One year ago today… You took my life.

One year ago today, I was sitting in my car with my doggies, & my kitty cat. I was holding George my terminally ill dog & coming to terms with the fact that the kindest thing to do was to take him to the vet & let him cross over, he had been on pain management for a couple of days & it didn’t seem to be helping. he was giving me little Georgie kisses, & as he looked into my eyes I promised him I would let him go on Friday & take him to be blessed & wrapped at the river where my twin brother died so that he could watch over his soul & that by the water he may be able to cross back over to come back to me again.

Humans are stupid, they like the feeling of being high, dogs not so much, so pain management is a last resort, for me it was finances, I didn’t get paid til Friday. George was always a very stoic little old man, had his glands not swollen I never would’ve known he had cancer. All I can think of is that night, he didn’t want to sleep with me, he gave me a kiss & pawed at a kennel so I got up & opened it for him but kept my hand on him for the night, it was the first time he did not lay by my side since the day he came to my home almost 2 yrs earlier. Soffia & Misty took turns sleeping with him & me that night.

In my grief I never could’ve guessed that in the morning a fat ugly evil little pig would come & take my animals, little did I know that the next day they would show up at the shelter almost 7 hours after they were taken from me bleeding from the rectum, unable to walk, bloody, missing teeth, having seizures & hypothermic. What did they do to George to make him bleed from his butt & be unable to walk? Why was my Soffia, hypothermic, bloody & missing teeth??? What the FRICK is wrong with that stupid pig faced b*tch to do something like to helpless animals, what the frick is wrong in the prosecutors mind to prosecute me & protect her KNOWING FULL WELL HE DOESN’T HAVE A CASE.

Just take a look at her little pig face… Oh & that little pit bull she is dragging in has probably been beaten & maced & was grateful for the release of death, yes it was killed, for being a pit bull

George lived for 12 miserable years in a puppy mill, he was a victim of some woman’s greed, then he became the victim of that stupid b*tches hatred & prejudice

It takes a special kind of monster to do this to him… Who would do something like this to an innocent helpless creature? When you look at these pictures remember that was a living breathing feeling thinking creature who was loved, who was cherished, who had worth. A simple blood test would’ve confirmed lymphoma & that was already verified & she is not a licensed forensic vet, she just did this for “funsies”

Here is my precious little Soffia, before & after… What you DON’T see because they are only giving us black & white photos, is the dark coloring around Soffie’s mouth is BLOOD, & you will notice that poor little Libby looks totally terrified, & George at the bottom of the other picture is unable to walk. Why didn’t they take pictures of them when they took them from me? THEY DID BUT THEY AREN’T GIVING THEM TO US BECAUSE THEY WILL SHOW WARM DRY NON BLOODY DOGS. Please also keep in mind they said Soffie’s fur was all matted but ALL YOU SEE ARE RINGLETS not mats, if she was matted she would’ve been lumpy, but you can DISTINCTLY see all the curls in her hair after they probably tried to drown her

The same woman that can smile in the face of one animal, & take it’s life from them, no matter how much they cry, no matter how hard they resist, she fills her needle up with the pink liquid & takes their lives, for nothing more than being my dogs, or for being pitbulls, then she goes off to lunch, a laughs her day away. In one day she KILLED 82 cats, a woman after Hitler’s heart…

You might also want to note that the dog above is a pit bull so she smiles for the picture but when the camera was gone she will end it’s life, a puppy with so much love to give. Just gone.

It has always been strange to me that most of the pictures they take for the local papers are with pit bulls or terriers, that they are going to kill… but as a friend suggested they are probably trophy pictures so they can look at that & smile knowing they killed that one too.

But here… Here is the biggest JOKE of all, the Oath of David C Mitchell that he took on 1/6/2010 Exactly 1 yr before they stole my animals. Notice he was late, laughing & stuttering. Yep really funny…

OATH OF OFFICE Superior Court Judge Joe Wilson administered the oaths of office to Municipal Court Judges Timothy O’Dell and David Mitchell.

