YAY!!! One more sex offender off the street!

So… I went to the Tulalip Casino with my mom for the Buuffet, she wanted me to go get change for her & I walked right by Jennifer Speelmon & her felony fugitive SEX OFFENDER boyfriend. I got the Tulalip Tribal police & they picked his nasty perverted disgusting self up!!!

Atleast the Tulalip Police aren’t under the City of Everett prosecutors thumb so they actually arrested him! Pathetic that I am the one who had to catch him when the prosecutor knew where he was this whole time. Yes he did: Remember he had to send out the subpoena to this woman so he knew where she & he were at this whole time. Nevermind public safety, or getting a child rapist off of the street, it was more important to railroad me, he traded ALL of your public safety & the safety of your innocent children for revenge.

Oh & I played 5 bucks with my mom & I won 42 bucks! It was a good day, I’m full of good food & have a few bucks in my pocket,  I split it with mom 8)

As for Jennifer Speelmon I don’t know if she was arrested for harboring a felony fugitive or not but the prosecutor will most likely get her out of it if she was.

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Book Number CIN Book Date Race Sex
305844 225162 02/24/12 03:37 PM W M
Charge Description Disposition
RCW/Code Bail Amount Type Court
9.95.000 $0.00   ZZ
Charging Agency Charge Date Arrest Type
TULALIP TRIBES 02/24/12 03:37 PM WA
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2 thoughts on “YAY!!! One more sex offender off the street!

  1. Someone did a search asking if there is a reward for turning people in from the fugitive watch: I don’t know if there is or not, you would have to call the local authorities & ask, but I would think it would be a MORAL obligation to make sure that a person who is a danger to the community especially children is caught & taken off of the streets. Ethically if you know where someone is who is ends up hurting or killing someone you are responsible. Not everything needs a cash bonus to be done, sometimes you should just do the right thing.


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