Autism is a disability??? Only for those who are full of it.

Anyone who has any knowledge about Autism knows there is no known pill or potion that “fixes” it.

I am what is called a High Functioning Autistic, I was diagnosed at 2 years of age more than 40 years ago before it became “Popular”. It has been a challenge in my life that usually gets me in boatloads of trouble.

So I’m at the Doctor’s Office  there is a mother trying to reason with her 8 yr old autistic son as to why he should take lithium, which will irrevocably screw up his entire brain chemistry & make him more susceptible to depression & suicide, as HE was trying to tell her. After a 1/2 hour of listening to him try to reason with her I finally said: Hey kid, you are arguing with a neuro-typical with flawed logic & your over all health  well being is not the issue here it is about you popping some pills & making life easier for everyone else & if you try to reason with them or point out facts that their brains won’t accept you are in for a long life of frustration, people are dumb, they are lazy, they don’t like to think for themselves,  you are a thorn in their sides if you do any of the above. We are the round pegs in the square holes & we will never get anywhere using logic on people who lie, their brain is like 1 room, your brain is like a mansion, they don’t & won’t see past their own door. The mom is standing there with her mouth hanging wide open,  she says my favorite words… “Well I never…” & I’ll be damned if that kid didn’t look at her & go “Well now Mom, you have” HOLY COW!!! I have never heard anyone else say that but leave it up to another Autistic person to figure it out!!! I have never been prouder of my “kind” ever. Well they left, no meds & somewhere out there is a person who is trying to figure out how to make a perfectly sensible person succumb to her stupidity & laziness.

I have never considered myself to be a prejudiced person, although I do walk around about 75% of my life so friggin frustrated that I am in “shutdown mode” about 95% of the time. I was the idiot savant growing up, I still am, to other people who’s reality disagrees with mine, like I tell everyone I see things in Black & White, 98% of the world lives in the grey area because it is easier, they can twist their logic to suit their needs.

It was okay for Rose to lie because it got her out of trouble for the 3 gross misdemeanors & 3 misdemeanors she was facing, it is okay for Christine to lie because she is so much better than others but needs others to feel as bad as she does, it was okay for Lori Trask to lie because hey she had been waiting a whole decade to nail my ass, and her co-workers followed suit because they stick together, you know in case another one of them has to lie for another one, it was okay for Mike Fisher to lie so he could protect & defend his job, I still don’t know what the hell the deal was with the Judge, he just wasn’t there, his body was but he left his brain somewhere else. If this was a matter of a simple ticket then I would’ve just did what I told the kid to do, deal with the liars, placate them & walk off knowing there is more of them then there is of me & that it wouldn’t be the last time I wandered right smack into super stupid, but they had to pick on my animals, helpless creatures who didn’t deserve any of their crap, so they made it personal, & then they used it to try to break me, & torture me.

At this point they have become obsessed with me, they spend every day on my Web Pages, & my blog, nights & weekends, even Holidays, they hang on my every word. Collectively they are trying to destroy me, & they have to a point. What they can’t figure out is how to shut me up. They don’t understand why I am still fighting, why I just wont give up & go away. Most “normal” people would’ve have…

The Judge said something to me that made everything click, he said I have people come in here all the time & they are willing to do anything they can to do whatever WE want them to so they can have their animals back. So what that says to me is I did not kiss their ass in the manner they are accustomed to, I talked back like a bad girl & now I was getting spanked. WHY SHOULD I???? I was right, they are wrong, they lie, they stole my animals, they mutilated my dog. Being that they lie so much I don’t know if my animals are alive, they say yes, but who knows. Mike Fisher had NO problem picking up a phone & calling Snohomish County Animal Control & telling them I had 30 dogs in my home in feces encrusted cages with no food & water. Judge Mitchell has NO problem ignoring the law to make me pay for defying him. Lori Trask has no problem lying because she knows her whole department will back her up.

Here is the problem they are facing now, this matter is now almost entirely out of their hands, it has gone up to a Higher Court, the real Judges, will actually hear what has gone on, if they chose to protect the lower court then it goes to the state level, & then it is totally out of their hands. They NEVER counted on it going this far, but herein lies the problem, they have done this so many times before that they feel like they can get away with it, so they will continue to do this until the County or the State steps in and does something about it or them. They will & do spend any amount of money they can to defend themselves against their own illegal actions, it is their pattern of abuse according to the Dept of Justice standards.

I am just amazed that Autism in my form is considered a disability, if being able to see through bullshit & lies, being able to tell the difference between right & wrong, & fighting for those you love is a “disability” then I’m am the happiest retard on this planet. My social skills might suck but I have integrity, ethics, values, & morals, quite frankly I wouldn’t trade my “disability” for all the gold in the world, it makes my life harder ONLY because there are not more people like me in the world but they are coming, they are being born every day. I see them everyday. I have had mothers come unhinged because I have walked up to their children  started talking to them & even though they sometimes don’t answer in the traditional sense the mothers can tell we are in fact “Communicating”, after I explain to them what is going on inside of their child they become more confident keepers of the Indigo Children, they are more forgiving of themselves, & more accepting of the limitations that being logic brings.

No I don’t plan on going away OR shutting up, I most certainly am not going to give up fighting. Like I have said a hundred times over, they have had 13 months to do the right thing, but they are so confident in their ability to lie cheat & steal, they are so used to conducting themselves in this manner that “doing the right thing” is not something they are capable of. They have to be FORCED to act “honorably” and it is just an act.

Anyway I have to start adding all of the info that I got about all of these people to our web page so other people can see what they are about, just be warned I have over 1400 emails & well over 400 documents so please bear with me it is going to take me a while.

I will also be adding the Constitutional Law Violations of their city codes, as well as the other documents I am sitting on after I get through this first round of Superior Court appearances. Unfortunately if this doesn’t get resolved (dismissed) in Superior Court then it becomes a matter of public record on line for all abusers & accused to use to their benefits. out of the 155 cases of Animal Abuse,  Neglect or Cruelty that go to Appellate & Supreme Courts almost all of them have been overturned.  Most of them are first degree animal cruelty cases though.

Now that I have a restraining order in place so they can’t sell or destroy my animals, I can breathe a little easier now & work from here. I know they don’t follow or respect the laws of the United States of America, but I do know I am right & I will prevail in the end.

Maybe I’ll post all the recordings of them on my site so you all can get an idea of just how much taxpayer money they are wasting stalking me on line… I’m putting it all together for my Tort Claim right now.

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