Sorry I could not find a picture of him or Mr Fisher as was requested. I will continue looking, though

So if you were a jury & you seen this WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

I have 7 yrs+ of vet records or my dogs, none were underweight, none were starving, none were abused, none were sick except for George… Whereas while they have been in the care of Everett, they have been given medications known to kill that certain breed, they have gotten tape worms which means they had fleas, they have had those stupid fricking b*tches, animal control officers treating my dogs, probably taking them around a corner & beating the sh*t out of them again, Soffie had to be brought in for stitches, for “lacerations” whether she made it or not I don’t know, I don’t know if she got run over, or attacked, or beaten, Hoki is in full on epilepsy after being seizure free for over a year, Libby is having outbreaks & reactions to the meds they are giving her, no one has heard from my cat, & they won’t tell me what they did with Lilly kitty, so who knows if any of them are still alive, the city of everett vet did an unauthorized necropsy on George, when she is not accredited to do so & then took pictures of her playing in his guts, not to mention while he was alive for 5 days in that putrid hellhole they were only giving him a QUARTER tablet of tramadol, which is about 1/4 of what he should have had ONLY ONCE A FRICKING DAY, so they just let him suffer in pain after they did God knows what to him in the hours they had him, we know he was bleeding from his butt, we know he was unable to walk.

None of my dogs were abused, abandoned, injured, or neglected, we were just sleeping in a car until we could get our house ready which came up 7 days after they were taken, 2 days after they murdered & mutilated George. ALL BECAUSE OF THE B*TCHES PICTURED ABOVE, & THIS B*TCH. IF YOU EVER SEE THIS WOMAN RUN FOR YOUR LIFE

IT WAS HER LIES & LORI TRASK, CARLON, LEMAIRE WHATEVER THE FRICK HER NAME IS THIS YEAR PREJUDICE &  the dirty corrupt prosecutor & judge who thought I was just going to take the illegal seizure of my animals, the torture of them & myself just lying down… well evidently NONE OF YOU KNOW THE POWER & THE FURY OF A MOTHER’S LOVE.

Happy One Year Anniversary to you, just remember

EVERY DOG HAS IT’S DAY… BUT EVERY DOG HAS IT’S DOG. My new Mantra is do unto other what they do unto you…

Remember this, now that I know I don’t have to have an attorney & that I can now represent myself, we are going to have a ball in court, because everything you have done to my animals, & myself is going to be public knowledge, every law you have broken, every Constitutional law you have broken. You should just drop this matter & give me back my animals, I already sent the motion & I have given you 72 hours, & remember since you used part of this blog in my records you have to use it all, so the jury will see this, they will see all of it. If you don’t follow the law, drop the charges, & return my animals & property I have entire Communities coming to help me out. I have already sent them power of attorney to take over my matters in the event that you try to lock me up illegally again! I do not consent to your authority, I do not recognize your jurisdiction, I have rescinded all of my contracts made with you by way of duress per minas… But you already know this: Don’t you?

Oh & just try to sue me for this… I AM BROKE BECAUSE I CAN’T GO TO WORK OR GET A JOB BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN IN COURT 62 TIMES IN THE PAST YEAR. You will choke on your words & your deeds. I WELCOME a trial, or a call sometime between now & Monday to tell me when I can come & get my dogs, crates, & their meds.

***Oh Hey! For all of my readers out here, I got the tapes & someone is working on putting them up for me so you can hear this judge convict me before trial & then you can hear him say he didn’t say it. I put in a request for all 50 court appearances & someone is going to splice them all together so you can see what I have to go through almost every week, sometimes twice a week.


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2 thoughts on “One year ago today… You took my life.

  1. Oh as to where I got the pictures from: all you have to do is type in the person’s name or place of employment on Yahoo, Bing, or Google, & any picture associated with the persons name comes up, just be careful because pictures associated with people’s myspace or facebook are also on it, & you can’t post pictures of innocent or uninvolved people, or rather you shouldn’t. You also can NOT lie about people, so everything you say you should have proof to back it up or you really can get sued. This is also America, the United States of America, you have the Freedom of Speech (which was paid for in the blood of men & women who fought for it – Freedom Isn’t Free) & you have the right to your opinion & the freedom to express it.

