How do I find all the info I write about?

I have been asked well over 100 times how I find all the info that I write about: Simple… I search all 3 of the major search engines, Bing Yahoo & Google all 3 usually yield different results, there are also image searches built in to most of them, then if you have a Facebook or MySpace page type the subject in & you will find a virtual treasure trove of information.

As for Washington state records it is as easy as typing in “Find My Court Date” which will bring up the Wa state site showing people’s criminal past, there is a lot of info to be gleaned from there as well, for individuals, & businesses.

This should serve as a reminder also to NEVER type anything into any social site or any place on line that you don’t want repeated or known. If you are on Facebook try this: Take a post & try to “delete” it, notice it ONLY says “Remove from your profile” it is never truly deleted. Next there is an option where if you mention someone’s name the person will be notified but it is also in the search function so even if you share NO personal info but someone else does it is out there for the world to see. It is easy to understand why some conspiracy theorists & fatalists believe that Social Network sites are set up by the Government to garner info about individuals…

Next we have certain County sites, all you do is type in someone’s name in a county you know that they have lived in or live in now & there is another goldmine of information, even down to Social Security numbers. Personally I think it is reckless & dangerous for them to list so many people’s information, especially people in certain positions of power who’s well being could be compromised. There is a reporter working on that angle & I firmly believe it was THOSE records that got a very prominent Federal Prosecutor killed. So when you start to believe that the Govt is not accountable to you; trust me they are not to each other either.

But… There is also the fact that not everything you read or see is true, no matter what the source. So even if it’s in the newspapers it may not be so, that is always why I go personally get actual records for whomever or whatever I am researching. The obvious reason is to protect myself, from a slander or libel suit but it also gives me a better perspective about the “story” & the “truth” & there are times that they are diametrically opposed.

A lot of people have sent me stories & info on other people & later asked why I haven’t written about it. Well if I can’t find any other info to back up what they are saying then; I won’t repeat it or put it out in the world, but please trust me that I do search high & low to find that evidence. I am sitting on a back log of well over 138 stories about people but for whatever reason I can’t post or print right now. Most of the stories could ruin people’s lives & reputations & that is something that should NEVER be taken lightly. I have been the target of a few smear campaigns & I know full well how hard it is to recover even when it is lies & you can prove it. The other factor to consider is that very often there are children, spouses & other family members involved or worse yet that are innocent & could be hurt by certain revelations. My position has ALWAYS been there are just some things that are NOT the public’s right to know.

Now since I have no advertisers on my page, I don’t blog for money, & I have no sponsors I have more freedom to write about a broad array of subjects & no one can intimidate me or coerce me with threats of loss of income or advertising. I also post only things I have documentation for & I try to include those documents whenever possible. I am also free to impart my own opinions thanks to the blood of Soldiers, it is called the 1st Amendment, the Constitution is still the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND no matter how many little hokie municipalities & counties think they don’t have to answer to it (Yes that was a comment directed at the City of Everett), they are MERELY court of limited jurisdictions, their very right to even exist is granted only by the same laws they so freely disregard.

I also print opinions & I also have a few “Ghost Writers” who contribute to my blog & web page. I would like to believe that I also challenge all of you to think outside the box & not be “Sheeple” to look for alternative theories & ideals. It is not my intention that you should read anything I write & walk away only believing that. I want you to think about it, I want you to investigate it too.

I know I have been remiss in not printing most of your comments but it is my belief that as a fellow human & as the author I must protect you, your opinions & your identities. I appreciate the support but I can not in good conscience endanger you. So while you may see some comments they are from people who are well protected or out of this state. I also post comments that are contrary to what I have written or derogatory towards me, the strangest thing is that most often those posts are deleted by the author, not me, I won’t delete them but I have learned well to copy & paste them!

The bottom line is I don’t want any of my readers to just “settle” for anything, I take very little personally, sometimes the only way to learn & grow is through adversity. Most of all I want all of my readers to explore alternative theories, to expand their own minds & world’s. Knowledge is power.

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