Dirty Prosecutors & AC are at it again… Kitsap County

This is a story of over 173 animals seized from “deplorable conditions”… Or is it? Keep in mind they were all healthy weight, some were being grown as food to support the family, which is what people in FARMING communities do. Their dog was killed because he wasn’t socialized… Umm he is a working dog, he is NOT supposed to be socialized. The Kitsap Humane Society IMMEDIATELY started adopting out & farming out all of these people’s animals, the prosecutor lied about an attorney & tried to claim he didn’t file paperwork, he proved he did so then she says it wasn’t the correct paperwork, they were not given notice of their legal remedies, 2 of their animals have died in the care of an outside agency. They must be taking lessons from the City of Everett in the absolute RAPE of the Constitution of the United States of America. I feel horrible about this family’s suffering but it does make me feel better to know that these tactics are finally being exposed by newspapers who aren’t afraid to tell the truth. Amazing concept really, more newspapers should follow their lead

I have to thank the Kitsap Sun for having the human decency to actually report the story, I miss my morning paper from there, I miss reading a paper I actually could believe in, I miss the cool crisp mornings waking up in Olalla, with the deer in the front yard, hearing the horses down at the bottom of the gulley, & the 1/2 mile walk to the mailbox where I could meet any number of neighbors or animals. If you found a stray dog most times you knew who’s it was & you just kept them inside the gate & drove them home later on your way to the store or just because you were bored & wanted to go visit someone to check out the local gossip or to hear Indian John & the Cougar’s stories, they had the most entertaining love hate relationship I have ever heard of but honestly John caused most of by making himself look a lot like a tasty treat. The walk down the hill to “Beautiful Downtown Olalla” which consisted of a store, an empty building & a long dry gas pump, but it was always full of local folks & local chatter, on a really exciting day a shark or a dead octopus would wash up in the Bay, one of the sharks was about a foot taller than me! Okay never mind I now live in the f-ing city where the only howling I hear at night is SIRENS and the worst morning walking out & seeing a bear sitting in m blackberry bushes is still better than my best morning here walking to the store & seeing crackheads & hookers Frick Frick Frick!!! Oh hell. What was i writing about?

Oh now I’m homesick & irritated. Anyway I have included some of the links to this story & in case I forgot to mention, most of the animals were rabbits quails & chickens, & there is a HUGE pack of coyotes out there so if the cages were so shoddy, trust me they wouldn’t have had any animals.

I do however find it comical that everyone is stating that the “llamas” were grossly underweight: Well DUH! They were Alpacas.

I just don’t “get it” every dealing I have had with Kitsap Humane has always been pleasant. At one point in time we got a bunch of dogs dumped on us & all they did is roll up their sleeves & help out & then they took most of the dogs after we got them ready because they listened to me when I said there was no WAY I could take care of all those dogs, they took all the bigger dogs & most of the smaller dogs & puppies even though they were full up themselves. The second I got donations they would shoot right out to pick them up, the second I needed something I could go whining to them. SORRY I love KHS & it’s staff so I’m going to blame the prosecutors on this one!


Justice for Pacific Northwest Farmers


Kitsap Sun


Pet Defense


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