Read YOUR city codes regarding animals in Washington State

There are several factors that have gone into my problems,

1) a prejudiced woman,

2) 3 other miserable jealous women with nothing better to do,

3) several people in power who DON’T like to be challenged.

4) Then you have me with my autistic big mouth, that is just not going to go well.

The fuel to the fire here & the ONLY reason I am having to deal with this garbage & nonsense is because the City codes are so constitutionally flawed that it makes it certain they can railroad anyone they want to. I mean really let’s take a look here, the prosecutor asked for 5 days, the Judge gave me 25 days, showing that he had malicious intent, he literally verbally assaulted me, then proceeded to say I said things I didn’t, when ALL he has to do is go back & listen to the tapes himself & then he will see what other agencies can see. Here is an example, he tells me that I KNOW my dogs are alive: How can he know what I “know” I haven’t laid eyes on them in over a year, I can’t with any certainty say they are alive or dead. Oh wait maybe he expects me to believe him… The same person who also claims not to have said several other things when I have them ON TAPE!!! Or he says I am a Pathological Liar because I am on Social Security WTF??? I asked their lying witness how she would think or be able to say I was on Social Security, she claims I told her that… I told her I was not on it. So evidently he was on a tropical mind vacation at the time. The next lie is that I was living in my car for 47 days, & they had a ball with saying that I didn’t enter any evidence Well duh numbnuts, you wouldn’t let me, you wouldn’t let my vet visit & examine my dogs, you yelled at my witnesses, & scared the crap out of a kid. So much so that I finally had to yell to tell them to leave her alone. The bottom line is that I was in a Kangaroo court… Something straight out of Alice in Wonderland

Besides that ANYONE who knows me knows that I think it is dead wrong for all these deadbeats to be on Social Security, it was supposed to be a retirement fund for people who worked their whole lives for it, then the welfare leaches got a hold of it & there are seniors out there eating canned dog food, & splitting their pills in half because they can’t afford the basic necessities that they worked their whole lives for!!! I can see if you are organically challenged,but if you just a lazy lying pig then maybe if you got up off your butt & got out in the real world then you would not be so “depressed”… Did I mention their witness IS on SSI? That is why she has nothing but time to start trouble for other people.

Okay back to the City Codes… I have found 8 violations of my rights in one city’s code!!! There are certain rules in this & any other state. The State makes the Statues, they give the right to Cities, Towns, & Counties the right to regulate their own little places & create their own codes, the general idea is that is should promote peace in the area, but they can not create Codes that conflict with Washington state codes, or “Preempt” the Wa state codes, now generally the Washington State Appellate Court has ruled for the Municipalities in regards to local laws, they may not agree with state laws but it doesn’t automatically mean they are wrong in the legal sense.

They can not, however pass codes that make criminals out of people, that deny due process, that over ride seizure laws, that destroy people civil rights & liberties or impinge on their own personal freedoms. They do assert there has to some uniformity, so that they can’t confound the citizens & criminalize innocent behaviors & people.

Like I said I have found 8 violations, 7 of those are Constitutional issues, the 8th may be but I just haven’t figured out which USC.

I need you to understand something, when I say Everett broke the “Law” I mean it, when they say I broke the law they are lying. What they should be saying is I am accused of violating a Code of Public Conduct, there is no LAW that Cities, Counties, or States can write, The Constitution is the Supreme LAW of the Land. Seriously

EMC= Everett Municipal CODE

RCW= Revised CODE of Washington

WAC= Washington Annotated CODE

USC= United States Code

It is this simple: I can go to court right now & file a charge in the court & say YOU owe me a ticket to Aruba. At that point I become the plaintiff (the injured party) you become the defendant (the accused) It is up to me to a point to prove you owe me the ticket but you damn sure better PROVE that you don’t owe it to me. Once a court action has been commenced it is assumed you are guilty until proven innocent, & you had better be able to prove it… “Innocent until proven guilty” is a fairy tale, it doesn’t exist in reality, it never really has, but it sounds good on paper.

So here is a little “homework” assignment, find your city, town, or county animal codes, then find the state’s codes, compare them side by side & see how many flaws you can find. Most of them are not as blatant as mine are so you have to look very carefully. If you would like me to do a side by side comparison for your area send it to me via email at & I’ll post it here.

