This is me: PISSED! 14 dogs dead because they were old???

I generally make it a habit to stay off of craigslist, but someone sent me a link to a posting: Here

So if they are telling the truth 14 dogs died because they were old? I am calling the Washington state attorney general to get them to try to do a necropsy on those dogs, so if that was their only health problem I will make sure that every single person involved in this is brought down to their knees. Let’s not forget the man from the house is DEAD, so he can’t even defend himself, or tell his side of the story. Sick & dying dogs bring in the donations like crazy around Christmas…but old dogs, they are not news. I am SURE that Old Dog Haven would’ve broke their necks to take those dogs in to take care of them, I could’ve taken them down to the assisted care living centers & got them ALL adopted out that day!!!

You can be sure I will be looking into this & making calls, writing letters & crawling under everyone’s skin til I get to the bottom of this garbage.





Pasado’s and Burien C.A.R.E.S Kill old dogs

Date: 2011-12-04, 3:22PM PST
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The dogs found in the Burien home of an elderly man were NOT neglected or abused. The 14 dogs that Pasado’s and Burien CARES claimed were abused and ill were actually elderly dogs, some as old as 18 yrs of age. But we all know that old dogs are not adoptable (profitable for greedy rescues) so let’s go ahead and KILL THEM and claim they were abused so that we can get thousands of dollars in sympathy donations.

And read more about The Attorney Generals 16 month investigation into Pasados with a 70k fine. Misuse of funds. Fraudulent fundraising, and dumping of Hurricane Katrina dogs.

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One thought on “This is me: PISSED! 14 dogs dead because they were old???

  1. I need to add I don’t know who the author of the craigslist posts are but there is grumblings going on elsewhere from a volunteer who is flipping out because of this. When I hear something once I make a note, but when I hear it 7 times over 2 days from 7 different sources… Well what do you think? With Pasado’s history of embellishing stories (WHICH CAN BE CONFIRMED BY READING THE LINKS ABOVE SO NO ONE IS MAKING THAT UP) I do se however that the poster used the links I posted…

    Could it be that this whole thing was enough to stress this man out so bad that he died? If so I hope his wife sues the living pee out of EVERYONE involved in this. So before you donate one thin dime remember this might be a bull crap story that cost a human being his life after having his 14 beloved dogs KILLED for being old. I pray to God I am wrong… I am forwarding this to TWO reporters who are working hard on this story.


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