How can this still be happenning?

Most of you have family, kids or friends to celebrate the Holiday Season with, I have raised 34 foster kids, various nieces & nephews, 6 of my siblings & a few other stray “couch surfin kids”.

I have been blessed with 5 biological children, was lucky enough to be able to adopt 3 others, & they have given me 14 grandchildren, sadly 4 of those (2 sets of twins) died before they were ever born but not before we all fell madly deeply in love with them & God for whatever reason took one of my sons home with him after only a short stay on this earth, but I am eternally grateful for every single moment I did have with him, he would’ve been 28 yrs old by now, the first set of twins would’ve been 6 yrs old today, & the second set of twins would’ve been 4 months old by now. I need to tell you that the first set of twins & the second set, they were loved, they are missed. I also had 4 miscarriages & although the world (Planned Parenthood) can’t have them called human beings, they are, they were, it hurt as bad to lose them as it did to lose the son I actually held, touched & loved.

Life has always been cruel to me, I have come to accept it but I have always tried to look for the good & there has been good, not as much as the bad but it more than makes up for the bad. I have always somehow intrisincally sensed that if i give into the bad that it will win. My step-father used to beat me until I went into, or had to be put into chemically induced coma’s, he molested me for years, he was the reason I was not supposed to have children but I did, this is why I KNOW that miracles happen. I have held them, I have been witness to them, I have been given many in my life.

So this POS year is almost over & as I take inventory of my life I have to think about the people who have hurt me. Worse yet the people who have hurt my animals. They are people I let into my life, that I trusted, that turned on me, that were only there to hurt me or destroy me. Okay, well like I tell my kids “Don’t lay down n the middle of the street & it’s a pretty good chance you won’t get run over” So let’s look at who we have here…

1) Rose Adams or Rose Adams Beutler as she likes to call herself. She lied, she tried to get herself out of trouble, & she got my animals taken away… Not entirely true, I trusted her & she screwed me over, I trusted her, I left myself vulnerable but worse yet I left my animals vulnerable, & George died alone, afraid & in pain, because of it, my dogs have been poisoned, beaten, attacked, gotten diseases, parasites, & been subjected to torture beyond belief at the hands of a sick bitch who ears a uniform & has been bullying people & torturing dogs for almost 3 decades. This woman is just nuts, I have all 3 of her mental evaluations that show she is clinically insane & there is just no way to figure out a crazy person, so it’s better to just not try.

2) Lori Trask, Lemaire, & whatever else freakin names she has had in her life… I am told she is battling cancer now, I know cancer, I have looked it in the face & I have won, it is borne out of the ugliness that is inside or around you. The day I was diagnosed with it I came home looked at my then husband & told him to get the hell out of my house & my life, I knew he was the cancer, at that time I was also temporarily paralyzed from an auto accident, so I was not in the mood to deal with the cancer & his BS. I knew the problem was external, & sure enough I beat 3 kinds of cancer & walked again. This woman’s problems come from inside of her, she is so worried about being fat, or maybe even white, who knows, but it is evidenced in her REPEATED references to me being a skinny native, & the other 92 people she has harassed that are of color & NOT fat. I could be like her & say I hope she dies slowly & painfully but I know the truth, just being HER has been pain & torture enough, she has lived in pain all her life, every time she looks in the mirror & looks at her little pig face, she is reminded of who she is, of what she is. That is truly the saddest thing of all. Not ALL women are supposed to be anorexic, some women, some people are supposed to be big, & that is OKAY, that is SUPPOSED to be beauty in & of itself… SERIOUSLY!!! Most of my guy friends wouldn’t be caught dead dating a girl my size, & most of my best girlfriends are bigger women & they are the sexiest women on the face of the earth… Go figure. It is what is inside of you that makes you who you are, & that is what is eating at this woman, but the upside is that if she is sick, she will be going through chemo & radiation & will be able to lose weight & see what she is NOT missing, oh & she’ll most likely go bald & realize how much she misses all that thick beautiful blond hair that people pays hundreds of dollars for. Like I said.. Go figure.

3) Christine James… a woman who is so in love with being miserable that I don’t think she’d know any other way to be. Remember she is the woman who is “trapped” in a loveless marriage with a drunk abusive man who has built her house & surroundings to meet HER needs, that goes to work for HER every day, who has taken in HER kids as his own, the only power & control she has over others is her money, more correctly her husband’s money, & she uses that to put others down, to steal from others & to be able to make herself think she is above someone else. She even told me I screwed up by trusting her, she took great joy in telling me that, so yeah I screwed up by trusting her, it doesn’t mean I am going to not sue her I am, but her “misery” is almost laughable… If it wasn’t so real. It is like a hooker who finally finds a John who will take her in, that she is indebted to, but doesn’t love, it is not his fault, he loves her & thinks he has won a prize, but she… well she just can’t be satisfied because what she has is not her own, she has done nothing to earn it or deserve it. Spreading your legs for room, board & benefits isn’t a life,  it is just an existence, & a sad one at that…

