Karma- Solving problems for a millenia

So this has been an eventful year…

I have a certain person on my friends list, a public figure with accusations flying about an illicit affair, & misuse of public funds. it is with great JOY I have watched over the past few weeks while his WIFE & he, along with his family celebrate milestones, & enjoying their children, family & all of the people who support them. While somewhere a home wrecking whore sits alone & lonely, as it should be.

I have watched rescuers who were holier than thou go down in balls of furious flames, with 4 rescuers/scam artists soon to fall right behind them & more to come.

I have seen a stolen dog returned, watched the accused be vindicated & watched the real person & the real reason come out into the light.

I have seen our precious young men finally speak out about abuse suffered at the hands of sick people who attain positions of power to attain more victims.

I have watched sheeple wake up & stand up for the American way, Wall street thieves running scared.

I have seen the cultist Animal Rights groups being shown for what they are. I have even seen one of their victims escape from their stranglehold, quit drinking their koolaid & start a real agency to help real animals!!!

I have watched people who finally understand that not everything you read in the newspaper is real, & that they should believe none of what they hear & only 1/2 of what they see! They know not all the animal “haording stories” & abuse stories are true. I have also seen more true hoarding situations prosecuted than ever before & animal abusers finally being held accountable.

I have seen one of the people who started all my trouble finally get some of whats coming to her, as a matter of fact a good deal of the witches involved in this are just miserable enough that just being who they are is punishment enough. I have watched all of the drama & games they have played BACKFIRE on them every time. Loveless marriages, cancer, financial ruin evictions, loss of all kinds yet they still have time to focus on ‘lil ‘ol me.

The city of Everett has gotten a new blocker so that I don’t have to see them sitting on my page 20 to 70 hours a week at least on most of my trackers.

I have made friends & built alliances with people I never would’ve known. I have found long lost family, & learned so much more than even I could’ve imagined.

I have seen many things that give me hope that my day is coming, over the past few years I have seen so many people try to screw with my life, & I just kept taking it, but watch what happens when I fight back. I am going to be filing 3 very distinct different lawsuits, so I’ll be busy for a while, so will they.

I am working on 3 different stories right now but have to make sure I get all of my documentation & sources straight yet, but be expecting them soon!



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