Also don’t get too cocky & start citing the codes to any of these people, they know them already, they know how to use & abuse every single one, they are well aware of what the flaws, & violations are, they are counting on you not to know it, & when all else fails they will try to convince you that you are wrong. It is imperative that they protect their “Status Quo” & woe to you if you get in their way.

I set out my whole case (almost) here in a public forum because I knew I had no chance of winning after figuring out how screwed up & unethical their codes are, mostly so OTHERS could see what was about to unfold & they would know what to expect. You got watch it all unfold, painful day by painful day. You got to see the insanity I had to deal with, the lies, the harassment, the way that they set things up to oppress & destroy, the psychological games, the torture, & the way that you will be treated if you end up in my shoes.

So once our 501(c)3 comes through I will be able to get attorneys & other groups to help fight this state’s flawed codes, & most importantly end the BSL, it is my new mission until I get through the court things.

Now to answer some private emails.

1) Yes I can & still do have a basis for my Tort Claim, it is based in Constitutional LAW, otherwise their surety & insurance carriers wouldn’t be on my web page & blog at all hours of the day & night, nor would they.

2) Yes I am still going to sue those two women, now they have just given me new ammunition,  & buried themselves even further.

3) Yes I am allowed to own one dog or one cat

4) Yes I KNOW the Motion to stay will be denied but I already have a motion written up for Superior court for that. but… It would almost be to my advantage to not fight it so that when all is said & done it would just leave them even more liable, but since it is directly attached to the forfeiture of my animals then I have to fight it, period, no ifs ands or buts about it.

5) Yes I am still going to help people as much as I can who are dealing with the same thing.

6) Yes I am still keeping the rescue & the ministry open for business, but I am only using foster homes at this point so they can’t bother them & of course none will be in the Everett area but we are still using our Snohomish County fosters.

7) Yes I am still working with shelters all across the 4 state area, most of them can’t stand the Everett Shelter, it is actually a very sad testament to their behavior that other agencies & shelters can’t work with them. Proving Everett Shelter’s operation & policies have nothing to do with animals, it is purely ego’s. I know because of my big mouth there are shelters, & groups that do not like me, but: at the end of the day when an animal is in need we can come together like the forces of Nature.

8) Yes I will be performing Weddings, no matter for whom. My job is not to judge, my job is to counsel & make sure that people are making the best decisions for themselves as they can for the moment

9) When we get geared up to be helping other rescues, I will absolutely be coming to inspect the places. I understand full well there are times in rescue where you can have a couple too many animals or that we all get animals in horrible shape which takes time to heal, but I also know some people can handle 20 dogs, some can’t. Just rest assured I am not going to take “someone’s word for it” I will check it out myself with my own eyes, & nose. I am that person who believes in people until I see a reason not to with my own eyes, then when I see it I ask questions til I get the answers that will help me figure it out, so PLEASE don’t be worried that if you are overwhelmed I am not going to judge or try to act all high & mighty. I just ask the same thing as I ask from citizens or breeders that I do a follow up to make sure that the situation hasn’t gotten out of hand again & that you are utilizing the safeguards we will put in place.

10) No this has not or will not destroy my faith in people… Look how many wonderful people I have behind me, the sheer numbers leave my head spinning & humbles me beyond all belief. Look at all of the incredible adopters, fosters, & volunteers, if they don’t give you faith in the human race nothing will, finally look at all the agencies that have come out of the woodwork, the state agents, the other business owners, & the other rescues & shelters I have gotten support from… Nope people are still generally good, I just happened to step into the human pile of excrement (with both feet). My POS step-dad couldn’t break me, these folks can’t either. You have to remember I always went to the good foster homes, I have always found good people in my life, even as a streetkid the Hookers, the Pimps, the Gangs, the Bikers, the Cops all took care of my & protected me, so I didn’t end up like them or in the same situations, almost all of those people are dead now, & quite frankly I don’t know what it was they saw in me but I am not going to disrespect their memory or their efforts. Then let’s look at my kids! One’s I had, one’s I’ve lost, one’s I adopted, ones I have fostered, ones that have been a part of my life, God blessed me beyond all belief with ALL of them, now he has blessed me by letting me live long enough to see the fruits of my “labour” as I watch them raise their own children, watch them in happy marriages, or making the decision to do great things with their lives, they don’t hit, they don’t hurt & abuse, themselves or others. No these people can’t change my mind about the goodness in life, they can try to destroy me but they can’t make me like them, that would be the saddest thing of all…

Anyway I have to get back to business here so everyone have a good day & take good care of yourselves.

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