Soffie AKA Soffia Bella Loren Taamu

It has been over a year since I have laid eyes on my little princess of the world & the entire universe & all the galaxies and beyond AKA Soffia Bella Loren AKA Princess pretty Pants, AKA Soffie. I lost my hard drive & lost so many photos, but my bother was going through his pictures & found this picture from 5 years ago, worse for the wear but you can still see my beautiful Bella, this was almost the third year she had been with us, it was her first time she ever let anyone touch her besides our family. she was so terrified of everything & everyone. I was so proud of her this day that I just broke down & cried outside the store. each one of the animals that the city has stolen from me has a story, a horrid story, but I gave them a better life, not always perfect but they knew they were loved & safe, until the day I had to hand them over to them evil bastards. I don’t know if she is alive or not, I know in August she was brought in for “lacerations” I don’t know if she was hit by a car, attacked by another dog or hurt by a human. All I can do is pray that she is okay…. Once this is over I will tell you all about their stories. They were my life, my love & my heart, they are the reason I keep fighting, the reason I can NOT stop fighting

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