So what IS my position on Animal neglect/cruelty & Hoarding?

My “Position” is that it is wrong, it is horribly wrong. I also know that a lot of stories hitting the news simply are not true.

I know that HSUS & PETA have an agenda to outlaw all animal ownership.

I know that there has never been any need for the mass euthansia committed at shelters every day.

I know that most newspapers over dramatize any situation they think can get them headlines

I think rescuers are getting overwhelmed & that the economy is only going to make it worse


I do know there are true Hoarders & Abusers out there & I believe they should be eliminated from the gene pool but that is not legal so I think they should be locked up at the very least.

I think some people can only handle a few animals while others can handle far more.

I think that if you don’t have the funds to care for an animal you shouldn’t take on more

I work in rescue, I am not perfect, I make mistakes, & I am still learning everyday. I was so anal when I started this that I am surprised that one single dog got adopted, then I realized that I wasn’t doing those dogs or dogs needing help any favors. I learned that people without a pot to piss in would give anything they owned to care for their animals, so having a 6 figure income or owning their own home had very little to do with the level of love or care these dogs would receive.

Most cruelly I learned that I can’t save them all, but I also learned it was not my fault. I also learned people don’t like you when you have to make a decision to put a dog down who HUNTS children, but they won’t take that dog, I learned that there is more hatred & ego in rescue than in any other job I have ever had, even modeling. I learned that breeders don’t grow hair & fangs once a month & need silver bullets to kill them, but I learned working with them gets you kicked out of a few circles, I learned that people like to talk about what they do but when something needs to be DONE they are just talk, I learned that people lie cheat & steal & a lot of rescues are nothing more than fronts for dog pimps, I learned that most people in rescue do it only for power & control, which SUCKS for all the good rescues out there. I learned that most shelters are not dogs or cats or people’s friends, that they are only there to make money but I also found some good shelters who are so poor that the workers spend most of their check & personal time at least trying to save the animals.

I also found out that people HATE the truth & when you tell it they will try to destroy you, it is dangerous, it threatens the walls of the kingdoms of deceit & power they have built & most importantly that people obtain positions of power so that they can abuse others & they will NOT tolerate being challenged.

So when you see me defend people that you have already convicted in your own mind, well it is because I look beyond the headlines, I dig deep, I ask questions, I get answers. I want you to also challenge the spoonfed bull that comes across the headlines every day, I want you to ask questions, I want you to look beyond the surface, & most importantly I want you to use your own mind when you make decisions

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