    You also have to understand Slander & Libel laws. Slander is utterance of words not true or blasphemous, Libel is the same but in written word. I have paperwork to back up EVERYTHING I say or I don’t say it. Period. My feelings or opinions are MY feelings or opinions, I am entitled to them.

    I for instance don’t hate overweight people, or other races of people. In this situation I am being attacked by an extremely prejudiced, obese woman, look at the vet, the AC Officer, the Prosecutor… Pretty much all of them are chubby. The funny thing about prejudice is the things you hate in other people are usually things you fear about yourself, or feel you are lacking & that’s what drives your hatred. For instance; I come from a culture where the real true sign of a woman is an ass you park a jetliner on, because it shows your fertility & your ability to produce children, I am devoid of any and all of that, hell I don’t even have a landing strip with my narrow butt. To this day I get teased about it, my brothers used to try to find me a husband but they would make me sit in the car to meet anyone so no one could see my lack of back, I didn’t WANT to get married so I’d jump out of the car & I actually had one guy say “Hey where da rest of her go?” One of my best friends growing up & I would sit & CRY because she wanted to be a beanpole like me & I wanted to have a budonka donk like she did.

    I also grew up in Chicago in the 70’s when race wars were every day common place, matter of fact I was the first “Honorary” Black Gangster Disciple that wasn’t BLACK, only because they beat me up so many times & I survived so they figured I’d be good in a fight cause I didn’t go down & they couldn’t kill me, 3 stabs & 1 bullet later, now any draggy britches idiot kid with a gun & no ability to fight is calling themselves BGD… Huh? Just tell them what it stands for & you can confuse them for weeks. As a consequence I was TERRIFIED of Black people, not hateful just scared until one winter in 1985 I was on a bus with my preemie baby in a snow storm & the bus got stuck & my son quit breathing, I was doing CPR but I was so tired & I looked up & there was the biggest black man I had ever seen in my life reaching out his hands to my son, at that moment I had to decide if I would let fear rule me or if I wanted my son to live: Turns out he was a nurse, & I had him ride in the helicopter while I ran up to the hospital, every block I ran I wasn’t thinking I wonder what that guy is going to do to my kid, I just picked myself up every time I fell in the snow & kept going because I knew he was there with my boy, I knew he wouldn’t give up on him, I knew he would keep him safe. Now here is the funny thing that day I lost my fear, it wasn’t even a decision, it was just what happened. As a consequence it never occurred to me that I had never raised my children to be prejudiced until one day I said the N word to someone, my kids, nephews, nieces & sisters & brothers were like “Mom, Auntie, Brandie!!!” All at the same time in unison, boy they were all so mad at me they didn’t talk to me all day long, til I went & apologized to the woman. And dammit I was right!!! But I had to apologize, & she knew it & she gloated for months after that. I have never been more ashamed of myself or more proud of my kids, siblings & nieces or nephews than on that day.

    I grew up part way in Lynnwood & Everett too, the kids were horrid, there was me & one African American kid in town, oh plus another Mexican family, but my mom is white which got me special kinds of butt kicking & name calling. The only people who were nice to me was the Police, 1 neighbor, my teachers & the people at the 2 nursing homes in town at that time on Broadway & Hoyt, everything else was sh*t & misery.

    The bottom line is I don’t want this post to create hatred, based on appearances or race, most of it is directed at the specific people I am talking about because that is what their fear is, that is what their hatred is based on, that is what they are lacking & hating in themselves. I have arrived at the station in life where I figured out it just doesn’t matter if you’re ugly or pretty, fat or skinny, brown, black white yellow or red, we are all just Human beings trying to make it in life, besides that beauty is so subjective that I don’t think there is a real true definition that fits all, at least I really hope not!!!


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