It only stands to reason… They’re still hanging around.

Wow. I arrived back to computer land with quite the surprise.

You have to ask yourself… If the City of Everett was so confident in their “win” then why are they still cruising my pages? Why is the Washington State Legislators, or the Attorney General on my pages? Why are their Insurance and Surety Companies snooping around?

Could it be the NUMEROUS violations of my Constitutional Rights, Could it be the numerous false complaints and charges they have filed against me? Could it be that… Everett is a Municipal Corporation of Snohomish County, and that they are all the responsibility of the State of Washington?

Could it be that with the help of the Animal Rights groups the legislators & government has pushed through all these animal protection codes that violate basic protected American Citizens Rights & I am the only one who’s complaining about it? I doubt it, they know where their codes are flawed, the only thing I am doing is pointing out the obvious. Yep: Just call me “Captain Obvious”

The irony is that if I was in any other county or city this would not have happened at all because I have not found any other municipalities who’s codes violate Constitutional Laws to this extent. When I step in it I REAAAALLLLLY step in it, no half-stepping for me!

The 1st Amendment guarantees free speech, along with a few other things… I am sure that they are trying to figure out how to bring their own suits against me but I have never printed anything that is not true, I am also entitled to my opinions.

So the next step is to try to contrive some imaginary crime. In court the prosecutor asked if I had the paperwork that showed I had rescued dogs from the Everett Animal Shelter, I did then I asked to enter them into evidence, he started saying that it was fraud… Um if that was so then why wasn’t I prosecuted? BECAUSE IT WASN’T, they know it, what they don’t know is what evidence I have to PROVE it wasn’t.

Just like the Prosecutor calling animal control on me telling them that I had 30 dogs in feces encrusted cages in my house with no food or water, that leaves them wide open for a major lawsuit.

Just like animal control and the prosecutor spoonfeeding Rose information, untrue information as well as personal information to help her in her crazy tirades.

Just like them having her file erroneous police reports, to try to “make me nervous” ummmm yeah right.

Just like them taking an oath in court and lying through their teeth.

I honestly expected a lot more out of the lot of them, I still do. In the meantime they are racking up Tort points at the freaking screaming SPEED OF LIGHT!!!

All of this… They created it, they started it, they are responsible for it. Not everyone is terrified of the suits and ties. They made the mistake of screwing with the big mouth Autisitic Woman who happens to love her animals more than her own life. DUH! I won’t stop or quit until I have them back, they apologize, reorganize, change their codes & pay for their mistakes. Quite frankly I don’t give a rat’s butt if I have to take the WHOLE state down with them, they should have some better control over their little Municipal Corporations. I may not be right in everything I say, but I learn very quickly & there is no way I am giving up.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day & I have one more story to write about… So I’ll talk to you all later!

Superior Court Case Summary

Court: Snohomish Superior
Case Number: 12-2-02481-1

Sub Docket Date Docket Code Docket Description Misc Info
01-30-2012 NON FEE Non Fee
1 01-30-2012 MOTION Motion For Order Shortening Time On
Motion For Emergency Injunction And
Motion For Appointment Of Appellate
Appearance Pro Se
Taamu, Brandia
2 01-30-2012 MOTION Motion For Emergency Injunction
3 01-30-2012 PROPOSED ORDER/FINDINGS Proposed Order/findings
4 01-30-2012 NOTE FOR CALENDAR Note For Calendar
(no Date Set)
5 01-30-2012 MOTION AND AFFIDAVIT/DECLARATION Motion And Affidavit/declaration
Order To Proceed In Forma Pauperis
Commissioner Susan C. Gaer
01-30-2012 EX-PARTE ACTION WITH ORDER Ex-parte Action With Order
Notice Of Appearance
Taamu, Brandia
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