No Surprises here folks: Of course I lost… This round

So as I told everyone I don’t stand a chance of winning in Municipal court, I have ALWAYS understood & expected that.  What I have been silent about is the fact that all of this: It is only the first step. Now I am free to move on to the next steps & I will finally be able to change some things.

On a lighter note: Rose Adams can’t get to my pages so she has her inbred family from where ever posting on the rescue page. Why is that funny? Has anyone here ever seen “Let’s throw momma from the train” the mother from that show looks exactly like all of them!!! It would almost make me laugh if their pictures didn’t make me go WTH is that??? I’m sorry it is just hard to get upset when someone who looks like that starts in on you, it’s a bit like a little Chihuahua yapping at you, they really mean business but you just can’t take them seriously. :~) Just wait til Rose starts calling different agencies on them, & playing her little games like she always does.

Anyway here is the long & the short of it. I didn’t get an expert witness, I only got 3 & the only one we got to talk to was getting screamed at by the judge, & she was not notified (subpoenaed) neither were the others, when we got a hold of one witness, her kid answered the phone & got screamed at several times, I was not allowed to enter any evidence, everything I said was objected to, I couldn’t cite any laws because I am not an attorney so there was no defense, no witnesses, no evidence, except for a few crucial things. I got the warrant, the affidavit & the warrant receipt entered. I was not allowed to enter anything else, but THAT was enough. I did not have a jury of my peers, one was a former cop, no one from my race or any other race, all white, no one in my socio economic group, friends of Judges, & lawyers, etc…

But on that note, there can be NO fault of the jury, the jury can ONLY rule on the law as it is written, nothing more, nothing less. Everett’s Municipal Code is far different & in conflict with the Washington State laws (RCW) , it is in direct conflict with those same laws yet at the end of the EMC it says to defer to the RCW’s but you HAD to know they weren’t going to let me use the RCW’s or they wouldn’t have had a case.

The Judge… Oh boy, he actually helped my case, my Tort Claim as well. Yes I still have plenty of basis for a Tort Claim, even more so now. He may try to edit the court tapes & transcripts but he can’t destroy the recordings I made, & even if they are not on the record, he is still accountable for them. The Prosecutor well he actually helped me too.

Moving on, I will file all of my motions tomorrow morning & then I am off for the rest of the day to the Justice Dept.

What I don’t want to get lost in ALL of this garbage is the true victims here: Soffie, Hoki, Taz, Libby, & Misty, plus the 1000’s of pit bulls, Staffies, Pit mixes, Mastiff, Mastiff mixes, American Bulldogs or any other dog they percieve to be a Terrier or Mix, that they kill every year for well over a decade.

I will be busy working on all the stuff that I can finally move forward with now, along with a lawsuit that has been a LONG time coming. I was right in the fact that it was Rose Adams, along with Ginger Luke & Christine James, that are behind this. I have all the emails from my discovery which will help me win those cases. What does that do? Several things, it makes the STFU but it establishes that they were lying, & that they perjured themselves, & it lets me present evidence inn yet another court which can all be enjoined so…

It doesn’t change anything, I still don’t have George’s body or ashes, I still don’t have my dogs & cats. No amount of money can give me back the past year, none of it can buy away the fear they have gone through & the abuse they have suffered because I was stupid enough to trust these evil ugly hateful women.

You know what they say: What goes around comes around & I got a feeling it is going to be a very good year… For me.

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