3) Mike Fisher… This is a strange little man that just doesn’t like to be challenged, in his mind he has to put on the air that he is Far more superior then he really is. Now here I come just some little spic in his mind & I just won’t lay down & take it in the behind like he thinks I should. Now where we are at, I can finally take all of them down, he can’t afford that, he has too much to lose, whereas I have NOTHING left to lose, he & Judge Mitchell have taken it all from me, they are holding the ONLY things I care for hostage, they are helping others hurt my animals, my pets, my babies. UNFORTUNATELY he  has broken the law in order to try to get me to submit, unfortunately he has underestimated me & the love I have for my babies. So as hard as he is trying to destroy me I will have my WHOLE LIFE to do the same. Every day I learn more & more… an educated person with nothing to lose. All of my kids are grown with their lives & families going full steam ahead, I have no more obligations.

4) Now here is the person who PISSES me off to no end!!! Judge David C Mitchell, for one. he is MY BLOOD, yes he is my family, we share a grandfather, but he obviously shares NONE of our family’s morals or anything close to it.  Here is this big bag of you know what who CONSTANTLY ignores the very laws he is SUPPOSED to uphold, the vows he took, the oath he took…HE LIED. He also KNOWS we are blood & he is NOT supposed to be on my case but you see I challenged his eeny weeny little ego so now he has to continue, he has to “show me” who’s in power. The thing that pisses me off the most is when he argues with me too. I argue with him, that is a given, he already knows when i walk in the door he’s going to get a mouthful, but the thing that irritates me the most is that he is dirty, he can’t let his ego lose, he knows I am right, he knows there is NO CAUSE but I have challenged him too & we can’t have any of that crap going on. Seriously up til now I have tried to see if he would become a decent human being & do the right thing, but sadly I have been disappointed… So now I must go after his bond. I wish he would’ve done the right thing, the legal thing but he didn’t. So now I have to treat him like he’s just any other a-hole walking the earth. we might have the same blood but his side must’ve missed the morals, principals & scruples portion of the gene pool which is utterly DISGUSTING if he had any idea of the kind of people he came from he would be ashamed. When I tell the Mitchell side of our family about him they ALL tell me he is NO NO NO part of their family & they wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire. No Mitchell in my family will claim him, even though I have his birth cert & those of his parents to prove he is family, most of our Mitchell’s have told me to burn any documents I have & to write him off, but you see it’s not that easy for me. You see I am a dumb loyal stupid SOB so I am having trouble sending in the complaint to the Dept of Justice & the Judicial Commission.

So here I sit on Christmas Eve, stockings on the fireplace for 6 animals that are not here, that I may never see again, & 1 for a boy that is trapped on this earth after having his body desecrated, his internal organs removed by Lisa Thompson, the same woman who will kill 82 cats then have to care for them, that took out his organs, put sticky notes all over them & then took so many pictures of her playing with his internal organs. Seriously, there are pictures with her hands in his intestines, parading them like she has captured a 12 point buck, she dissected, & desecrated a 14 yr old dog… What kind of a sick & twisted f*ck takes pictures of their hands DIGGING in a dead dogs guts, that THEY KILLED, like they won first place at a fair??? This is the sick kind of crap that my cousin, my blood is SANCTIONING with his power in the court room!!! I don’t even expect any kind of loyalty from him but I expect that since he carries the Mitchell name that he would have some kind of morals & conscience… evidently not.

This is me: NOT GIVING A SH*T ANYMORE. This is me finally figuring out that they have no more power & control over me anymore. This is me figuring out how to use their own bullcrap against them finally.

Tonight I wonder: I wonder if someone has a stocking up for MY babies, are they going to wake up to presents, are their stockings stuffed full of all their favorite toys? Are they inside, sleeping with someone, do the people who have them realize how lucky they are to spend even one single hour with them??? Do they know that I have spent most of the last 11 months crying for them? Do they know I didn’t hand them over willingly? Do they know that I love them & that I will fight for them until I die?

The City of Everett likes to sit on my page everyday, so to this I say to you: I do not consent to you, I do not recognize you, there is NO CAUSE, you are violating your oaths, & your bonds of office. My animals have suffered, I have suffered, but in the end it is you who will reap the rewards of your misdeeds.


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4 thoughts on “How can this still be happenning?

  1. Hi,
    I was looking for something on the internet about this particular judge as I found him quite nauseating and irritating as a person and wondered how people like him can sit as judges these days of the 21st Century. He has made life miserable for many people who have expected justice – his ego is so huge and the worst thing is – he is EVIL and TWISTED . I called him a fraud and he looked at me without any reaction. I am glad to see I am not the only one. I would recommend you do complain about him that he should not have sat in your case knowing that he is a relation. I also felt that he hates women. There was an article where he made a female lawyer cry, blamed the court to deviate attention from her point that papers were removed from the file in court. I would be grateful if you could post a link to a picture of his as I have been unable to find one on the internet to show the evil in his face.


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