Olalla Couple’s farm raided, animals seized, due process denied (til now)

The Olalla farm seizure – Kitsap Sun

The link above provides the story of the blatant abuse of civil rights due process, & the destruction of about 8 different amendments…

The twist here is that there is an honest Judge who actually is following the LAW!!!

I know!!! How exciting is that? Unfortunately Kitsap Humane has already sterilized & farmed out a good deal of these people’s animals without legal authority to do so. The Judge ordered a halt to it but they can’t get back the value lost on some of the animals now.

There is a group that has taken up funds for this family & an attorney that is working on this, unfortunately he hasn’t even gotten enough in donations to cover the filing fees, so please share this far & wide, & lets get these folks some help, we’ve got an honest judge, a hard working attorney, & the law seems to be on their side, so please let’s help these folks! Please click the link below to find out how you can help & to see how these cases unfold

***Justice for Pacific Northwest Farmer’s***

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