these things out it never works for my benefit, in one respect it could but I would have to be a whole different types of person to actually enjoy it. Finding out about her losing her kids to the state was first like “yay” I have some info now, but then after I read everything it was like “omg” those poor kids. As I said before, there is NO joy in the suffering of a child. How could there be?

I got some sad news yesterday that threw me off center for most of the day: Gage the 2nd dog I pulled from the Everett Shelter passed away yesterday after a lengthy battle with Lupus. As most of you know I am trying to get something on the books to make a law against their BSL, I have asked his momma if we can name it Gage’s Law.

The BSL in place was NEVER voted on by the citizens of Everett, it was enacted by the City Council. Gage & his momma are special in that he is the ONLY pitbull I have ever adopted out to anyone in the City of Everett, or Snohomish County. I know I made the best choice for him that I could. It is also the reason why I have never listed him as one of the dogs I pulled from Everett, but he is safe now, no one can ever hurt him again & he spent the last 3 years of his life being loved & cared for

More importantly I found some information to help me legally but I can’t share it here now. After all of this is said & done you know I will though, & as always if you need help you can email me directly.

As for all of the info I have gathered & been given, over the past year, I have most of it verified, but I have to work on my own briefs & tort clams, as well as my Federal Lawsuit & private suits before I focus on that so your patience is very much appreciated on this.

I know people are asking why I haven’t posted this or that: I simply cannot post anything without proof, what I will do is compile the unverified reports, & if you are willing to make a statement that you have knowledge of what you are saying I can & will post that. Most of the info should really be passed on to the Department of Justice though, they have far more resources & ways to verify these matters.

My coffee pot died this morning after many years of faithful service, so now I am trying to figure out a way to MacGiver a cup of coffee here before I have to start my class (((ugh)))

R.I.P. Gage, have a safe journey to the Rainbow Bridge, you were loved & you are missed ?-2/26/2012

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