Good Riddens to bad rubbish. Hello 2012! What’s your resolution?

You can tell you’re getting older when….

New Years Eve used to means PARTY like a Rockstar, then you have kids & it is Fireworks, then the kids move out & it is hiding with the husband with the phone off so you can go to sleep before everyone starts yelling & setting off fireworks, then you have grandkids & it’s back to party, & fireworks (But you secretly wish you & the husband had hidden & were peacefully sleeping)

So now the little ingrates you gave birth to have left you with 12 grandkids, 4 lighters, fireworks, & the Bar-b-que mess to clean up & MARK MY WORDS, as they drag their sorry butts in the door tomorrow morning to collect their little charges they are going to expect us to feel sorry for them, & if there is not full pots of Menudo & Pasole, & fresh frybread in the baskets ready for them I will have to listen to them whine til it’s done. Incidently I only have 10 grandkids up & am not really sure WHO the other 2 are following me around calling me Gramma & no one from our complex is claiming them, but my grandkids seem to know them (((sigh))) Okay I might know them but I don’t remember seeing their parents today…

Normally there is a houseful of dogs, cats, kids & this house is the party spot of the century. At New years we give the kids & animals a special soup with a special meaning, then we do the blessings. last year I did not have the opportunity to do so & this has by far been one of the worst years on record.

So onto the next thing: What is your New Years Resolution going to be? Mine is that I am going to destroy all of the people who have tried to destroy me. That’s it, no bells or whistles. The people who are corrupt & hateful, who don’t know how to do their jobs, or use their jobs to hurt people. The people who are in positions of power who shouldn’t be, the hateful people who lie &  try to destroy other people’s lives & reputations… If I don’t get them fired, fined, or help them lose elections it is not because I didn’t try & I am a bit like a pit bull… I won’t let go til I am done. So until they are all gone or punished I will be here. Then I am going after everyone’s bonds & my Tort Claims against the City, & a few other people.

If nothing else: 2012 is going to be very interesting. So please stay tuned for all further developments. I’d say look to February to the release of all of the info I have gathered, (after court). This place is going to look like a ghetto slumhouse, once I “turn on the lights” you will all get to see the little cockroaches running all over the place trying to hide. Remember I have an appeal bond ready even if the dirty corrupt toads try something funny to railroad me, & I have family in Maryland who has all of the info & all of my passwords & I’ve got representatives waiting to go file about 14 different motions so they can’t kill, or sell my dogs & cat, so no matter what it is all taken care of!

Happy 2012 may it be a wonderful & blessed New Year!

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