WOW!!! There is ONE PERSON in Everett who knows & follows the law!!!

I finally found the one person in all of this nonsense that knows, understands & obeys the law… I KNOW!!! Weird huh? Who is this dashing debonair doer of rights? Well it was my attorney Mr Ricks he did fudge a little & say I refused to contact him, so I will bring all of the emails that bounced & my phone to show that I tried… This is a man who has been all the way to the Supreme Court so there has never been any doubt about is ability but he has never given me the level of care or concern I have seen for other paying clients.

It is amusing that ALL the City got out of my Affidavit of Truth & my Notice of Default is that I didn’t accept their counsel. Proving that they are once again choosing to disobey & completely disregard the law, as usual.

That’s okay once they deny my Change of Venue then it goes to Superior court for appeal at which time I submit all of my Motions, Affidavits, & Demands, as well as all of MY discovery because….. drum roll…… Then it all becomes a matter of record for appeal.

Sorry for being so short with everyone earlier today but I had about 3 Cities, the State Capitol, Snohomish County Information Services, State Legislators, County executives, several big city newspapers, & couple city employee/stalkers from the City of Everett on my blog here. I don’t write this blog for them, I write for the everyday person who might end up where I am. Newspapers were kind of flattering but everyone else… not so much. Basically it is like this “If you’re not going to help me QUIT snooping around!!” Now that the legislators are back in session they all know they are liable for the City of Everett’s actions since they are the one’s who granted these idiots their authority, & since I’ve been asking for their surety bonds: Now I have several Insurance Companies on my blog,too.

Now what they will do is either try to assign me a different lawyer, & drag this on for another couple of months, or assign Mr Ricks as back up counsel, so then they call a “Special Meeting” & try to have him sign off on something, but I am hip to that, seen it done over & over so the first thing going on is another Affidavit.

Oh & here is your daily funny, I asked for all the CD’s recordings of each time I have been to court, but I forgot to word it right because they are saying now that it is only 21 tapes: Um no, it isn’t 21, unless they mean 21 X’s 2 + 8. I KNOW for a fact that it is not the Court Clerks directive, they know I have a financial statement on file & I am proceeding Forma Pauperus, so that is part of the evidence I need for court, so they will make me go to a hearing to request the funds for that, ONE WEEK BEFORE COURT (would you expect anything less of them?)

So let the war begin, one battle at a time….


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