Disproportionate prosecutions in the City of Everett

So far this year they have found 2 people dead in the Snohomish county jail. Diane Cowling of Granite falls & another woman they have not released the name of shortly after I spent my 2 days in jail.

So when I go to my Kangaroo court trial it is a very real possibility that they will convict me, I don’t have the discovery requested, nor do I have an expert witness. I have someone who will file an automatic appeal at Snohomish County if my attorney doesn’t I’ve got a pre-paid bond to bail me out & my dog has gone to her new temporary home. Appeal will be a simple matter, but I was trying to get a “feel” for what could or would happen to me as far as sentencing.

None of the cases I have researched seem to make any sense below is just a few of the cases, the 2 horse cases are different. The guy that hung his pit bull & drilled holes in it’s poor little body, got 90 days, the lady who starved horses to death got 5 days, the lady who’s horses were neglected got a couple of months, no one was ever charged for putting the poor little monkey in the dishwasher & scalding him to death, the cat killer my have had the charges dismissed (but that may be because he is military so they may have taken over the case) the guy who was caught having sex with his animals, dismissed, the guy & his mother (who died in jail) who let all their animals starve to death got 5 months, no one was ever charged in the case of the 2 pit bulls who were hung in their back yard, or the guy who shot & drug his neighbors dog to death or the teens who shot the cat. ALL DELIBERATE acts of animal cruelty, & they are charging me for “Failure to provide humane care” for sleeping in the car with my dogs & cat, for not dumping them at the shelter, for trying to hold my fur-family together. Not only that but they crossed the QUARTER MILLION DOLLAR mark a while ago in their pursuit of trying to charge me, they have broken over 80 laws, rules & Constitutional Amendments to do so. They have private city council meetings about me, 3 that I know of, maybe more. They have their witness posting my personal information, a lot of that is false, they are encouraging her to do so & to file false police reports, they are releasing my personal info to help her harass me. My attorney is NOT challenging anything, he is not getting the information I need to even get an expert witness. My animals were not dehydrated, diseased, or infested with fleas, they were not starving, they were not beaten or abused, they were simply sleeping in a car for a couple of weeks with me, & I got our place shortly thereafter because it was not a permanent situation, it was temporary. Only 1 of my animals tested positive for Giardia 16 days after he was taken via lab results & I can’t even be sure of that since I haven’t actually seen ANY LAB RESULTS

1) Sailor accused of killing wife's cat with an ax
2) Woman gets 5 days for mistreating, starving horses
3) Woman gets 2nd sentence for starving horses
4) Judge rejects charges in monkey's scalding death
5) Snohomish horse rancher may be charged
6) Dog killer sentenced to 90 days

But… Let’s examine the Everett Animal Shelter’s policies & practices, there is no way that my car was any worse than what they were subjected to at the shelter, far worse by any means.

The Everett shelter has a 501(c)3 supposedly started by volunteers & at one time the shelter manager was the Chairman/Director of the 501, & the shelter manager at the same time. He was supposedly gone for the past 2 years but until I asked about it he was listed as the shelter manager til somewhere around August on the City’s website.  The charity listed 92K in assets & donated about 40K to a spay & neuter program which makes no sense since the spays & neuters are done by a city employee vet, yet when they had 2 kittens die from Kitty parvo they euthanized 81 cats, most of which were healthy because they “Claimed” they didn’t have the money to care for them when all that would have needed to be done is to observe them & either treat or euthanize any cats that showed symptoms. My next bone of contention is that they claim they came in & just found the animals dead… It DOES NOT work like that, those kittens would’ve been DEATHLY ILL & SHOWED SYMPTOMS FOR UP TO 5 DAYS BEFOREHAND & NO ONE NOTICED??? They also seem to be taking clues from the big boys of animal rescue rip offs… If an animal or situation makes the news & brings in donations they work their butts off to save the animals but if no one is paying attention they kill the animal(s) IMMEDIATELY! So why couldn’t Animal Rescue Foundation let go of a few dollars to save them? Well because they are a money maker, they no more could care about animals then Hitler cared for the Jews, otherwise they would’ve coughed up the money to help, it was THEIR decision not to help, not to give up money that PEOPLE GAVE TO THEM TO SAVE ANIMALS.  Homeless people & destitute people’s pets are immediately euthanized, they don’t even make an attempt to reach out & save these creatures. I can still hear that stupid witch laughing in my nightmares when I started crying because I found out my dog was dead, the so-called shelter manager Shannon DelGado. I can still see the fat little pig faced cow when she took my animals, standing around laughing & joking.

What is NEVER reported is the daily murders of Pit Bulls & anything they perceive to be a bully breed, no one has reported on all the dogs who have died because they are refusing to let anyone who was on my witness list pull pit bulls anymore. I will go find ARF’s financial statement for last year to show everyone their assets, so before you donate to them consider where your money WON’T be going. Donate to PAWS, Seattle Humane, Seattle Shelter, King County Shelter, local rescues, anyone but them, as long as you feed the pig animals will die for no reason.

1) Everett man sentenced to four years after he admits to robbing banks ‘out of desperation’
2) 81 cats euthanized after virus spreads through animal shelter
3) Deer trapped along a fence, with no one to help
4) Cats Found Dead, Sick in Home Raid
5) Vets go extra mile for puppy mill dogs
6) Family cat caught on police property euthanized

So these are the people I will have no defense against since my lawyer Doug Ricks is not doing anything, he is not giving me discovery because the city is not giving him the proper discovery, he is not challenging anything, he is more than willing to let me go to court without an expert witness, he is not even at this point communicating with me.

I can however exercise my 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHTS TO FREE SPEECH! I can call the fat cow a fat cow, I can call the judge prejudice, I can call the prosecutor corrupt, I can say they are white brown or yellow, I can describe them as big little fat short or tall because I am just an average citizen. I am not blogging in any official capacity. I have not lied about anyone, nor have I said anything that can not be backed up with public records & documents. I am also entitled to my opinion & my opinion is that I am being targeted by a bunch of prejudiced, egotistical, sadistic, maniacal jerk offs. That is okay because I have a BIG SURPRISE FOR EVERYONE THE DAY OF MY TRIAL. I am learning more & more about my rights as a citizen of the United States & I am learning how to play their games.

It seems that more & more Cities around the country are realizing that they are breaking the laws with their back asswards laws, even

New "dangerous dog" ordinance gives canines another chance
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