Mike Fisher’s Oath of Office (If you’re in the mood for a good laugh)

Mr Fisher… Since neither he nor the courts have complied with the LAW, I’m going to have to use his Special Prosecutors oaths. Which are the same as the oath of office that he uses for the city. Either way they seem to be a joke to him.

The problem is that there is no real true agency to reprimand them, they are free to do what they want. Well what about the “Washington State Bar Association”? Um they aren’t a government or state agency, they are exactly what they say, an Association, the state doesn’t grant licenses to practice law, the Bar does, the bar is a private entity, which explains why they have only ever reprimanded ONE prosecutor EVER. This company is kept afloat by the yearly dues, that the members, (attorneys, judges, prosecutors) pay. They are left to “Police” themselves, which is a bit like giving the sex offenders the keys to the prison & telling them to all be “Good Boys”. It explains why nothing is ever done unless it is such an outright total breach of law that they would look like morons for not acting on it & even then it is never more than a little smack on the hand.

If I could explain to you every part of The Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Washington State Constitution,  various codes of Ethics, state & federal laws that this man has violated you would be here reading for hours & have a couple of Affidavit’s & Briefs to write out tonight

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