Part 2 Don’t drink the Kool-Aid!!!

No worries this isn’t the Jonestown Kool-Aid, this is the stuff you’re spoon-fed that just makes you a little “stupider”.

Real Eyes
      Real Lies

The truth is a deadly thing to those who abhor it, it threatens to topple empires, to uproot corrupt government, it tears at the very fabric of the fantasy world that has been created for your benefit so you can continue being ignorant & uneducated.

I do not advocate civil disobedience, but I strongly advocate that we all stand up for our INALIENABLE RIGHTS granted by the Constitution & our UNALIENABLE RIGHTS granted by God. The courts, the politicians, even the police would have you believe that they have granted those to you & that at any moment they can take them from you. That is incorrect, it is a LIE. ALL power is inherent in the People it is only with our consent that we are governed, I have removed my consent.

So who is to blame? You ought to know by now it is you!!! What did you do when the powers that be passed the “Patriot Act”? NOTHING that is what we ALL did as a nation… If you know anything about the history of our wars you will remember the propaganda leaflets dropped all over foreign countries. We now have broadcast television & the internet. They made sure we were all good & terrified, that we knew the only way to defeat the “Enemy” was to give up our GOD GIVEN rights like sheep to the slaughter we lined up & cheered the death of our freedom. We’re so stupid we even thanked them for keeping us safe from our civil rights! DUH!

In all of my prior posts I have lamented the numerous violations of the Constitutional Laws, State Laws, Rules, &  outright immoral destruction of my life, liberty, & freedoms. The truth is, when I pled “not guilty”: I AGREED TO ENTER INTO A CONTRACT WITH THEM & GAVE UP MY RIGHTS ALTOGETHER. I AGREED THERE WAS A “CAUSE” WHEN IN REALITY THERE WAS NONE.

My real eyes did not realize the real lies.

The day I seen this something was awakened in me. Something huge. I KNEW that what they were doing was wrong on SO many different levels, I knew I didn’t deserve this, I knew my animals did not deserve this but because of my blind IDIOTIC MISGUIDED faith in the “JUSTICE SYSTEM” I kept swimming upstream… The truth is there is no Justice, those with the money win, all of my hero’s have turned out to be NOTHING but hired whores for the highest bidder. He with the most money wins, but they only win what the in-justice system allows them to, it is what it is, it is set up so that only fork-tongued heirophants can understand it or negotiate it, it is the true evil in our nation: I submit that the “Judicial Seal” is the mark of the beast, & the judges pen is the sword that brings down the righteous.

As most of you know I am a Medicine Woman/Minister, as well as a Native American/Alaskan & a Jew. My people have been rounded up, slaughtered, held in slavery, burned alive, driven from their home lands, & at various times almost completely exterminated.

Anyway in my “religion” we have what is called “Heyoka” it is not quite “Black Magic” or even evil, it is more like bad Karma, brought on by one’s own actions, the animal who symbolizes this is the Coyote, AKA “The Trickster” the coyote’s failing is that he spins so much trickery & deceit that it is usually his own downfall & or demise. So when I am in court watching the prosecutor blinking like a bat & gulping air like a goldfish out of water, I wonder… Why is he always so nervous? He is the Guppy Coyote, he is nervous because all of the trickery, the treachery that he is spinning… He KNOWS it is all a lie, & I could learn the truth & destroy everything he has worked on…..


Tonight I am going to be sending them all 3 documents, 3 documents that are the truth, that will end this nonsense & if it doesn’t it will spin them into the web of their own lies so deeply that it will destroy them. I will share these documents with all of you in due time. Even if they try to jail me, I have someone who will take care of this blog, my webpage & the 100’s of thousands of documents that I have amassed about all of the laws, & everyone concerned. You will finally be able to see how I have used their own Heyoka on them.

I have received numerous emails asking me why I have been so quiet about my case, I have been learning, I have been watching, I have been gathering my resources. I will teach you too. Most of the information is already loaded onto my webpage, & here on my blog, all that is left to do is to publish the posts & to make the private pages public.

Here you go… Take out your wallet, look at your ID, your Social Security Card, your credit cards, then go take out your bills & LOOK AT YOUR NAME…

WHY IS IT IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS??? Type that into your search bar & you will be shocked, amazed, sickened, angry & then you will learn. You have to cut through all the wackery & tomfoolery but once you “get it” you will never be the same!


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