Judge Mitchell’s Oath of Office (and other useless bonds)

So… Now that I know my rights, I know what is really going  on.

In one week will be ONE YEAR since I have seen my animals. One year may not seem like a long time in the scheme of things but one year goes by day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, birthdays, & holidays pass, the nights seem longer then they’ve ever been, the days just blend into the misery.

Of course the City hasn’t met my demands nor their obligations, I didn’t expect them to. We all know by law that they think they are accountable to NO ONE, they don’t follow, the law, the Constitution, or any form of ethics presribed by either, it seems their “Moral Compass” is deviant as well.

These bonds are connected to a Suriety, that is what I have to go after since Judge Mitchell doesn’t want to comply with Justice, Truth, Laws, or the Constitution.

These are the documents that he bases his office on, that he bases his authority on, but why would anyone, or how could anyone respect a man who can’t, keep his oath? It is said a man’s word is his bond. this applies to men of integrity… The other one’s have to sign an Oath & get bonded to make them keep it.

Now as I told everyone Judge Mitchell & I share a Grandmother, that was incorrect, we share a Grandfather ( I have our family tree listed on my webpage). My greats Grandmother was Mary Anne Mitchell, he knows who his was…

The problem lies in the fact that the ONE person who could’ve & should’ve taken ONE look at this case & dropped it more than 8 months ago: Didn’t. Plain & simple, he CHOSE to disregard the very oath that he took, he refused to restore my unalienable rights, he chose to ignore the very instrument that gave him the power he holds. He chose to disregard the law, he chose to keep his standing in the Good Old boy Club, then he makes statements that show his true feelings, his feelings of “Superiority” when he has none.

“Oath of Office” a short simple statement, an instrument  intended to uphold truth & justice. How sad & pathetic? Oh well if you’re in the mood for a good laugh click on the link below & laugh away…



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