So what is the next step in my case?

Well there are several things that still need to happen.

I haven’t gotten an appellate attorney yet, I have to chose between several of them.

I have to go to a hearing tomorrow for an emergency injunction to make sure they don’t kill or sell my animals.

I have to have a hearing for a stay of the judgement & sentence.

I have to consolidate & perfect my briefs, then work with the attorney to get the key points down & then let them work their magic.

Then I wait….

While I am waiting I am free to file the 3 lawsuits I am working on right now as well as the Tort Claim. I just found out that I can actually go after each person individually, in a private suit, I can also go after teh County & the State BUT they already knew that.

Uh oh, I lost the criminal trial so how could my Tort Claim still go forward? Well that is where I can go after the City, the Mayor & the Council. I would not have lost if I had been fighting Constitutionally correct Codes, they may be able to convict me in a Kangaroo Court of dishonor, but this matter is out of their hands. All of my suits will be filed in another county where I will have access to justice & access to attorneys of note.

The sad part is that most of these suits are so cut & dried that I really don’t even need an attorney. Most will go to mediation but 2 I want to take to a jury trial, but the Judge may take it out of my hands & order mediation.

Oh but they can file a counter claim… Of course they can, but they have to be careful that a REAL judge won’t get mad at them for filing a frivolous claim & oddly enough that will make my claim stronger.

I have a lot of evidence that I haven’t presented here, I have four FULL 16 gig storage sticks, 12 extra large 3 ring binders, & a computer full of information. Not to mention I have well over 1400 emails full of info people have given me, as well as 2700 of my own info, so much so that I have had to create private web pages & groups to add all the info as well as literally 1000’s of documents. The biggest problem I a having is finding a site that has enough storage for me to add it all & then organizing it in a way that is useful to others who are facing the same kind of garbage & filth I have been subject to, or MORE CORRECTLY that my animals have been subjected to.

That is what I want ALL of you to remember, that is what I can NOT allow you to lose sight of, this is not about me or them, it is about my animals, it is about all of the animals they killed this year, last year & in the past few decades, it is about helpless creatures being used a pawns by evil corrupt people who do it only because they can, court & city sanctioned abusers. Up til JANUARY,6th, 2011 they have been allowed to act this way & not be held accountable. Simply put, they picked up the wrong animals. They violated the wrong person’s constitutional rights.

Then there is also the Dept of Justice, the Ethics Commission, the Judicial Commission, the Washington State Medical Board, and a couple other agencies I can’t think of right now.

Trust me this is far from over, it has merely just begun, the only difference is at this stage of the game I am no longer at their mercy, my animals still are though. The only hope I have is “Faith” faith that I will see them again someday, that this battle won’t be in vain.

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