Let’see what happens now that we’ve moved on to the next step…

Today was a good day/bad day. I got all my copies made, got all my appeals filed, & other paperwork done. Only of course I did it backwards!!! Leave it up to me. I went to the Superior Court to ask what to do & they sent me to the Judge, who approved my forma pauparis then I filed all my motions, got a cause number, then went to the Municipal court, evidently I was supposed to do it the other way around.

This is going to sound strange but I am seriously going to miss all my clerks when this is all over. Even back today at Superior Court everyone came running over to me to ask how I was, if I won, how my animals were, & what happened. They are the only humanistic beings I get to deal with in this whole ordeal.

The Foundation got all of my paperwork done so soon I will be able to move onto some real rescue efforts. I also realized something today: Once we get our 501(c)3 I will be able to get an attorney to help me fight some other matters. I can’t thank them enough for standing by my side through all of this nonsense.

I also found out some other things today for the forfeiture issue… I can’t actually share it right now but it was something I never considered. I have to be a little close lipped right now but I guarantee it is brilliant.

So this morning was probably one of the hardest mornings I have had in a long time, having to recount this whole story to 4 different people & tomorrow I have to do it all over again, but they asked me to leave my whole day free for depositions, not to mention I have to bring all of my paperwork, which is ONLY 12 extra large 3 ring binders, thank Heaven’s I have a ride down there or my arms would fall off.

I do find it funny that the City Agents seem to think that they have won, or that this is over. They had a chance to do the right thing over a year ago but didn’t, they  have had 389 days to do the right thing & haven’t done it yet, as a matter of fact they gave Rose Adams my sentencing paper in hopes she would put it all over the internet, she did, & all it has done is backfire on her. It also gave me all the information I needed to know who did it, & why.

Instead of destroying me it is making people come out of the woodwork from all across the country to help me in the ways that they can. I have had hundreds of emails in the past few days, not one bad one. I am supremely humbled & grateful for every kind word & every kind gesture. I just have to believe that one day, when I wake up my dogs and cats are going to be here when I wake up in the morning & when I go to bed at night.

I have had some very strange visitors on my blog over the past few days. I would like to say to them I am not done, this was & is just the first step for me, I will not quit, I won’t stop, I am not going away, I will be here for quite some time, as long as it takes. It also begs the question as to WHY the City is on my web page on Sunday or at 7 at night. None of this had to go this far, none of it. I did not do anything wrong except for be a “Thin Native American Woman” who was trying to keep her family together, yes my animals are my family too, I realize that you all have millions of dollars at your disposal, millions of tax-payer dollars to do with what you please, but you don’t love my animals like I do. Oh & please for the love of God AND entertainment purposes just please try to press additional charges on me, it just shows the malicious intent on your part, & accusing me of fraud, is slander, it is illegal & it is recorded for the world to hear… You just didn’t expect me to have the papers for the dogs did you? Oops… Just remember you only won ONE battle, not the war. Please go back and take a look at ALL of the people who have taken you to the Appellate & Supreme Court that have won against you.

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