Well I finally get to represent myself (1 week before trial!!!)

There is an absolute danger in believing that someone is just too stupid, even stupid people can be evil… Supremely evil.

It is fun to watch them stick their heads up their butt & fight for air though. evidently the prosecutor doesn’t just stalk my web page & blog, he follows me where ever I post evidently. He pulled something off of a newspaper I posted off of trying to use it for court today. It did give me a good laugh out though

But they still won’t tell me if any of my animals are still alive, which means they are most likely dead. Oh & the judge ruled that it didn’t matter what happened to them AFTER they took them from me, so they are going to get away with possibly doing who knows what to my one dog’s butt causing him to bleed from his rectum, bashing the other one’s teeth in & almost freezing her to death, & bashing the other dogs head in, oh & for mutilating my other dog. WAY TO GO JUDGE

I did however point out that one of their witnesses was on the run with her fugitive sex offender/child molester boyfriend & the judge did say that was relevant. So hopefully I will get the additional discovery I asked for this morning & I will post that as well.

I am now representing my “Estate” pro-persona (Pro Se) so now I can fight for my own life & if any of the animals are still alive then for theirs too. Well as much as I can fight with 1 week left to prepare, perfectly planned though, for them

What a pathetic excuse for a cause… After January 26th I will tell you ALL what I really think & I will fill you in on what I can’t say now. All of the info I have will become public on my web page.

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